May. 20th, 2017

silailo: (urd)
Second draft of my statement of purpose has been sent to two profs for critique. I'm still really uncertain about it. I'm afraid my focus might not be very clear in some places, or that I shouldn't have started off talking about my experiences growing up (I limited it to one short paragraph, because I've read admissions committees don't care to read "I've loved this ever since I was a child."). I tried to focus more on work and what I do/did there. I'm super worried my profs will come back and tell me how much more work it needs. I want to be done already.

Never did hear back from the apartments. I guess they just didn't have anyone in the office yesterday for some reason. I'm going to try to not worry about things because my start date is flexible, so if I need to push it back a day or two, I can.

Today should be nice enough for me to go on a walk instead of using the elliptical, but it's Saturday and I don't want to see all the other people walking around today, too. Ew, gross, human contact. :P

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