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Dear Yuletide Writer,

This is my first year participating in Yuletide, so obviously I’m both excited and nervous! I hope to get something special this year, and to give something special in return.

Here is some information about me and my fandoms that you might find useful:

AO3 Username: [ profile] nchi_wana

Likes: Fluff, relationships (friendship, romantic (het), or familial), introspective, retrospective, characters observing something about someone or something, comedy, banter, awkward situations, action/adventure, character background development, original characters (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like them, since I write them myself!), gen, romance

Okay with: Violence (but not gory), suggestive situations.

Do not likes: Graphic sex/smut, slash (male or female), AU, character deaths, character abuse, tragedy.

Requested Fandoms

Fandom: Et Cetera (Manga)

Characters Requested: Baskerville | Razy Bone, Benkate

Optional Details: "Benkate seemed to be the only character without much of a background story, and I was always interested in her early clashes with Baskerville over rare guns. I would like either something about her first encounter with him or one of their early encounters."

I consider this series to be my ultimate guilty pleasure. I am way out of its target audience, but it’s dorky, ridiculous, but oh so much fun. There is a lot of potential for shipping between characters. The activity in the fandom is past its peak, and having gotten into the fandom late, I feel like I’m the only one left. Fanfiction for this fandom was sparse, until I was inspired—thanks to this fandom—to write again. But it would be fantastic to hear another voice again besides my own.

Since I nominated only Baskerville and Benkate, this doesn’t mean other characters can’t make an appearance. ;) If maybe you find Benkate and Baskerville interesting as a pairing, I’m cool with that, too! I’ve written a fic with that pairing as well, just to try it out, and I’ve discovered that others have found the pairing appealing.

Fandom: 薬師アルジャン | Yakushi Argent | Apothecarius Argentum

Characters Requested: Argent (Apothecarius Argentum), Primula (Apothecarius Argentum), Soda (Apothecarius Argentum)

Optional Details: "I find Soda’s devotion to Argent to be adorable. His original intent was to find a cure for Argent’s poisonous condition and he really seems to look up to him. I’d like to see more of Soda’s point of view of Argent and Argent’s relationship with Primula."

I just love all the characters, major and minor. I’m so sad that I never got to see the end of this series because 1) the English publication stopped, and 2) the scanlations stopped. I have a feeling there was a happy ending, but after following the story for so long it would’ve been nice to see. ;_; There is only one fanfiction for this series I know of, and it was written by me. I don’t know what it is about this series that I love so much, and I usually hate romances. I think it’s the interesting and fun characters and some of the unusual decisions that are made in the story.

Fandom: Peace Maker (Manga)

Characters Requested: Mixie Banks, Nicola Crimson, Hope Emerson, Beat Gabriel

Optional Details: "I’m dying for some fluff here, either between Hope and Nicola or Beat and Mixie. It was suggested in the manga that Mixie was attracted to Beat, and it seemed so sudden that I had to wonder when it began. Something about that would be great."

One of the few manga I still read anymore, probably because of the “wild west” feel of the storyline, and for some reason I love westerns. The art can be so awesome, but I felt like there is a lot to explore in the relationships between the characters.

I nominated four characters because I either wanted something fun between Hope and Nicola, or something between Beat and Mixie, because it was suggested that Mixie was attracted to Beat and I found this interesting since romance seems nonexistent in the story—or at least so far in the story I’ve had a chance to read.

Fandom: Trinity Blood

Characters Requested: Abel Nightroad, Tres Iqus, Pietro Orsini (Brother Petros)

Optional Details: "The manga version of Brother Petros is by far my favorite in the series. I would love anything about him, especially in a comical situation. His interactions with Abel and others in the A.X. are so much fun."

The optional details speak for themselves. I tried once to write a fanfiction for this series and never did finish it.

Fandom: Juuni Kokki | Twelve Kingdoms

Characters Requested: Any

Optional Details: "I'd like to read about an unusual encounter with a kaikyaku."

'Nuff said. :D

Well, I hope that provides some good information for you, Yuletide Writer! Can't wait to see what I get! :)


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