Feb. 6th, 2017

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Because of [community profile] onedeadplotbunny . As of 2/4/2017.

Plot Bunny List:

  1. The Long Dark (Et Cetera fanfiction) COMPLETE
  2. "Eden" (working title) Et Cetera fanfiction. COMPLETE
  3. Gold Tone Memory - "Keysong" prequel about how Elwood found Chiss. Two and a half chapters written.
  4. "Key song" (working title). First chapter written.
  5. For table prompt "Prayer" -> Chiss takes care of sick Elwood ("Keysong") COMPLETE
  6. Short story about when Elwood and Ezra met Felsic.
  7. Et Cetera: Get stuck in a haunted house and must escape a vampire.
  8. Deja Vu rewrite
  9. From the Lake Mirror rewrite
  10. Et Cetera fic focused on Benkate's origins. One chapter written. Abandoned
  11. "Train to Oblivion" (working title) Four-fandom western crossover. Almost two chapters written.
  12. How Elwood and Windlon first met.
  13. Long Dark sequel....maaaaaybe.
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Okay, I just watched the new Samurai Jack trailer. I did not think I would feel nostalgic, but I did. Samurai Jack was probably the first fandom I became actively involved in online. I was addicted to the only message board online at the time it was still airing. It broke my heart to see the place go under, and the fandom has since transformed into something I really don't like, so I fell out of it and didn't go back. I'm not sure the fifth season will convince me to return, but maybe it will inspire me to write fic. I once won a fanfiction contest on the message board, but that story was lost and I don't remember much of it.

I still need to buy the fourth season, darn it. It's apparently sold out on Amazon and it costs more than the other seasons. >:\

Also, how has it been fifty years since the last episode and Jack's hair is still black as the ace of spades? All he did was grow a beard.

EDIT: I just remembered I still have the yellow shirt I got at Hot Topic, like, a million years ago.

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One more for the night.

I made a huge mistake. I started rewriting and editing Deja Vu, and now I can't stop.

It horrifies me to think this fic has been sitting on the internet since 2010.

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