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Sometimes when I feel stuck on a piece of writing, and I haven't touched it in a while, I tell myself to just write one hundred words. That's all. It'll give me some sense of progress, even if it isn't much. So I did it with an original story I haven't worked on in a few months.

And, sometimes, I'll find I want to continue. That's not the case this time, but at least I got in one hundred words, am I right? :)


Jul. 22nd, 2017 03:27 pm
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Would anyone here be willing to beta read a one-shot fic for me? It's almost 1800 words. No fandom knowledge is required. I'm just looking for quick feedback.

It's one I'd been working on for a while, but it stalled because I couldn't figure out where it was going and how to end it. I'm just afraid it's boring, and at this point I'm not even sure I'm going to post it.

Normally I don't get beta readers, but in case it would be really helpful.


Jul. 16th, 2017 04:13 pm
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Glass From Heaven Will Save Them is DONE!! POSTED. FINISHED. I'M SO GLAD.

Clocked in at a little over 51,000 words. Wow, that's the shortest multi-chaptered fic I've ever written. LOL It was only four chapters longer than planned. :P

At first it wouldn't let me mark it as complete at 14 chapters, so I emailed AO3 support. Then I realized it was because I had uploaded a bunch of drafts when I was trying to figure out my last problem. Whoops.

Now I can move on.

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[personal profile] kalloway and [personal profile] iteria , this is the offending text. The sentence in bold is the one I had to delete so it would post. I couldn't even type it up in the reply box.


Since removing the sentence is of no consequence--and may actually be better--I was happy to get rid of it.
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Posted chapter 9 of Glass From Heaven Will Save Them, finally. I got kind of bored with editing and quit for a while, so hopefully I'll be back on track so I can finish posting this before the season is out.

Also, finally got my hands on my Tow Nakazaki All Characters calendar. It's, like, not even really a calendar, though. It came with these weird monthly stickers, and the rest of the actual calendar is just illustrations--which I am not  complaining about because it is so much better than I expected. It's just so great to see Et Cetera illustrations I haven't seen before. I just wish I could scan them instead of using my camera. I thought about sneaking some scans at work, but I'm not sure I'm supposed to be using the scanner/copier for non-work purposes. Actually, it probably doesn't matter, but I just want to be on the safe side. I'm new and all and don't want any black marks from anyone.

I'm back to restricting my spending again. I won't get paid again for another three weeks, because for some reason that's just how things work when you first begin your season with the federal government. Your pay gets delayed before you start getting your regular bi-weekly checks. It sucks. And I have a giant credit card bill to pay along with rent before I get that next check. I should be okay, though. Just no luxury spending.

One more day in the weekend, but so far it's been a pretty rad one.

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Well, my planned workout didn't happen tonight due to reasons. I skipped yesterday because I'm lazy and plus we had dinner late last night. I usually like to exercise around 7pm if I use the elliptical. It's been too cold and rainy to go on walks. In fact, it's rainy like crazy right now and there's thunder and lightning.

I'm starting to wonder if this grad school thing won't happen this year. The application still isn't up. And yet they want to start classes this fall? Hmm. Still, I emailed one of my profs that I haven't spoken to in a long time to see if we could meet up. I'd like him to write a letter of recommendation for me. The other two profs I'd been speaking to could be the other two letters I need, one of whom I know already would write one. I'd have to ask the other. I want to be ready as soon as the application goes up.

I don't think I'd be too terribly disappointed if they didn't start classes this fall. That would give me more time on the job and a better chance to find a place that would take a six month lease. But the prof I spoke to about the program--I'll call him RS, was absolutely certain it would start in the fall. He had no doubts about it. The only issue would be that they would be taking applications "well into June." But it's almost May, so...

I started a little fic last night, but I kind of lost direction and it fizzled out. I tend to do that when I don't have an ending in mind. Plus it's mostly dialogue and that can cause things to stretch out when I don't know where a conversation is supposed to go. I'll finish it, though.


