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One thing I've been trying to do more is accept that I make ridiculous mistakes and that's okay. My whole life I've tended to beat myself up about making dumb mistakes that in the end don't really matter.

I really needed to get my car washed this week. It's been a while since its last wash, but the last place I went to wanted $12 for the wash I needed so I could get my undercarriage done. Their cheapest is $7, which is fine, but I didn't look at the cheapest price when I was there.

I wanted one of those places where you do it yourself. I found one and went to see how much it cost and what sort of payment it took. I was super happy to see they took card, so I immediately started in, except right after I started I realized I didn't have any towels!

Panicked, I completely forgot to use the scrub brush to scrub the dirt off my car, so I just rinsed and hurried over to the Walgreens across the street to pay $7 for a bundle of cheap terry towels that were stained with something weird, but I didn't care because I needed something ASAP. By then most of the water was almost dry, and all I did was smear the dirt all over my car. -_-

I said screw it, and went to the automatic car wash place for the $7 wash. I used the towels to dry off what their driers didn't get. However, I noticed there were some prominent scratches on my trunk and wondered if they'd always been there. I had read reviews online about this place scratching peoples' cars, but I always figured it was just people with those super expensive cars who always complain about everything hurting their precious, precious car. Maybe they were right? My car is old, so a few extra scratches isn't going to hurt its appearance.

Now that I know better, am better prepared, and how to use the DIY car wash, I will go there next time and only spend maybe $3-4 washing my own car.

In other news, I went out to the field today! I also let my supervisor know that I wanted more projects to do. There are certainly many things he wants me to do, but since he got back from California a few weeks ago, he's been struggling to answer 250+ emails. This is down from 300+ after he deleted the irrelevant stuff he didn't need to answer. He was in the office all day, answering those emails, meeting with people, and doing whatever else. I'm glad I stepped up and got myself a field assignment.

My roommate with the dirty feet has been gone for a few days. I don't know why, don't care, and don't know when she'll be back, but tonight I decided to scrub her footprints out of the bathtub. It actually takes a little effort. I guess it's the oils. I hope she's not back for a while yet because I want to shower without the shower mat I've been using to shield my feet from her grossness.

No change

Jul. 19th, 2017 06:20 pm
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There hasn't been any improvement at work. Yesterday I went with my supervisor and a bunch of other employees to go look at a mine that was going to open again at some point. It's been in operation on and off for something like a hundred years, and it was mostly about where they would put drill pads and roads and stuff. I felt a bit out of place because I didn't know exactly why I was even there. I don't think it was necessary to bring me along.

My supervisor had to leave early because his wife texted him and said their young son was really, really sick and throwing up a lot. So I spent the rest of the trip as the only representative of the archaeology crew and having pretty much everything go over my head. But I think my supervisor already got the gist of what our part in this project would be and what he needed to do. At least it burned up 10 hours and it was way better than languishing in the office trying to look busy.

I had a feeling he would not be in today because of that family emergency. It didn't sound like something a kid would recover from quickly.

I got a text from him early this morning, telling me now he was sick. I knew that might happen because I've had what his son has, and it's extremely contagious. My whole family got sick once, all in quick succession. I just hope I don't get it because I was in close proximity in a truck with him for most of yesterday and I don't know if he was already carrying whatever it is. It's weird because the AFA was also sick last weekend with something similar and he thought it was just food poisoning.

So I spent the day in the office messing around in GIS (first time I've touched it all season), renaming PDF files (there are a few thousand to rename, all those files I scanned), typing up my notes, getting my field photos off my phone and sorted into folders with photo logs, finishing what I could on a site form, and shifting the files in the cabinets because there were a few I had to put in that wouldn't fit. It would help if people didn't stuff things in to the point where you can't take one out without taking out twenty all at once.

My disappointment over this situation has returned. This is getting really embarrassing.

Yesterday my supervisor said a few days ago someone came into the office saying she and another person had been volunteers a couple of years ago and would be interested in doing it again. He looked at their notes for some sites they had monitored and was impressed. He seemed interested in the possibility of using them to monitor sites because we get some kind of brownie points for working with volunteers.

Um, how about you use me to monitor sites, since that's what you hired me to do?

