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Looks like I'm going to be back in with the thrift store starting tomorrow. I called the volunteer director the other day and left a message because I wasn't sure if I needed to go through the application process again. Apparently I don't. I got a call this morning from the thrift store.

Yesterday was just terrible for me, for reasons I don't want to state here. I prefer to keep that stuff to my written journal. Somehow it has affected my ability or desire to write creatively, but for some reason it has sparked my desire to draw more. However, I have chosen to no longer post my artworks online for reasons, again, I don't want to say here. It seems people react more positively to my writings than to my drawings anyway.
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So I have one more chapter draft of The Long Dark to finish before I am completely caught up with posting everything I have written so far. Since my job's start date has been delayed, I can probably squeeze in that chapter and maybe one more, and that "one more" will be a very important scene in the story. It's not quite the climax, but I am getting very close to it. The end is in sight! Oooh, I've also surpassed my word-count record. The Long Dark is now longer than The Zodiac Vendetta (what a weird title. I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I'll change it someday).

Today was my last day volunteering for the museum. I was sad to leave my name tag. I don't know what'll happen to it. But instead of being in the carriage house like I thought I would be, I was stationed in the actual house because the guy who normally does the carriage house on Saturday showed up when we thought he was going to be off today. I was very happy to be in the house one last time.

Campbell House

This house is also the inspiration for an original story I have planned, only because I suck at thinking up home interiors.

Busy day

Apr. 18th, 2015 09:00 pm
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I didn't get to do any covert studying while volunteering today, because today was a free admission day at the museum and we had a constant stream of people coming into the house. I rarely had a chance to sit, so I pretty much stood for almost four hours. I think we may have had close to 500 or more people go through the house today, which is bigger than any one of the days we had back in the holidays.

This was my last time in the house, unless there comes a time when I can volunteer again. I'm going to miss it. I've begun to use the house as a model for the home of my characters in the original story I'm planning.

It was hot upstairs at first, but then someone opened the doors in the master bedroom that lead to the porches. It allowed a nice flow of cooler air into the upstairs, but at the end of the day I got to actually go into the master bedroom, which is normally roped off, and close the doors. What a great house it must've been to live in. I keep imaging my characters living there. :P

During my study session, I had to work on 20 math problems. I can customize the practice session to include subjects and level of difficulty and somewhat, and the study schedule I printed out wants me to set the difficulty to "adaptive," which means the difficulty of the questions will adjust themselves depending on whether I get them correct or not. But I keep getting medium difficulty, and I'm still having a hard time answering them, if at all. So I went back and set them to easy, and oh my gosh I could actually answer them now. My confidence took a little boost, when before it was way down. I hope the actual test will determine quickly that I need easier questions. I just want to get an average score. I've always scored below average in math on standardized tests.

I'm trying

Jan. 9th, 2015 06:06 pm
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Applied for two more retail jobs today. Makes me want to puke. I put down part-time as how much I want to work because I'm so reluctant to give up volunteering. I know I should be working full time, though. -_- There is no excuse not to. It's just I'm so much happier volunteering, even though I'm not earning a cent doing it. And since I'm in a position where I can afford to do it... I feel guilty, though. But who would've thought volunteering would be so much cooler than having a paid job?

For some reason it finally occurred to me to see if I could volunteer with the Forest Service, since relevant volunteer experience can translate to work experience in many cases. But every time I went to the website to see what was available in my area, there was never anything. Everything was irrelevant or too far from where I live. However, I didn't know I could also fill out an application, and it didn't have to be for an available opportunity. And, lo and behold, archaeology is a volunteer work category on the application. So I will be filling out this puppy tonight and send it off ASAP.

On another note, pretty much finished that portrait. Didn't turn out awful. I've got a lot to learn but I'm on my way. I'd like to do another one.


Jan. 3rd, 2015 08:53 pm
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I was only supposed to volunteer from 12 to 2pm today at the museum, but I stayed an extra two hours because there was no replacement for me in the carriage house. But I didn't have a problem with that at all, because the real reason I stayed was because the guy playing the coachman for the living history thing we've been doing is really cute. We talked up a storm and it was great. I was really sad when he had to leave. :( I almost never get to talk to men in my age group that freely because usually they're already married or have girlfriends. Maybe it's the "off limits" feeling I get when I know an attractive guy is taken, so I won't talk to them much. Kind of the curse of being an "older" single female because most men my age are off the market or divorced. Single ones are scarce. It did not appear he had a girlfriend/wife, as he never mentioned anything like that.

Unfortunately I didn't get his last name so I could Facebook stalk him, but he does go to the college right by my house. Maybe I'll get the chance to run into him again someday.
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A lot going on suddenly.

