Feb. 13th, 2017

silailo: (compass)
Went to my writers group today and had a pretty good time. The leader of the group really knows how to make everyone feel welcome and included. She always makes me feel like I matter, and lately that's been important to me. I'll need to take a piece of writing next time for critique.

I was feeling pretty down a little while ago about my job situation, but then I got an email about a temporary mail room job I had applied for. They wanted to know if I was still interested, and I said yes. They want to interview me tomorrow, though my family had planned on leaving tomorrow for Seattle. If all goes well, we could still leave tomorrow. My interview is in the morning, in a building not far from where I live, so that's good.

Then, in the same hour, I got another email asking if I was still interested in a GS-07 position in Nevada. I replied immediately and said yes. I actually wouldn't mind a bit working in Nevada, though my supervisor warned me a while back that Nevada isn't very "woman friendly." She said the same about Utah.

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