I am so bothered by this. I'm so bothered by all of this.

Today I was in the mail room making new labels for the file cabinets when the lady who manages the budget came in to make some copies. She asked what I was up to and I explained what was going on with the files. She said she thought we had a lot of fieldwork to do, and I said, "What fieldwork?" I told her I was pretty much a sitting duck when no one else was around to work with me. No one ever gives me projects in the field to do on my own, and the few I have been given are stalled. She said I wasn't hired to do filing in the office all day, to which I heartily agreed.

I was so embarrassed by this interaction, but she seemed to understand my frustration. At this point three people know of my plight. But if the person who manages the budget knows about it, I know she's going to mention it to someone. She knows what's going on with the money and where it should be spent, and she will argue that no one should be wasting the already-strapped budget on seasonals they don't use.

I was going to mention some of my concerns to my supervisor today, but, alas, he was out sick, so..... And he might be sick tomorrow, too, and I have nothing--almost absolutely nothing--to do.

Last year I was outside every day to where I almost couldn't stand it anymore and welcomed time in the office. Now it feels like a treat to just step out in the parking lot. At least when I was in the office on my old forest they had our noses to the grindstone filling out paperwork.

I'm dreading tomorrow. If my supervisor is out sick again, I don't know what I'm going to with myself. I am so tired of this.

I'm not sure what he'll be doing if he does come in. According to his calendar he has something going on, but I don't know if he'll opt to answer his email and missed calls instead. If he comes in, I really don't want to get close to him because I'm afraid he might still be contagious or something.

Sometimes I wonder if this would be happening if I was a guy.

EDIT: There may be something I could do tomorrow if I'm alone. I will try to do something.

Oh, and the AFA called my phone today but didn't leave a message. I didn't call back because if he didn't leave a message, it wasn't important.

EDIT: Yeah, I think I'll try to go out tomorrow to these recreation residences that need some stuff done, like a little survey. I'll have to make a phone call first because I'm not a hundred percent sure which road we took last time, and I need to know a bit more about what needs to be done. If my supervisor is in tomorrow, I'll ask him what he thinks about it. I need to show I have initiative, not just to my supervisor, but to the people who have seen me bumming around the office. Ah, the curse of being a timid, passive person...

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Remember my last post about how disappointed I was about work? Well, I heard two interesting stories at work the other day that made me think.

So, the last forest archaeologist was on this forest for about eight years. Then, a few years ago, he went through a major mental health crisis following a bad divorce. Twice he threatened to commit suicide, once by jumping off a bridge, and another time he wanted to shoot himself in the head with a nail gun. He was admitted to an inpatient facility while another archaeologist detailed in his place. Later he got a job on another forest and moved, and I've heard it's one of the worst forests in that particular state. Word is he's still having issues.

I was pretty shocked to hear this story. I don't know if this is why the Heritage Program here is in such chaos, or if it's always been like this. The story on my old forest was the archaeologist before the current one got sick with cancer and eventually passed away. As he got worse, the program started to come apart at the seams. Now they're trying to put it back together again. This may be the case for the forest I'm on now. They're definitely trying to clean stuff up. They act like everything is in disarray, and the office certainly looks like it.

Then I learned the current forest archaeologist didn't sell his house in the state he moved from. Some people had made an offer on it, but then backed out of the deal after the inspector supposedly gave them the wrong impression about his inspection report. But the archaeologist's family is already here, so now he has to pay rent and a mortgage until his house sells. His family will be strapped for cash for a while. I had no idea he was under that much stress. His job is hard enough as it is.

I realized then that I needed to help in any way I can, even if it's something small. At that point, I stopped being angry. But in order to be the most effective, I need to have the kinds of tasks that will reduce their workload, and that includes fieldwork and more relevant office work. This is why they hired me. They told me they had to fight to get funding to hire a seasonal, so unless they use me to my fullest potential, they'll have a hard time justifying the costs next time around. I'm pretty sure other people in the office have seen me sitting around doing almost nothing.