I started volunteering at a thrift store for that local charity I signed up for a few months ago. I spent about three hours there yesterday in their production area, helping someone clean up donations and give them prices. I plan on doing this once a week, but they said I can come in as often as I like.

Then I had a volunteer meeting with the museum. They're going to be doing this "living history" exhibit for the holidays where actors dress up as the residents of the house and interact with visitors. There will also be tour guides standing in certain places throughout the house, and it's an open house format. Although I've never led a tour before, I've been wanting to do an open house, which occurs on Saturdays and it's when people can just walk into the house without a scheduled tour. So I'll be signing up for at least one of the holiday sessions.

I also learned from the volunteer coordinator that there might be volunteers needed in the museum's archives. She let me know about this because I told her a few weeks ago that I'd be really interested in working in the archives whenever they need volunteers. If all goes well--they're waiting on a grant approval--I may be volunteering there in January. I'm so excited about this because when I first signed on at the museum, the archives were my first choice, but whoever handles volunteers down there had retired and they never rehired anyone for her position. So this is great news.

On top of all this awesomeness, I got an invite to the house's wassail party, which is reserved for museum members (people who pay a yearly fee to be considered "members", which comes with a host of privileges), but also volunteers. Introvert though I am, I'm super stoked about this. I do hope some acquaintances will be there. However, I finally have the chance to wear that little black dress I bought from Banana Republic, one I had waffled decision on for a long time but figured I needed because I have no real formal dresses. So today I got some panty hose, lipstick (I have none) and lipliner (ditto), and I am so ready to look freaking amazing that I hope I won't be overdressed for the occasion. But who freaking cares because it'll be in the house and there will be food and drinks and caroling and a fire in the fireplace!!! And the library (more like the living room by today's definition) of the house will be open which means I can actually go in there!!! And the dining room!! I wonder if others will be open, too!? The house is dim as heck, though, because they use Edison light bulbs, so any pictures I take will be dark and probably won't look good.


Oct. 8th, 2014 02:45 pm
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I hate interviews. And I know pretty much all of humanity does, too.

I did my interview with Macy's today at noon. First I had a hard time finding the office because the email I got said it was in the "basement," but it didn't specify that it was Macy's basement. I thought it was saying the whole mall had a basement. The only third floor I was aware of was this creepy, abandoned downstairs area where there used to be arcades and such. I actually went down there but didn't bother to step off the elevator because I knew that wasn't it. I went back to the only other place where I actually saw an elevator and that was J.C. Penney's, but theirs didn't go lower than the first floor. I talked to an employee there and they said that, yes, Macy's has a lower level. I had completely forgotten about it. It's where they sell bedding and stuff. I got there and found the offices right at noon, despite getting to the mall a half hour early. I felt ridiculous. Then came the interview and I felt even dumber. The questions weren't hard, it was just me trying to remember a specific example that made me feel dumb. I think I only provided two specific examples of the five or six questions the interviewer asked me. One question I couldn't hardly answer! I was so embarrassed, and when I get flustered I can't think.

So I've decided I will make an appointment at my school's career services center for a mock interview or just interview help in general. It just seems to me that no matter how much someone tries to prepare for an interview, they just never know what questions will be asked. I am a slow thinker and sometimes can't think off the top of my head, especially when I get flustered.

But before I can do any more scheduling, I'll have to wait and see the outcome of all this. Who knows how long that'll be? :\

Then I got a call from the Union Gospel Mission about volunteering. I had sent in an application and attended the orientation before I decided I wanted seasonal work, so if I get a job I may have to cancel with UGM. I really don't want to, because they've been on my heart for a while.
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During my volunteer shift Thursday, I found out the keys volunteers are given pretty much open everything related to the historic house, including the carriage house. When I was alone in the carriage house, I decided to see if my key worked on a locked door that led to the upstairs where the male servants and coachmen lived. Turns out it did, but I didn't go upstairs because the stairs alone were creepy enough. x_x I figured it might be okay to go and explore up there because I also discovered that we're allowed to go onto the third floor of the house where the female servants used to live. But I just didn't.

But at the end of my shift, when we close the carriage house, I was in the process of locking the front doors when I realized I forgot to put my name tag away. I had the choice of leaving it in my purse, or going back inside, so I chose to go back inside because, well... I really wanted to see the upstairs. And it would be my chance to be alone in the carriage house and not neglect the exhibit downstairs while on duty.

I managed to get to the top of the stairs and poke my head around a little. I was expecting a large open space, but it really wasn't. There was a sort of hallway and doors that were probably rooms, but it was dim up there and I just felt creeped out. But I'm determined to try again. I just can't do it during my shift because I'm expected to keep an eye on things downstairs between tours. I'll have to wait for another opportunity when I'm the last person out.

