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Sep. 9th, 2017 04:35 pm
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I don't know why I do this to myself on the weekends when I know it's best for me to just stay in until Sunday when I go do my grocery shopping. But I guess I have so little time to do anything else during the week that it's a bit like releasing a dam.

And there will be whining )
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I found out today from my mom that I did get an acceptance letter. It was dated July 14 and has been sitting on my dad's desk. My dad is out of town visiting his father. I'm not sure exactly when the letter arrived, but I at least found out not long after. I called the admissions office today and they said I am ready to register for classes. I see some of them already have some people signed up, so I can't wait until the last minute.

SO, the plan for the weekend:

1) Friday, call department chair to talk about some of the classes I'll have to take. There's one I have a question about. Besides, he seems to be the only one who knows about the whole program, since he's the one who pushed for it. I don't think my advisor is available right now because he said he had some kind of TV show thing he had to work on this summer. It's going to be a new show about bringing old wartime airplanes up from the ocean. I'm not sure what channel it will be on, but it sounds like a History Channel thing. He'll be one of the experts they talk to.

2) Complete the FAFSA. I was very blessed to get grants during my undergrad. I won't be so fortunate this time. But I'm hoping I might score something besides loans, like work study or an assistantship (as much as the idea of being a TA makes me want to puke). I absolutely do not want to go into debt, and much of that depends on whether or not I get a job this winter. If I can't move away from my parents, I can at least prevent myself from drawing money out of my savings. If I can leave my savings untouched, I'll be able to pay for most of my degree, if not all of it.

2a) To complete my FAFSA I need my dad's help, because I need him to go into my files at home and get my tax return papers. I'm stuck on that part because I don't know these things off the top of my head. Unless I can get the info through TaxAct, which is usually how I file my taxes, without paying, then I might try them

In other news, I got my stuff from YesStyle, finally. Only two items disappointed me. The wall suction hooks don't work that well, though that's what I would expect for only three dollars. One of them has a weird shape and will only half-stick to the mirror I tested it on. The other one seems fine. When I took them out of the the package, their cups were stuck to the cardboard backing and took some of it off. Doesn't help them stick to anything.

The sun protectant sleeves are also a disappointment. They don't fit my upper arms very well because the band is almost too tight. I might still be able to wear them, but I'm thinking they're destined for the trash--or a thrift store. Oh well. Again, only three dollars. I'll find a different brand that will fit me, one that actually comes in sizes.

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Oh my gosh, I still can't add a chapter to my fic on AO3! I don't see anyone else complaining on other social media sites. Is it just me? I probably won't hear from them until tomorrow. *impatient*

I'm debating with myself about how much music I should buy and what artist. I was looking at my iTunes wishlist, but knowing Amazon sometimes has mp3's for cheaper, I checked them, too. One I really want to get is Lecrae's Anomaly. I never thought I'd be into rap, let alone Christian rap, but this guy blows my mind. You don't hear songs like Dirty Water from Christian musicians. My mouth hung open while listening to the lyrics. I'm pretty sure there are references to the Flint water crisis in there.

Another album I was eyeing is Susan Aglukark's Blood Red Earth. I only have two albums by her, and to be completely honest I'm not super crazy about her music, but I did like the other two CDs I have of hers. I've been following her Twitter and really enjoy her posts about indigenous rights in Canada. It was through her Twitter that I discovered William Prince and I was sold on him after hearing You Got Me. He's a wonderful lyricist.

I've also had Kerrianne Cox's Return To Country on my wishlist. I have her other two albums and would like to have the last one.

Then there's Broken's Walls' The Father's Dance. I have just one of their albums, mainly because I wasn't totally sold on their sound, but I've been following their Facebook for a few years and kinda grew attached. I should buy more of their stuff.

It's funny, for a Christian I really don't listen to a whole lot of Christian music, mostly because so much of it sounds generic and it just doesn't interest me. That's probably why I was drawn to Lecrae and developed an interest in Broken Walls. I tried Third Day's Move a while back and totally loved it, except when I listened to their other albums I hat. I don't know why that one album turned out so different from all the others. Did someone else write the music?