Today I went out on a UTV with a district ranger and someone from rec. I needed to survey a proposed trail reroute. They told me their funding for various trail projects will disappear at the end of September, and they need all the paperwork ready to go by the start of September. They've kept putting it off because our Heritage office has put off our end of the work for whatever reason. The ranger couldn't understand why because supposedly we've had plenty of time to do it. Now they can't put it off anymore. So I told him I'd get started right away on the report and tell our archaeologist the details.

It's all so frustrating because the assistant archaeologist, the person who knows the most about the goings-on around here, where stuff is at in the files/computer, and what's expected of us by the state, isn't here. I guess he's doing some projects up north with that crew (who actually are with the Forest Service, but a different forest). This is partly why I feel abandoned. The person who should be training me is training someone else who's not even on our forest. I don't know the whole story behind why he's doing this, but from the way it sounds, it wasn't entirely his choice.

It felt so good to get out and feel useful today, though. I don't care that I had to work on a Friday and worked more than 40 hours this week. When I got back to the office my supervisor let me start filling out a site form for something I found today.

But, ugh, now my loud roommate is home. Let the door-slamming, muttering, and LOUD NORMAL TALKING VOICE commence.

Also, I think I've gained a little weight. I eat high calorie food because during the work season I figure it's okay because I burn so many calories in the field anyway. But since I haven't been out in the field much... Man, I wish I could cook more so I can eat healthier food, but our kitchen is so............blech. And there isn't much room available to store my own cookware. Pretty much all the drawers and cabinets are taken. I was lucky to get one drawer for my silverware and I share a cabinet with someone for my pot and pan. There's absolutely no room on the counter for my coffee maker. The only available area that has at least a little room gets splattered with grease. One girl just has to have her Kitchen Aid, blender, food processor, toaster, toaster oven, and something like five canisters of shake mixes on the counter, which takes up 50% of the counter space. She doesn't use most of them that often.

The rest of it is taken up by everyone's dish drying mats with dishes that are always sitting on them, except me because there's no room for me anyway. I finally had to unload the dishwasher with one girl's crap still in it from two days ago. I set it all on the dirty table, because there was literally nowhere else to put it.

Someone put a box of random trash in the pantry and there's a box of moldy strawberries sitting on it. WTF.


Jul. 10th, 2017 04:37 pm
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So far things have been really disappointing at work. Like I said in my last entry, I'm going on three weeks with only two actual days in the field. I don't think this happened when I started my first season with the Forest Service. They were pushing us out within the first week.

I finally got access to my employee account today, after calling the Help Desk about getting access to a computer without a Linc Pass. Linc Passes are used to login into our computers by inserting a card into the computer, but they were only issued to permanent employees, whereas seasonals just used regular login credentials. But now there is a new rule that says everyone, including seasonals, must have a Linc Pass to use a computer. This is a problem because it can take months to get one. The Help Desk person I spoke to was able to grant me a 30-day exception to use a computer without a pass (and only one computer), but it will be longer before I get my own pass. When I told him I was only going to be working for two months, he pretty much said I wasn't likely to get a pass. So what the heck am I supposed to do once my 30-day exception expires?

To make matters worse, I don't have my own computer and probably won't get one. When I arrived, my supervisor had a computer for me, but it was taken away because it had belonged to another employee who had gotten a new computer recently. An old computer can't be used by anyone else, according to The Rules™. I never got to use it.

So not only do I get a limited time to access a computer, I don't even have a computer to do my work on.

What am I even supposed to do in the office????? I can't do what I was hired to do. I can't just shuffle files around when my job description says I'm supposed to be writing reports, filling out site forms, doing GIS, surveying, monitoring... These are the skills I've been cultivating over the last two seasons. I was under the impression that I would expand on my skills and work more independently. I was told this summer would be really fun. This is not fun. At all.

I pretty much spent eight hours deleting emails I'd gotten over the winter (yes, we continue getting emails, even when we can't access our email accounts), scrolling through AgLearn to find something to read about (not a lot there), updating some old account info, playing around on my phone, and reading a book. I didn't want to look through the files again because if I have to look at any more files I'm gonna throw up.

To be fair, my supervisor just came back from two weeks of annual leave to move his family up here from California. He had 300+ emails to sort through, a ton of phone messages, and some other work needed for some upcoming fieldwork this week, which may or may not happen depending on whether or not he can get ahold of someone. So tomorrow might another day in the office.