Speaking of volunteering, I'm still trying to fill out a volunteer application for a local Christian charity. It almost makes me feel like I'm applying for a job. x_x I didn't have to do this for the museum, and the museum ain't no Mickey Mouse joint. Darn them for forcing me to think critically. :P I used up all my critical thinks in college. ;_;

And speaking of applications, I applied for an archaeology internship for a national park here in Washington. I met most of the preferred qualifications and I have the ability to perform the duties, only they restrict applicants to 18 to 25 year olds. I'm 28. I guess I am no longer a "young professional," but an old fogey who can't get rare and valuable internships that might actually help me obtain the necessary skills to build a career for myself, because I am three years over their required age bracket. I applied anyway. Because they made me mad. But I won't get mad if they throw out my application because of it. *shrug*

Just life

Aug. 14th, 2014 12:14 pm
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Volunteer training at the museum has been going well. Pretty much all I've been doing is shadowing tours of the house. One of the docents--I mean, interpreters told me that apparently there's some expectation that eventually carriage house greeters will lead tours, which is not what I was told, but I think what she meant was that many greeters eventually become tour guides.

I've been looking into places to visit when I go to Florida, especially historic homes/mansions. So far there are a few in the area where I'll be, but one in particular costs $20 just to get in. I think it includes a bunch of stuff in the tour or whatever, but I don't feel like paying that price. The place is sometimes used for weddings so I wouldn't be surprised if the interior included a lot of modern furnishings, which I don't want to pay to see.

I was just reminded that I still haven't posted the second half of my trip to Lake Chelan. I shall get to that right now.

In the area of postcrossing, however...

 photo 543D0AAF-488E-4621-969C-7F4CE9549E9D_zps55f32319.jpeg  photo postcross_sent20_zps97a279ec.png

Sent to Lithuania and U.S. respectively. I sent another one to Germany but forgot to scan it. It was a postcard from Craters of the Moon National Monument. A shame because it was a pretty postcard. :( By the way, the house pictured in the postcard to the right is the one I'm volunteering at!


Jul. 25th, 2014 06:00 pm
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We didn't have electricity for about 72 hours. There was a huge thunderstorm on Wednesday that went right over the city, which usually doesn't happen. Usually bad storms pass over north of here. I hadn't seen a storm like that before. Then our electricity went out. After the storm passed, we saw that trees had fallen on a few homes. The neighborhood extends up a hill, and the next day I went on my walk and found at least one house had a tree still on the roof, and there was evidence of trees that had been hacked apart to clear the road. More trees had fallen over roads nearby. A telephone line had been hit by a falling tree just one road down from us, which probably contributed to the power outage, and I could see trees down in the golf course, some ripped up from the roots.

I'm at least glad the outage happened this week and not next week, because we're in for another heat wave.

Lately I've been reading these papers to prepare me for volunteering at the museum. I have to read about the history of the city in the early 20th Century and the people who owned the house I'll be volunteering at. I've been learning a lot. My original character Elwood and his house from my fanfiction Deja Vu was loosely based on the house I've been reading about. I can think of about ten things I'd like to correct or improve upon when it comes to that part of the story, but I'm just going to have to let it be. Maybe someday...

Still planning on posting pictures from my trip, but right now I'm just enjoying having power back. x_x
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Just got an email from the people at the museum about needing volunteers. All the positions mentioned were ones I didn't select on my application, except for the museum store one, which after reading didn't sound too great. Sorry, but I don't operate cash registers without being paid. Ain't no one got time for that BS.

Going against my instincts, which I've been trying to listen to more often but it usually requires that I don't challenge myself, I selected to be a greeter/interpreter for the carriage house of an old house people do tours in. I thought this would be good for me. Being so introverted, I'm a terrible conversationalist, but I want to boost my confidence and continue to sharpen my social and speaking skills. Since the carriage house is apparently where tours of the overall house begin, I'm guessing the interactions won't be for long. There is someone else who does the actual tour of the house.

I've been on a tour of the house before, and really liked it. I love old places and vintage anything. I figured I'd be delighted to be able to spend time there once a week for a few hours.

Haven't heard anything more about the archaeology tech position, and I don't expect to for a while since it doesn't close until the end of August. I just hope that if I end up liking volunteering for the museum, I can spend enough time there to settle in and be able to put it on my resume.

I made a doctor's appointment today, finally. I've been needing to get a checkup, among other things. I also called the university about my GIS certificate, and turns out everything's okay, I got it. So I ordered my transcripts and will be ready to apply for any more jobs I find on USA Jobs.

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