I need to be at work tomorrow by 6am. Actually, we have to be rolling out of the parking lot by 6am. We have to drive something like three hours north for work-related reasons, and then drive back later. This means I need to be up a little after 4am. Which means I need to be in bed about 8pm, in about an hour, but I took a nap this afternoon so I have no idea if I'll be able to get to sleep at a reasonable time. And I hope whoever's in the shower right now will be done soon because I need to shower and start getting ready for bed. My roommate has a few friends over from out of town for a couple of days, so I don't know who's in there. One of the friends is a guy. OUR FEMALE SANCTUARY HAS BEEN VIOLATED.
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Here's a list of crap stuff I bought at YesStyle:

Cat Print Wall Hanging Pocket - I'm hoping to use this in the bathroom. Didn't plan on getting it at first, but it's cheap. I got the one with the blue design.

Hair Massage Brush - Been wanting this one.

Heart Suction Walls Hooks - These went out a stock and disappeared from the site, even though I wanted them. I found what looked like the same thing on Amazon but it didn't get good reviews. I think sometimes people don't know how to use suction hooks properly. Oh well, they're cheap.

Cartoon Print iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Pouch - Okay, so I don't have an iPhone 6 Plus, just a 6, but with my phone's case I figured it would fit just fine. This is the one thing I really didn't need since I bought something similar at Walmart a few weeks ago. But these are so gosh darn cute and I've wanted one forever. I got the green one with watermelons since they didn't have the strawberry one in stock.

Sun Protection Arm Cooling Sleeves - Not sure how good these can be based on the price. I was eyeing the same thing on Amazon for $10. Hope my arms are skinny enough. :P I'm not out much money if they don't work out. I got the fingerless blue ones.

Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder - I've always wanted to try something by Etude House, particularly this kind of product. There was another similar one but they apparently don't make it anymore. The container was so cute, too.

Check Face Towel - Here's the guy that's going to hold up my order. I have the wash cloth version and love it so much I wanted to get the bigger one, too. I bought the blue version.

Laundry Bag - I did my laundry today wishing I had one of these for my bras. I bought two, the pink and green ones.

USB Warming Mouse Pad - Looks like I bought the last one in stock! Totally didn't plan on buying this but I needed something to get me to the $35 limit for free shipping, lol. Plus my hand does get cold sometimes when I use my mouse. I figured why not. I got the purple one, but there are two different purple ones pictured, and the site only lists one in their selection, so I'm not sure which one I'm getting.

And that, my friends, is how I waste money.
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Just made an order at YesStyle again. Put it on the good ol' credit card to pay later. I bought some stuff that I'd been wanting for a long time but never got because I convinced myself I didn't need it or already had something similar. But today I said screw it, I'm buying it. Only one thing wasn't in stock, which means I could wait up to two weeks before my order is shipped, but I'm okay with that because it's something I've been wanting forever but they just didn't have in stock. Again, I said screw it, I'll order and wait. A few other things were once out of stock but were back in. A pleasant surprise.

So far I haven't had any problems ordering from them, despite knowing the risks of ordering from a site like theirs (you get what you pay for), and sometimes their prices are higher than average. I just don't buy clothes--typically. I bought a shirt once and it was okay quality, but I might not do it again.


Jul. 1st, 2017 03:13 pm
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Good lord. So the roommate whose room is next to mine is the loudest person I've ever met. Her "normal" speaking voice is borderline yelling. It's like she's trying to talk to you from across a large room. I noticed that upon first meeting her. It sets my nerves on edge because I'm really sensitive to shouting, thanks in part to growing up with a volatile mother.

Not only that, but she's always slamming the doors, cupboards, drawers.... If I didn't know any better, I would think she's angry about something, but she's not, that's just how she is. It reminds me of my mom when she's angry and slamming things around. My roommate will close the door to her room and it'll rattle the walls. I just want to sit in my room and enjoy the quiet, until she starts moving around, and it's like little shots through my nerves.

She mutters to herself a lot, too. I had to turn on my little fan this morning because she was in her room muttering to herself and I couldn't stand it.

She cooks meat every night on the stove and doesn't clean up the grease splatter, either. The last person I knew who did that was the guy I lived with at the bunkhouse during my first season with the Forest Service.