The assistant forest archaeologist is up north training a tribal crew. Call me jealous, but it makes me fume knowing they are getting more field experience than I am right now. Neither of them are with the Forest Service, and I'm pretty sure one of them has no interest whatsoever in doing archaeology. Can I trade places with him, please??

My short time here is precious and needs to be spent gaining valuable experience. So far a good portion of two weeks has been wasted sitting in the office doing mostly nothing. I feel like I can't do my work properly or use my skills.

My desire to return next year is shrinking fast. I am so bored, and I feel abandoned.
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Oh my gosh, I still can't add a chapter to my fic on AO3! I don't see anyone else complaining on other social media sites. Is it just me? I probably won't hear from them until tomorrow. *impatient*

I'm debating with myself about how much music I should buy and what artist. I was looking at my iTunes wishlist, but knowing Amazon sometimes has mp3's for cheaper, I checked them, too. One I really want to get is Lecrae's Anomaly. I never thought I'd be into rap, let alone Christian rap, but this guy blows my mind. You don't hear songs like Dirty Water from Christian musicians. My mouth hung open while listening to the lyrics. I'm pretty sure there are references to the Flint water crisis in there.

Another album I was eyeing is Susan Aglukark's Blood Red Earth. I only have two albums by her, and to be completely honest I'm not super crazy about her music, but I did like the other two CDs I have of hers. I've been following her Twitter and really enjoy her posts about indigenous rights in Canada. It was through her Twitter that I discovered William Prince and I was sold on him after hearing You Got Me. He's a wonderful lyricist.

I've also had Kerrianne Cox's Return To Country on my wishlist. I have her other two albums and would like to have the last one.

Then there's Broken's Walls' The Father's Dance. I have just one of their albums, mainly because I wasn't totally sold on their sound, but I've been following their Facebook for a few years and kinda grew attached. I should buy more of their stuff.

It's funny, for a Christian I really don't listen to a whole lot of Christian music, mostly because so much of it sounds generic and it just doesn't interest me. That's probably why I was drawn to Lecrae and developed an interest in Broken Walls. I tried Third Day's Move a while back and totally loved it, except when I listened to their other albums I hat. I don't know why that one album turned out so different from all the others. Did someone else write the music?

I need to be at work tomorrow by 6am. Actually, we have to be rolling out of the parking lot by 6am. We have to drive something like three hours north for work-related reasons, and then drive back later. This means I need to be up a little after 4am. Which means I need to be in bed about 8pm, in about an hour, but I took a nap this afternoon so I have no idea if I'll be able to get to sleep at a reasonable time. And I hope whoever's in the shower right now will be done soon because I need to shower and start getting ready for bed. My roommate has a few friends over from out of town for a couple of days, so I don't know who's in there. One of the friends is a guy. OUR FEMALE SANCTUARY HAS BEEN VIOLATED.
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Maybe I'm being a little too hard on my roommate. Despite our differences, she's actually a nice, sociable person. I think she's introverted like I am, too.

It's going to be crazy hot here next week, but it'll be a bit hotter in the town where I used to work, which is weird because I'm further south now in a drier place. But I'm higher in seal level, so maybe that has something to do with it. The other day I was working at 7000 feet.

I did some survey by myself for the first time ever. I don't know how many acres it was, but in total it probably took about six hours. It was difficult because it was on a slope at a ski resort. It was nice to move at my own pace, and because it wasn't in some remote wooded area, and close to a road, it wasn't scary (I have some seen some spooky woods that I would never want to be alone in). The resort has an abandoned chair lift that the owners want to take out and reinstall a new one.
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At last!

Jun. 7th, 2017 06:36 pm
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I moved into my room in the apartment on Monday. No one was home. My parents helped me get my stuff in and then we later went to the grocery store so I could get some food. We drove around for a bit to see some sights. We swung by the headquarters for the Forest Service so I could meet the assistant forest archaeologist I've been talking to this whole time, but my actual supervisor is on vacation and won't be back for a while.

So far I'm not super impressed with the new work environment. Of course, it's only been two days. People here just seem weird for some reason. I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's just because everything is so new, or maybe when my official start date comes around things will improve. I keep forgetting they have me on a contract until my start date, which means I don't have to do the orientation sort of stuff like getting my federal driver's license, renewing my CPR cert, stuff like that. I also set my own schedule and can pretty much come in when I want and leave when I want.

