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Well, the third season of Twin Peaks was a nope for me. I get that it's been 25 years and that it's not reasonable to expect it to be the same as the old series because TV has long since changed, but the producers sure took advantage of the newfound freedoms provided by their new TV network.

It wasn't because I thought it was terrible. It was because it had become "not my cup of tea," whereas the old series very much was. Too much sex, too much violence, the F-word peppering almost every sentence, and scenes that dragged on for so long that I grew bored and scrolled through Instagram until it ended. There was nothing in it that I had loved about the previous seasons. It was too dark and depressing for me. I didn't even finish the tenth episode.

I hated to drop it, because I normally don't drop what I start, but I wasn't going to drag myself through another six hours of it when I wasn't even enjoying myself. I cared what happened to the characters, but I read a mild spoiler stating nothing is really resolved in the end anyway. Nope, not going to put up with that.

I'm glad I pirated it. I would've cancelled my subscription before the month was out.


Aug. 12th, 2017 09:04 pm
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I haven't been on Dreamwidth much because I've just been too tired or mentally/emotionally exhausted to care. In fact, I haven't cared a whole ot about anything, except watching Twin Peaks. I was really bored and wanted to watch something since I've had no interest in reading or writing, and if I'm not careful I'll do nothing but spend money on weekends, all because I'm bored.

Even though I have a Netflix subscription, I don't use it that often because I'm just not into movies or TV shows. I only got it for Bob's Burgers, until Netflix started dropping seasons. I'm not sure it's even still on there anymore. So I tried a few shows but couldn't get into them, didn't like the acting, the story/plot was dumb, etc. So I tried Twin Peaks because I'd heard some good things about it, and the new series seemed like a big deal. Since it's late and I'm thinking of going to bed, I will save the keyboard smashing for tomorrow. I binge-watched a whole bunch of episodes today. I might finish it tomorrow. The new series is through Showtime but I don't have a subscription. :( I'll have to think on it.

Work goes. The eclipse is next Monday and I will be traveling north to visit my aunt, who happens to live in the path of totality. My other two fellow workers will have to camp out at some sensitive historic and archaeological sites to keep an eye on them. One site is a historic building that's listed as a "designated viewing area" on a map put out by our forest. Uh, thanks a lot, guys. Make our jobs harder, why don't you?

Been looking at jobs to apply for, and plan on applying to a bunch tomorrow. My FAFSA came back with an "award", if you can call loans an award--which I don't. Personally I find it offensive. I declined it. I will try to pay for tuition out of pocket for as long as I can. But so much hinges on whether or not I find work this winter.

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Last night I tried to watch Penny Dreadful and had to turn it off after thirty minutes. Now, when the genre tag said "horror," I had hoped it just meant the subject matter of monsters, not gore. I was wrong. Also, a graphic sex scene within the first fifteen minutes. No thanks. Otherwise, it looks like it'd be a really interesting show. Sadly, it's not my cup of tea.

To "scrub" my mind of that debacle I watched Kung Fu Panda 3. Definitely not as good as the last two. I had trouble taking the villain seriously and he just didn't seem all that scary. Also, the pacing just seemed way too fast, especially in the beginning. There was no emotional reaction for me when Po met his bio dad, and the whole scene just didn't seem normal for the situation. There were several instances of this throughout the film.

I also watched Moana the other day. Slightly disappointed, but I still liked it. I don't know if maybe it was the voice acting, script, characters, or what that bothered me. As with Kung Fu Panda 3, the pacing felt kind of fast in some places. I guess kids these days have such short attention spans that writers can't afford to drag out any scene for more than two minutes. Oh well. I still thought it was way better than Frozen, and I mainly watched it to hear Te Vaka's music. But it's no Lion King. People keep waiting for the next Lion King and I just don't think Disney will hit it again any time soon. I looked at their list of upcoming films, and all I see are sequels, live-action adaptations, book adaptations, and other stuff that sounds uninteresting. Well, I'm not a kid anymore and I haven't been for a long time, so I guess maybe my tastes changed.

My roommate is set to move out this Tuesday. I'm so excited. I mean, I wish her safe travels and hope she finds happiness in life, but I sort of want to clean to bathroom.


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