Jan. 10th, 2017

silailo: (she monster)
Employer: We want a cover letter and resume.
Me: *gives cover letter and resume*

Employer: Now fill out this application.
Me: *starts application*

Employer: Now repeat everything on the really long application that you already gave us through your carefully crafted resume and cover letter.
Me: *burns down their house*

silailo: (pencils)
I wanted to do so much more today but I ended up running around town, taking a nap because of a headache, and taking something like three hours to write a cover letter and fill out an application. The application beat that one I sent in to Petsmart. There was something like forty questions and half of them were short answer types about my experience in various things. I made sure to copy and paste it all into a separate document because there's another job on the same website I want to apply for and it's most likely to have the same questions. Like heck I'm gonna retype all that.

My sister is supposed to be here either tomorrow or Thursday, I'm not sure. I might not have much time to update here.

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