Even though this forest is twice the size of the one I came from, it feels like they have fewer personnel. I think this might be because my old forest had a lot of logging, whereas this one is more focused on recreation.

I miss having an actual crew. Having other seasonals around makes things more fun in my opinion. I'm a bit uncomfortable working with just a man, especially someone who appears only a little older than me, and who's also single. I'm looking forward to my supervisor coming back from vacation.

All these new people I've been meeting have been shaking my sore hand really hard and it hurts. ;_;

Aside from all that, my room is nice. Management is supposed to come shampoo my carpet tomorrow, so I need to make sure everything is up off the floor before I leave for work in the morning. I'm also supposed to get a new bed at some point.

My room is on ground level and I have a view of the swimming pool. They haven't filled the pool yet even though it's been anywhere between 80 to 100 degrees over the last week. It was something about the chemicals not being mixed right, I don't know. I'm a bit shy about pools these days, so I like that I can just look out the window to see if anyone's there. If no one's out there, then I might go.

When it comes to my roommates, it feels like I'm back at the bunkhouse again. The kitchen was--well, is a total wreck. There is no counter space. The sink is filled with dirty dishes, even though there's a dish washer that's completely empty. Those dishes have been in the sink for a while because something is really starting to stink, and nothing has changed or moved around since I got here. Someone had washed a bunch of dishes and left them on drying mats all over the counter. There's a Kitchen Aid, two blenders, two toasters, a toaster oven, and a myriad of other appliances, all in various levels of yuck. I have one cupboard for myself and one drawer, which is all I need, but I had to make room in the pantry for my food, and I hardly have space in the fridge. There are two fridges, and three rooms are assigned to each. There should only be me and one girl sharing a fridge since there are only five of us here and we are assigned to that fridge. Well, another girl is using that fridge as well. Maybe we're not actually assigned fridges, but I thought we were. If we are, then that girl shouldn't be in our fridge taking up all that space.

I have only seen two other girls here. Apparently a third one is hardly ever here, and I don't know about the fourth. They must come and go when I'm not around because there was mail for them on the table when I moved in and it has since disappeared.

The bathroom isn't terrible, and I only have to share it with one other girl. The shower rug is horrific and I don't know how my roommate can stand on it. I plan on washing it at some point, but until then I just carefully dry my feet before stepping out of the tub to put on my bathroom slippers.

The roommate I see the most is in her room right now next to mine. I don't know what show she watches but I always hear a bunch of people screaming and it's sort of stressful.

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Got a call from the AFA today and he said they were just now authorizing my paperwork (or something. I'm not sure what to call it), so I should be getting the email at some point now. He told me to ask the apartment people if they would be okay with just calling him or the office to verify my employment, or if they really would prefer a letter. My guess is they'd like a letter to have a hard copy of proof, but whatever. I tried calling the complex four times today and couldn't get anyone to answer, so I left a message. They should be open today, but--like always--I'm running out of time because the weekend is fast approaching. I don't know why this crap always happens on a Friday. I just need that one final piece to complete the application! Why is it so darn hard?!
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One thing I'm looking forward to with this job is that I'll be the only archaeological technician. This will hopefully give me the chance to research interesting things. On the other hand, I may be inundated with work. From the way it sounds, they're kind of backed up right now on some stuff.

I say this is a good thing because one of the girls I worked with last season was kind of a research hog. She usually got to research the interesting things and write up the site forms.

I'm still waiting on a letter of confirmation. It's frustrating because I've only got about two weeks, and supposedly I should know by the end of this week whether I'll be getting the official letter or if the forest supervisor will have to write me one (which may further delay things because weekends. These people don't work on weekends, and I don't know who this supervisor is. For all I know they're lazy and incompetent). I don't know if applying for an apartment a week before needing to move in is bad form or not. I called their office and they said the application process usually takes about 48 hours.

Thankfully, if I don't get my official paperwork in time, and my official start date gets pushed back, I can still come in before then. My supervisor apparently has a plan in place so I can come on as sort of a contractor.


