Oct. 21st, 2014

Jobs again

Oct. 21st, 2014 10:26 am
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It's been a rough five days or so. I had to take care of my niece last Friday and I tag-teamed it with my mom through the weekend and then I had to take care of the baby again yesterday. But on Saturday I started getting sick. I think I caught some sort of bug that's going around, but I didn't have a fever or anything. I thought it was food poisoning until my mom started getting sick, too. And all the while we were in direct contact with the baby.

I didn't have my mock interview last Wednesday like I had planned. Instead, I discussed with the counselor (I guess that's what she would be called) interviewing techniques and how to prepare for them. After talking with her for about forty-five minutes, we rescheduled my mock interview, and now it's tomorrow. This Friday I have an interview with Target, so the mock interview is just in time.

I got an email this morning--well, several, actually, from the post office about that seasonal position I applied for. The emails were about background checks, drug screening, etc., etc. I've been having to print stuff out, fill out paperwork, and I have a few things to I need to mail off. I tried to call to schedule an interview, but all I got was the message machine. I feel more comfortable having someone actually pick up, so I'll wait a little later and try again. All this pre-employment screening is a lot of work. But I'm excited! Especially after receiving a notice from USA Jobs yesterday about an archaeology internship I applied for, telling me I was ineligible, which I was already expecting anyway. I have yet to receive any interest in interviewing me for all the archaeology tech jobs I've applied for. I guess this is expected in the job market, but it's all new to me since this is the most intensive search I've ever done for a job like this. It's competitive, I know. There's probably more I can do to improve my cover letters and whatnot.

All this preparation, sickness, and caretaking over the past week has caused me to neglect studying for the GRE or do anything else. I need to sign up for Yuletide, but first I need to finish my DYW letter so I can include the link in my sign-up. I have until Sunday, so that's good.


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