Jan. 24th, 2017

Oh come on

Jan. 24th, 2017 01:51 pm
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See, the thing about websites like Indeed is although they say you can "easily apply" with your Indeed resume, you will still get an email saying you need to complete the employer's actual application to be considered, and thus you must follow the link. I mean, come on. How are us lazy unemployed applicants supposed to fulfill the requirement of three jobs a week when they make it so long and difficult? /SARCASM.

But I was ready for this one. I figured from now on I should go to the actual employer's website to apply instead of going through Indeed. But I did the "easy" Indeed application because it had the option for a cover letter and I wasn't sure the other website would've had that option. It's kind of important to me when my resume might make them scratch their heads a little.

I found out the now-implemented federal hiring freeze will not likely affect seasonal employees, because other hiring freezes didn't, and usually freezes are only aimed at permanent positions. Also, my supervisor mentioned that due to budget concerns we might not have as many new people working with us this year as we had hoped.

What I found out from another source is that agencies will apparently not be allowed to contract work out if they need help. Nice. We have a massive timber project we need to survey and my supervisor was talking about getting a nearby tribe to help us out, if only a little. I suppose there are other avenues if we need to find help.

Knowing the freeze won't hurt seasonal jobs is good news to me, though. I would like to keep applying for GS-07s whenever I find them. And I'm still hoping I'll hear back from that other job I applied for.
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Finally got my kitty water bottle in the mail!!

I have three more packages arriving tomorrow: two children's books and one book for Al-Anon. I bought Bigfoot Cinderella (to read to my niece) and Loowit's Legend (for my personal library). I kinda wish now I had also bought a book about mining/the west but I have to watch my spending, and I really wanted to get Bigfoot Cinderella for my niece.

Anyway, I feel kinda guilty right now, though I don't need to be (I don't know why I do that to myself). I borrowed my cousin's ring light for my camera and have only used it once (to take pictures of my Flapper Barbie). I don't know, the light's really bright and can't be dimmed or adjusted. She said it was more for macro pictures, and I can see why. It's basically like having the flash on all the time. I told her I could it back in two weeks because I have an appointment kinda out that way, which is now coming up this Friday. She said I could borrow it for longer if I wanted, and I think I'll have to. I've been distracted lately. I'll have to look up how to properly use a ring light.

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