Apr. 11th, 2017 02:34 pm
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Went to the dentist today. Since I have Medicaid, I can only go once a year, but they wouldn't reschedule my next year's appointment because they can't schedule that far out right now due to the dumpster fire that is Congress, so they didn't know if they'd be accepting Medicaid this same time next year. I want to say something that is way out of character for me, so I'll just say darn all Republicans straight to heck and I hope someone steals their wallets and cars.

At least my checkup went well and there were no problems.Glad for that because I really didn't want any more fillings. The last ones I had done were awful.

I finished my Information Security Awareness training exams for work, so that's finally out of the way.

The only other thing I've been trying to get myself to do and can't because of random episodes of depression is fixing my personal statement, sending it to my prof for critique, and rounding up professors willing to write letters of recommendation for me. I want to be ready when the application is posted.

Also I've got some stuff on eBay again. Hopefully it'll all sell for at least the cost of the packing supplies. I'm sort of pissed my last auction sold for a measly 55 cents, so I almost decided to put the others away and wait another ten years. Having a fixed price on them would take too long to sell. I only have until May 1 to sell things.

Oh come on

Jan. 24th, 2017 01:51 pm
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See, the thing about websites like Indeed is although they say you can "easily apply" with your Indeed resume, you will still get an email saying you need to complete the employer's actual application to be considered, and thus you must follow the link. I mean, come on. How are us lazy unemployed applicants supposed to fulfill the requirement of three jobs a week when they make it so long and difficult? /SARCASM.

But I was ready for this one. I figured from now on I should go to the actual employer's website to apply instead of going through Indeed. But I did the "easy" Indeed application because it had the option for a cover letter and I wasn't sure the other website would've had that option. It's kind of important to me when my resume might make them scratch their heads a little.

I found out the now-implemented federal hiring freeze will not likely affect seasonal employees, because other hiring freezes didn't, and usually freezes are only aimed at permanent positions. Also, my supervisor mentioned that due to budget concerns we might not have as many new people working with us this year as we had hoped.

What I found out from another source is that agencies will apparently not be allowed to contract work out if they need help. Nice. We have a massive timber project we need to survey and my supervisor was talking about getting a nearby tribe to help us out, if only a little. I suppose there are other avenues if we need to find help.

Knowing the freeze won't hurt seasonal jobs is good news to me, though. I would like to keep applying for GS-07s whenever I find them. And I'm still hoping I'll hear back from that other job I applied for.
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Story time!

So I had a few people subscribe to me because they thought my job sounded interesting. When my work season starts up again, I want to post pictures. I used to a while back until my Flickr account became inaccessible and I had to delete all my photos via the phone app.

I'll talk about one of the more interesting finds my crew happened upon last summer.

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One more week of work left.

Still haven't heard from the Postal Service. I've pretty much given up at this point. I tried to call the only number I had to see if I couldn't get ahold of someone to tell me what's going on, and I left a message, but they never called back. I didn't think they would anyway.

I think I know what happened, and it was exactly what I was worried about from the beginning. I had an old, non-functioning email address attached to the application. When Yahoo got hacked, I lost access to that email, so I had to create a new one. I didn't realize it was the email in my Postal Service career profile until after I sent the application. I have no idea if it's actually attached to the application, but I changed the one in my profile. But if the old one is in the application, then they might've been trying to send me emails, only for the emails to be thrown into a void.

I'm pretty mad about this. This is the third time I've tried to get with the Postal Service over the holiday season and failed. It's really embarrassing. As I said last year, maybe I'll try again next year. Uuugh.

Now I'm looking into temping. I need to keep working through the winter. I'll get depressed otherwise, and I'll end up using money in my savings when I'm supposed to be saving that for grad school.
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This was a horrible, horrible week work-wise. It was so bad two of my coworkers took Thursday off so they could start the weekend early.

