Feb. 21st, 2017

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I completely forgot yesterday was President's Day. And I kept forgetting.

I went up to my university with the idea that I would drop by my professor's office. Only when I got to the free parking did I remember school was closed for the day. The empty parking lot was a big hint.

Then I went to the library to return some books and donate a bunch of DVDs. Well, I returned the books to the outside bookdrop, but the DVDs would have to wait (until today) because the donation box is in the lobby, which was locked.

I have too much I need/want to do today.
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I am one of those people who absolutely hates making phone calls. For years I thought I had some kind of weird phobia, until I found out lots of people hate making phone calls.

I just called an apartment complex in what I shall call my Summer Town, and I called them specifically because I knew they have month-to-month rent (and before anyone comes to tell me the cons of month-to-month places, I will say I already know). So far, at this time, it doesn't sound like they'll have anything in the future that will fit my needs, but their lowest rent was a bit higher than I expected. I know what my maximum should be to stay reasonable in relation to my income. Their lowest rent was my maximum.

I told myself I would make at least one call today. Last night I was lying in bed thinking about how I haven't called anyone about apartments and I started freaking out. It took forever for that sleep-aid to kick in. Making the calls scares me the most.

A lot of my worries center on timing. I can't move into a place right now because I have no job and it doesn't start until May. But I can't wait too long because other seasonal workers will also be looking for places to live. There is always the bunkhouse. If I stayed there, I could save a ton of money again and probably make my goal of paying for a year of out-of-state tuition at one of the graduate schools I've been looking at.

I'm not sure who else would be living at the bunkhouse this season. There are four rooms, and my supervisor had planned to use those rooms for our crews, but now it looks like we won't need all those rooms. The other four people who are going to be hired will be based out of the Other Summer Town, and they will likely use the bunkhouse there. I just tried to contact my crew chief to see if she'll be living with one of our other girls who will be renting a house (and will need a roommate unless her mother plans on paying the other half of the $900/month rent). I'm seeing a lot of two bedroom apartments and trailers go up in the local classifieds, and knowing how our crew chief loves saving money, I bet she'd prefer living somewhere where the rent is cheapest. I don't know if she'll opt for the bunkhouse. If she and I lived together, the rent would be cheaper for her. And even when she leaves to go back to college in August, the rent wouldn't be too much of a burden for me (the other girl's mom will have to pick up the second half of the rent once Crew Chief is gone).

So I sent Crew Chief a message on Facebook to see what her plans are. I'm betting she'll be living with Stucky (I'm going to call the other girl this, because she ships Captain America and Bucky. I will call Crew Chief "CC"), because the two of them are fairly close since they've been working together now for about three seasons. But I'm just covering my options.

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Just got a text message from my dad saying my grandma passed away about five minutes ago.

She had been in declining health for a long time, and was in her early 90s. Yesterday my dad sent a text saying hospice gave her about five days left to live.

How do you respond to a message like that?

I'm not sure where things will go from here for my grandpa.

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