Mar. 3rd, 2017

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I called about an apartment yesterday, even though it's way too early to be moving into anywhere. It was just that it was the perfect price and in the perfect area (right behind where I'll be working!). It even has a washer and dryer. Unfortunately, someone had already put in an application for it. The apartment had been listed on Craiglist since last weekend and the owner got several calls about it. I had considered that if it was still available, I would move in early. I have the funds to pay the rent until work starts. But it appears I'm too late. I could elaborate more on what happened, but I just don't have the mental energy. The good news is that the landlord can be flexible with the lease, even though it's a one-year lease, so now I know that if I want to call them again in the future.

Today I finally got to visit my professor. After some discussion, he told me the university was going to begin its long-awaited anthropology master's program. It had been delayed due to some issues, but the program will begin this year. He encouraged me to apply. This would be a smart decision financially, because not only would I be an in-state applicant, but my university is one of the cheapest in the state. And with the amount of money I have saved right now, I could easily pay for a year, and maybe a second (I don't quite have enough to pay for out-of-state tuition at another university yet). Also, my professor mentioned there will be assistantships, and they are going to revive the field school on campus. He said he would love for me to be the first person to apply. The program I'd go into would focus on cultural resource management, which is the career field I've chosen.

So within the coming weeks I will be meeting with him again, and trying to set up a meeting with the department chair (who is also the dean or something or other now), the guy I'd been trying to contact for weeks with no reply, to further discuss the program.

What surprised me, though, was when my professor said I could probably even get in this year. If that's true (and I don't know how that would work. Wouldn't the application deadline be passed at this point?), then it wouldn't make sense for me to get an apartment for work this summer, because I wouldn't be able to stay a full six months. But I'll just have to play things by ear and see what happens.

And here I was out buying kitchen stuff yesterday with the expectation that I might get an apartment, and none too happily because I don't like doing this in the face of uncertainty. As a Christian, I pray for something and sometimes I'll prepare for it. I did it when I prayed for my first archaeology job. I went out and bought a bunch of tools, and the following summer I started my job. Though I didn't use the tools for work, I did volunteer for some work with an archaeologist and brought my own tools (even though she had some to use). In this case, however, even though I might not get my own place, I am preparing for the future. Call me crazy, but I also bought a vacuum cleaner. :P

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