It rained, and rained, and rained. Even if it didn't rain, the woods were so wet that we could barely stand to spend more than two to four hours in the field. My boots are either not waterproof anymore, or they're not as waterproof as the manufacturer claims. I bought some silicone spray, but am reluctant to use it yet because my boots have Gortex. I'm not sure where the Gortex is located on the boots. Is it inside like a liner, or is it that stiff fabric-y stuff on the outside? I'm really not sure. I've read people shouldn't use waterproofing spray on material like Gortex because it prevents the material's ability to "breathe." Well, my boots never seemed very breathable to start with. Why would they be? So I might as well spray them. But first they need to dry. It has been almost two days since I tried to get them to dry, first by boot dryer--on and off, since I can't keep it on for hours and hours unsupervised, and then setting them out to dry the rest of the time. They are still not completely dry.

I haven't heard back yet from the Postal Service. I don't think I'm supposed to for a while yet.

I bought a new camera, a Canon Rebel. It sort of makes me sick to think of how much I paid, but it's refurbished and thus it was a lot cheaper. I'm not even sure why I bought it. I'm not much of a photographer and I don't exactly plan on becoming one. I just want to take good pictures of places I go. Though I have always wanted a nice camera for that reason, and I figured I might as well buy it now because I may not be able to afford such luxuries in the near future.

Also, I was supposed to get two packages in the mail from YesStyle. I only got one. Both tracking numbers say the packages were delivered at the same time. My mom texted me about a half an hour after they arrived to say she got one of the packages out of the mailbox. So either there was some really weird mistake, or someone swiped the package in the thirty minutes between when it was delivered and when my mom went out to the mailbox. But what I don't get is why the other package wasn't taken, if indeed the first one was stolen. They were in the same mailbox, weren't they?

I went ahead and emailed YesStyle and have yet to hear back. I have a feeling one of two things might happen: I won't hear back from YesStyle and I'll have to keep bugging them until I do, or they will tell me too bad so sad because the tracking number said it was delivered and it's not their problem. YesStyle has backwards business practices IMO, and people have reported getting into fights with them over shipping problems. My hope is they will give me store credit (since they don't give refunds, another very backwards policy), and I'll just order the items again. If they give me the "too bad so sad" BS, I'll get ahold of Capital One.

If this gets ugly, I'll never buy from them again. It's a shame because they have really cute stuff and so far the quality has been well enough that I keep coming back.
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Looking at the cost of graduate school makes me want to throw up. It doesn't help that I have to look at out of state schools because there's nothing in Washington for what I want to do. I'm saving money, but I'm a little over halfway for just one year at one of the schools I've been looking at. At least I'm in a privileged position that lets me save as much I have so far.

I know there's funding and whatnot (like heck I'm gonna be a teaching assistant--the mere idea makes my blood turn to ice), but I'd rather have at least most of the money before even applying anywhere.

Anyway, work goes. I have a week off the second week in October, and I'm going to the coast next weekend. I also have an interview with the Post Office for seasonal work next Thursday, which also happens to be a day I'm taking off anyway, so that worked out well.
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We surveyed six freaking miles today. I don't think I've ever had transects that long. In one area someone had thinned the trees and left it a huge, horrible mess that we had to walk over, and they cut the trees high so their stumps stuck way out of the ground, and they were little trees, too. Then we'd get into what we call "doghair" or "jackstraw" where the trees are little and so close together it's hard to move at all. It's like the woods push you away and don't want you there. I'm going to be taking some ibuprofen tonight.

I told myself that we had better find something for as crappy the day was going, and we did find a can dump, a bottle dump near it, and later I found two brown stubby beer bottles at the end of my last transect, one of which turned out to be from the 1950s (considered "historic" by our standards). We GPS'd the other dumps and plan to return to them to actually document what we find--assuming they aren't modern. I would've preferred to find something more amazing (we have already this year), but it's better than finding nothing for all our trouble.

Tomorrow we're supposed to go back and monitor an existing site, and return to the dumps, but we'll see. There is still a lot left to survey in that same area, but I'm hoping after today we'll aim for a somewhat easier day tomorrow.

Tough week

Aug. 21st, 2016 11:35 am
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I miss the days of Livejournal. I would update multiple times a day.

Yuletide is coming up again. I don't think I'll sign up this year, but I'll keep my eye out for prompts I might want to write treats for.