Apr. 18th, 2017 05:37 pm
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I had planned on signing up for [community profile] nightonficmountain , but pulled out when I realized I couldn't get excited about writing, and it wasn't improving the closer it got to the end of signups (actually, it got worse). Plus the deadline will be when I'm working again and I don't know what my internet situation will be.

One of the fandoms I nominated and had planned to request got requested by someone else, so that's good.

I had some pretty good ideas for prompts, too. ;_; I guess I just wanted to be part of something fun and make someone happy.

Maybe I'll have time/desire for Yuletide this year, I don't know.

Why not

Mar. 27th, 2017 05:21 pm
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I started a writing/inspiration/original fiction blog on Tumblr. :X The last one I made I deleted not long after because I lost interest pretty fast, but I didn't really use it to post writings, mostly because no one really cares anyway. Then again, I don't reach out to others and show that I care about what other people do. No one will care about this blog, either, but I'd like to keep it so I can post my original writings for a novel I hope to write someday. I used to post on AO3 in the original works section, but I've always felt like AO3 is geared more toward fanfiction (which is why it was created in the first place), and it seems like most people don't read original fiction there unless it's slash and/or smut. So I figured Tumblr was my next best choice. All my pairings are het so that's another disadvantage I'll have there.

I have been so bored with everything lately.
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The hard thing about running a themed side blog on Tumblr, when you don't have a lot of original content to post, is how my followers all follow the blogs I reblog from. So they've already seen the content by the time I reblog it. I've been trying to find more obscure sources, but it's kind of hard, and lately I haven't had a lot of interest in my side blogs, or Tumblr in general, so I haven't made much of an effort.

I have been bombarded by porn bots following me over the last few days. At least the spam blogs seemed to have diminished.

Today I did some revisions for Glass From Heaven Will Save Them. I need to finish posting it, but I've only posted five chapters so far, and there are thirteen. Ideally I would like to get everything done and posted before I head back to work in May. At this rate I'm not sure that'll happen. And ideally I'd like to complete all close-to-finishing or halfway-done writing projects before the fall, in case, you know, I have to start college again. If I do go back, I don't see myself writing for leisure for the next two years.


Feb. 23rd, 2017 10:02 pm
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I actually managed to write a little and do some plotting for Keysong. I also updated my characters' info. It kind of makes me wish I'd stop writing fanfiction so I can focus on the original stories I've always dreamed about, and I'd especially like to stop writing fanfiction for fandoms that are small and dead. But if it hadn't been for fanfiction, I don't think I'd be writing today. Though it did take my attention away from drawing and now I don't really draw anymore.
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Went to my writers group today and had a pretty good time. The leader of the group really knows how to make everyone feel welcome and included. She always makes me feel like I matter, and lately that's been important to me. I'll need to take a piece of writing next time for critique.

I was feeling pretty down a little while ago about my job situation, but then I got an email about a temporary mail room job I had applied for. They wanted to know if I was still interested, and I said yes. They want to interview me tomorrow, though my family had planned on leaving tomorrow for Seattle. If all goes well, we could still leave tomorrow. My interview is in the morning, in a building not far from where I live, so that's good.

Then, in the same hour, I got another email asking if I was still interested in a GS-07 position in Nevada. I replied immediately and said yes. I actually wouldn't mind a bit working in Nevada, though my supervisor warned me a while back that Nevada isn't very "woman friendly." She said the same about Utah.
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One more for the night.

I made a huge mistake. I started rewriting and editing Deja Vu, and now I can't stop.

It horrifies me to think this fic has been sitting on the internet since 2010.

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Because of [community profile] onedeadplotbunny . As of 2/4/2017.

