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I decided to register for a one-day pass with a regional anthropological conference. I didn't think I would go because I've been so reclusive and against social interaction. But it's in my home town this year, and I don't have a good excuse not to go. It runs until Saturday. I didn't go today because I had my OWCP appointment this afternoon, and I have trouble getting up before 8am anymore. I can't go Saturday because we're leaving in the morning for my sister's place, so Friday is really the only day I can go, even though I have my counseling appointment later that afternoon. I figured I could go in the morning and force myself to get up earlier. I need to start getting up earlier anyway.

I would've preferred to go Saturday because that's when there will be some really interesting presentations. Today would've been great, too, but, you know. Friday morning will have some presentations I'd like to see at least, plus one of my coworkers is presenting a poster during the poster session. Not sure I can stick around long enough to say hi to him, though.

Guess it could also be a sort of networking opportunity, even though I 1) don't understand how to network, and 2) am terrified of people right now.

Date: 2017-04-21 05:03 pm (UTC)
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And on a side note, what was the conference about ?


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