The Passport in Time project was...hard. I would say it was okay, not what I'd call fun, but all right. I had a meltdown when I got home due to problems in the family, but things are better now. A full, relaxing weekend would be nice. I really only got a partial weekend this time. Doing artsy stuff and reading and writing would be great, if I could get myself away from mindlessly browsing the internet and getting nothing done. Or cleaning my bathroom. It seems I clean my bathroom every freaking weekend because somehow it gets mucked up when I'm gone. People only use the toilet, so how does the floor--oh, that's right. The cat. He tracks in litter when he goes to drink out of the toilet and leaves paw prints everywhere.

On the bright side, I managed to start a new book and do a little writing. Just lately I haven't had the heart or emotional energy to do anything creative.

I got a new paper journal at Barnes and Noble. I was willing to spend a little more money on it, but I happened to choose a relatively cheap one by B&N standards. Maybe this will encourage me to write daily, since I've been slacking on doing that.


Aug. 6th, 2016 06:55 pm
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I really should update.

Work goes. I'm a lot less stressed this season than last season because I have a different crew chief and she's much more laid back. She left about two weeks ago for Montana to do some work on her thesis, though, and will only be back for one more week before she has to go back to school.

This season has also been way, way more interesting. We are finding new stuff left and right. We spent two weeks trying to document a brand new site that was literally on the side of the road. One structure, pretty much just a shack, had mysterious, thick wall coverings we later determined to be linoleum, but we're still trying to figure out if the designs on it are hand painted. The design looks a lot like a rug. We found out linoleum rugs were a thing back in the 30's and 40's, but this one was nailed to the walls, maybe as a way to keep out drafts, who knows. We also found newspaper stuffed in the cold cellar pit and in the walls, with a 1930 date on one sheet. All artifacts are pointing to a 1930's period.

Fire season has been pretty calm, especially compared to last year. There was a fire burning down south last week. The smoke cloud blew into town and caused me to have flashbacks from last year, lol. It blew away in another direction soon after. There is time yet for a big blowup, but hopefully that won't happen.


Bonus picture of a mine we found on survey:

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I'm going through that period where I just don't care about anything, and social media bores me to tears.

Work has been mostly office bound, as we've been having a lot of trouble with our two work vehicles and we're waiting for the snow to melt in our project areas. There's not much else to do in the field, except site monitoring and whatnot. Monday we're supposed to go document some newly discovered sites by our archaeologist in the next town over, three of which are prehistoric.

One of my coworkers is involved in fandom, but it appears mostly comic stuff. We got to talking about fanfiction, and I was dismayed to hear that she likes to sort fics on AO3 by kudos because those are always the "best" ones. I've read enough message boards to know how much people disagree with this and debate about it, but I didn't argue with her. But knowing what fics sorting by kudos will produce, I figured she reads a lot of slash and porn, which is interesting because listening to her you'd never think she was into that. She never outright mentioned her fanfic preferences, but then maybe she was afraid of being judged, which I am sort of doing right now just by assuming what she reads, through knowing what fics result when you sort by kudos alone.

Since we have little in common in fandom, I don't think we'll be discussing it much more. She has more in common fandom-wise with our male coworker who only just learned what fanfiction is last week.

Ugh. I have to exercise tonight. Because we haven't been doing anything strenuous at work, I haven't been getting exercise. I need to bring my walking shoes up there with me so I can at least go on walks.
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I want to say this was a bad week, but it was actually a good week despite all that happened. The worst of it happened when my coworker and I high-centered our truck on a really nasty road. We had to use the radio to call for help, something we had never had to do before and we didn't really know how to use the radio. We had an orientation day during the first few weeks of work and someone talked to us about using the radio, but there was too much information and it went over our heads. Anyway, a fire engine came to help us, and after two hours of waiting it only took them five minutes to hook us to their engine and pull us off.

Other than more nasty roads and one wet day, the rest of the week wasn't so bad.

I'm hoping to hear back from the Post Office about working over the holidays. I already did the drug test and background check, and called back the manager about being interested in the position--twice. But I guess I just need to wait. I've got three weeks left of work with the Forest Service. I'm actually looking forward to going home because I miss it.


This cabin was at the top of a horrible mountain road. It's too nice for our department not to already know about it, plus it's on the side of a road. But we stopped for a break and explored a little. It stunk of packrats, though. After we left, the road got a lot better.

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