Apr. 24th, 2017

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Some things that surprised me about the most recent episode of Samurai Jack.

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Uuugh, I have to quit for the night.

So after dropping The Seven Deadly Sins because I got bored with it, I decided to browse Crunchy Roll, which I haven't done in a long time because I haven't been very interested in anime in a while. I just want something to watch and look forward to watching.

I tried a few titles and felt kinda meh about them, though I might go back to one and watch a few more episodes to see if it'll grow on me.

Then I tried My Love Story!! because it sounded light and cute, as much as I wanted to find a rad fantasy/sci-fi action-adventure. Oh my gosh, it's adorable and I love it. I laughed--like, actually, genuinely laughed at some of the scenes, something I almost never do, even for comedy shows. I might smile, sure, but not laugh. I'm glad to see there's an English release of the manga and anime, because this might go on my wish list. And I'm only three episodes in.

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