Plot Bunny List:

  1. The Long Dark (Et Cetera fanfiction) COMPLETE
  2. "Eden" (working title) Et Cetera fanfiction. COMPLETE
  3. Gold Tone Memory - "Keysong" prequel about how Elwood found Chiss. Two and a half chapters written.
  4. "Key song" (working title). First chapter written.
  5. For table prompt "Prayer" -> Chiss takes care of sick Elwood ("Keysong") COMPLETE
  6. Short story about when Elwood and Ezra met Felsic.
  7. Et Cetera: Get stuck in a haunted house and must escape a vampire.
  8. Deja Vu rewrite
  9. From the Lake Mirror rewrite
  10. Et Cetera fic focused on Benkate's origins. One chapter written. Abandoned
  11. "Train to Oblivion" (working title) Four-fandom western crossover. Almost two chapters written.
  12. How Elwood and Windlon first met.
  13. Long Dark sequel....maaaaaybe.
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I'm still trying to decide how or if I want to rewrite Deja Vu. I've got it uploaded to Scrivener and I've been trying to get all the notecards filled out so I can delete the text in each one. I have all the original text in Word documents, so I can do a side-by-side rewrite/copy of each chapter. If this were an original story I might consider rewriting it from scratch, buuuuuuuut I ain't putting that much effort into an old fanfiction when I could be writing original fiction. If anything, I want to make it less annoying to read. I had a lot of adjectives and repetitions. I could also afford to be more descriptive in some places. Not sure I care to do much more with the villains. They mostly sit around in the background, faceless and causing havoc, but there's really only one that stands out and antagonizes the main cast. It doesn't really make the bad guys very threatening.

While reading Freedom of the Mask by Robert McCammon, I saw a parallel with Et Cetera. What, the main character gets caught up in the world of an evil empire of crime, controlled by a minority figure who's out for revenge against England and the rest of the world by using a highly addictive drug? And he's doing it because his son was murdered? And he's got all kinds of weird, evil, dangerous henchmen, and he uses an octopus as the group's symbol? I suppose the concept might not be original, but the similarities made me giggle.


Feb. 2nd, 2017 09:32 pm
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I think next year, if I do Yuletide, I'll request a story about ghosts in the White House. I was reading about the various sightings people claim to have had there. It would be especially cool if the fic was a supernatural thriller about the ghosts tormenting Trump. Hehehehe.
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I finished the first draft of my fic! I'm too excited to let it sit for a while before going over it again, though. It's been a long time since I went over the first four chapters, because I wrote those first and then the story went on hiatus for several months, so I can start with those.

I know Scrivener has the ability to find words, but I like how MS Word does it, like it actually counts how many times a word appears so I know I'm overusing it. I have a bad habit of overusing certain words.

Tempting as it is to start posting it, I won't yet.

Fun, fun

Jan. 16th, 2017 06:21 pm
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Both fics are posted. Now, since I've had all day to play--well, except I have to go exercise soon. Bleh. But, anyway, since I've had all day to play I'll have to focus tomorrow on writing cover letters again. ;_;

I get so nervous posting to AO3. I always use the preview and then find all sorts of things I want to change. Oh, well. Not many people will read them.
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Words in bold are prompts I've done but not posted anywhere.

1/15/2017: Prayers
1/16/2017: Whispered
1/16/2017: Free

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Ooh, ooh, ooh. Finished a fic today (the one I posted) and just finished writing another I started on a few hours ago. I'm determined to work on that darn writing prompt table.

The one I started and finished was way longer than I intended, though really it's not that long. I meant to write a drabble. It doesn't have a title yet and I probably won't post it until tomorrow. Now if I could just figure out how to tag it.

But now it's time for bed.
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I'm up past my bedtime writing and telling myself it's okay to write crap and I can go back later and fix it. I'm still learning how to do this, how to turn off my inner editor and just write. I don't know why this particular scene is holding me back so much, maybe because I thought I had to write out some epic final battle scene akin to Lord of the Rings when in reality this "battle" will only last maybe ten minutes.

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