Tough week

Aug. 21st, 2016 11:35 am
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I miss the days of Livejournal. I would update multiple times a day.

Yuletide is coming up again. I don't think I'll sign up this year, but I'll keep my eye out for prompts I might want to write treats for.

The Passport in Time project was...hard. I would say it was okay, not what I'd call fun, but all right. I had a meltdown when I got home due to problems in the family, but things are better now. A full, relaxing weekend would be nice. I really only got a partial weekend this time. Doing artsy stuff and reading and writing would be great, if I could get myself away from mindlessly browsing the internet and getting nothing done. Or cleaning my bathroom. It seems I clean my bathroom every freaking weekend because somehow it gets mucked up when I'm gone. People only use the toilet, so how does the floor--oh, that's right. The cat. He tracks in litter when he goes to drink out of the toilet and leaves paw prints everywhere.

On the bright side, I managed to start a new book and do a little writing. Just lately I haven't had the heart or emotional energy to do anything creative.

I got a new paper journal at Barnes and Noble. I was willing to spend a little more money on it, but I happened to choose a relatively cheap one by B&N standards. Maybe this will encourage me to write daily, since I've been slacking on doing that.
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