May. 16th, 2017

silailo: (perfume)
One thing I'm looking forward to with this job is that I'll be the only archaeological technician. This will hopefully give me the chance to research interesting things. On the other hand, I may be inundated with work. From the way it sounds, they're kind of backed up right now on some stuff.

I say this is a good thing because one of the girls I worked with last season was kind of a research hog. She usually got to research the interesting things and write up the site forms.

I'm still waiting on a letter of confirmation. It's frustrating because I've only got about two weeks, and supposedly I should know by the end of this week whether I'll be getting the official letter or if the forest supervisor will have to write me one (which may further delay things because weekends. These people don't work on weekends, and I don't know who this supervisor is. For all I know they're lazy and incompetent). I don't know if applying for an apartment a week before needing to move in is bad form or not. I called their office and they said the application process usually takes about 48 hours.

Thankfully, if I don't get my official paperwork in time, and my official start date gets pushed back, I can still come in before then. My supervisor apparently has a plan in place so I can come on as sort of a contractor.

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