Feb. 7th, 2017

silailo: (cacti)
I gave the anthropology-geography office a call just now. The professor has been in lately, so that's a relief. The girl at the office let me leave a message with my name and number. I probably should've just called his office, but I have this terrible fear of phone conversations unless it's my parents or sister. That's why I'd been using email. This is like a test, like, how badly do I want to get this started? Which means I'll have to get uncomfortable.

My parents are washing the walls in the kitchen after years of greasy cooking smoke darkening everything. We've found it's easier than repainting (at least with three people working together) and probably a lot cheaper. And a lot less messy. I think they're enjoying themselves because we've all had such bad cabin fever. It's all a matter of pulling ourselves out of our dark holes and getting to work. Now my mom is looking for ways to redecorate the kitchen.

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