Apr. 18th, 2017

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I haven't been on here much due to being gone and also because I've had a total lack of interest in the internet, among other things.

I'm here to announce that I accepted a job offer for the position I interviewed for. It's on a forest in Idaho. I was so beside myself that I had to take 24 hours to think about it, even though my first instinct was to say yes.

This is all totally unexpected. My life is changing very quickly. My only complaint is now I have to wait another month and a half before I start, as opposed to two weeks had I gone back to my old forest. But this gives me time to find a place to live. If I go back to college this fall, that shortens my work season even more, complicating the matter of housing. This forest doesn't have housing for me*, but the town I'll be living in is much bigger than Summer Town, and there appears to be a lot of places to rent. There's a college with what looks like a satellite campus, so I'm sure they get students renting a lot. The issue will be finding someone willing to rent to me short-term. I have faith and hope something will work out.

My crew will be tiny. I was shocked to find out it'll only be me, the forest archaeologist, and the assistant forest archaeologist. Though my crew usually consisted of three to four people, that didn't include the forest archaeologist or the AFA, and at one time there was another crew of four people and a zone archaeologist in the other town, with a grand total of ten people in the Heritage Program for our forest. I will be the only woman this time, which makes me sad because I liked working with young women close to my age. We could hang out on weekends and such.

Apparently Jordan is coming back. I don't know if I mentioned him here or if I used a codename, I don't remember. He was hired at the same time I was when we first started. He wanted to get a GS-7 because he needed to earn more money, and he wanted to get with a forest or park closer to home. I guess neither happened for him, so he decided not to return to Summer Town, but then he changed his mind and was placed in the Other Town. He miraculously found an apartment. This is a town that has barely over a thousand people. I hope he's able to move up someday because he'd make a really good GS-7. Maybe he'll get along with the new crew chief (who's also a guy) and they can have some fun dudebro times together.

Also, another good thing that happened: I happened to find my supervisor and the assistant forest archaeologist at the conference, and also one of my old coworkers, as well as an archaeologist for another forest. We all went out to lunch together. I discussed the job offer with my (old) supervisor and the AFA and they were encouraging. That evening I called to accept the offer.

I'm still beside myself. Like I can't believe I made it to a GS-7 when so many of my applications got rejected. They must've had hundreds of applicants. Why did they choose me?

My only major worry is the fact that I'll apparently be doing some backpacking, something I've never done before. o_o I don't have the equipment yet, and I'm cringing at the costs. Maybe I can wait until I start getting paid again before buying a lot. I'll be looking at backpacks, though. They don't have an REI where I'll be going.

*I found out from a coworker of mine that lower pay grades are given higher priority for housing, since, you know, it's hard to afford a place to live when you aren't being paid very much.


Apr. 18th, 2017 05:37 pm
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I had planned on signing up for [community profile] nightonficmountain , but pulled out when I realized I couldn't get excited about writing, and it wasn't improving the closer it got to the end of signups (actually, it got worse). Plus the deadline will be when I'm working again and I don't know what my internet situation will be.

One of the fandoms I nominated and had planned to request got requested by someone else, so that's good.

I had some pretty good ideas for prompts, too. ;_; I guess I just wanted to be part of something fun and make someone happy.

Maybe I'll have time/desire for Yuletide this year, I don't know.


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