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Hey there. ◕‿◕✿

I live in the Pacific Northwest, have a degree in anthropology, and work seasonally as an archaeological technician. I am currently a graduate student focusing on cultural resource management.

My main hobbies include writing and customizing dolls. I used to draw but haven't done so in quite a while. I'll sometimes post pictures of my projects, though. Every so often you might find pictures of places I’ve traveled to or scenes from work. I like to visit historic places and be out in nature. I will also sometimes post short fiction and fanfiction.

I have some fandoms (see my interests), but I don't talk about them a whole lot. I mostly talk about real life stuff. If you want to subscribe to me, you are more than welcome to, even if we don't have anything in common. Commenting on my one public post is helpful but not required.

Current, main fandoms: Ah! My Goddess, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Et Cetera. Also I really like old westerns, especially The Magnificent Seven (the 1960 movie).
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