Mar. 1st, 2017


Mar. 1st, 2017 01:12 pm
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I've been silent on here because I simply haven't felt like posting. I'll make some quick updates.

The funeral went well. Sadly, my mom didn't go because she got into an argument with my dad (long story), and he pretty much told her not to go. The aftermath of that has made the last few days pretty rough. I stayed in my own hotel room, but didn't go swimming because I forgot my swimsuit, but then I was too tired and it was too late by the time I would've had a chance. I saw a lot of my family, many people whom I haven't seen in several years. We used to have family reunions, or "mini" family reunions, but this was the most people I'd seen in a long, long time. There were even some people there I was shocked had come because of the past drama that had surrounded them. My grandma was highly regarded by everyone, so it was necessary to put aside our problems to celebrate her life. It's still hard to believe she's gone.

I had a doctor's appointment today to test the nerves in my right arm, because of the problem I'd had with my hand. The doctor used a device to send little shocks through my nerves to see how well they worked, and then used these tiny needles to do another test on my hand. Everything came back normal. He guessed that I had probably irritated a nerve or stretched it or something, but it wasn't serious. I can still sometimes feel it, like just now as I was typing. But it's almost completely gone. On Monday I go back to the occupational doctor to have her clear me.

I'm trying to sell a couple of things on eBay. It's been so long since I've sold anything there that I got to experience their new selling page. Typing the item description is annoying because my cursor will suddenly disappear and I stop typing, so I have to click on the box again to begin again. The whole thing is kind of glitchy in that way. I hope I can sell these two things. I've tried to before and had no luck. Anime and manga depreciates in value so bad. You pay through the nose for manga or DVDs, and sell them for a tiny fraction of what you paid. I look on eBay for titles I'm interested in and see how high people try to sell them, but when I look at what has actually sold I realize I just don't catch the cheaper listings. I remember when you used to get really good deals on eBay. That's what it was known for. Now it's no different than Amazon or some other store, at least for some stuff.

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