In other news, I did a little bit of shopping today. I'm sad because I had to stop myself from spending needlessly, but I bought a sterling silver necklace chain that was on sale because I liked its design, and I thought it was a pretty good deal (super cheap). I went around to some other stores but didn't buy anything. I went home because, frankly, I was sick of people.

I thought about seeing a movie this weekend, but again, don't want to spend the money. I'm a little worried because I can't access my employee account at work yet, so I can't fill out a timesheet. Everything got really messed up and delayed after the hiring freeze, so the onboarding for recent hires is backed up, and they told me it'd take about ten days before I can have access to my account. I don't know what this will mean for my paycheck if my timesheet is late. I'll have to ask. I'm going to be really upset if I have to wait until the next pay period to get paid! I'm supposed to be putting money into my savings, not taking money out!
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Oh my gosh, it feels so good to get paid. I could finally go shopping and buy nonessentials without guilt. I got a little more groceries than usual, too.

I bought an Otter Box Commuter for my phone because my phone badly needed a new case. The other one was aging, and I wanted something sturdy and made to protect against impacts. I thought it would come in handy since I use my phone for work. The only color they had was black. I prefer to express myself with other colors, but lately I have wanted to appear "more professional"* (I am working with only men now), so black it was. I have considered buying stickers to put on the back, though. :D

It just feels weird being able to afford nonessentials again. One store was having a BOGO sale on sandals, and there were some very nice ones that are the kind I'd been wanting to get, but they were $70. But really, I could've gotten two pairs of $70 sandals for the price of one. Not a bad deal. .............Actually, I might have to buy them now. They had my size!!

But I spent a lot today already. Tomorrow I want to go see a movie.

I figured after all that walking around in stores today, I could skip out on exercising. A poor excuse, I know. I can do it tomorrow. Instead, I hung out at the pool for the first time. I didn't spend a lot of time out there because there's no shade until later in the day, and I don't like to sit out in the direct sunlight to tan anymore. Heck, I don't tan at all anymore. I have completely eschewed the tanning fashion for the sake my personal health, and I don't care how white I am. Plus, I didn't put on any sunscreen before I went out, and so I only planned to stay out there about fifteen or twenty minutes. However, it was too cold in the shade to sit, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to sit in the sun for a short bit, like maybe five to ten minutes. I wear board shorts over my bottoms, and I somehow managed to get a very slight tan. :( I could see it in the shower. Crap. No more pool time without sunscreen.

*This is not stopping me from wanting a Hello Kitty license plate frame. So what if I've got one on my Toyota Tercel among the Ford F250s and Dodge Rams in the Forest Service parking lot?

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Out of boredom and procrastination I decided to take a look at Rinkya for anything by Tow Nakazaki. I don't know why I bother, but I guess maybe I'm just curious.

I found his 2001 All Characters Calendar. I'm dying. I first discovered its existence in a little advertisement tucked away in one of the Japanese volumes. I thought to myself that if I ever found it, I would buy it (if I could), but I thought my chances were pretty much zero.

The calendar is under $10, which means I don't have to pay any additional fees, just the base fee. Costs for the best shipping option are a bit hefty, but worth it. I don't even care if I won't be at my parents' place when the package arrives. I can have them mail it to me in Idaho, or I can just wait till I get home.

But I have my old Yahoo email address attached to my Rinkya account. F***. And I can't change it. It won't let me. There's simply no option to do it. So I sent a message to customer service about how in the heck I can change it. Who the heck knows if they'll even get back to me. This calendar is on auction with no bids, and it's supposed to end tomorrow, though I think it's set to relist if it doesn't sell.

I bid on it anyway. Since I can't create a new account with the same mailing address, I'm hoping Rinkya can go in and change my email for me or something.


May. 17th, 2017 05:51 pm
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I finally used that Amazon gift card I got for my birthday. I meant to buy music, but I suddenly lost interest in searching for new artists and bought two books instead. They came in the mail today, There Is Power in a Union and The Six Gun Mystique Sequel. I didn't realize Union would be so big. For the price I though it would be thinner. It's 500+ pages. I can't read either of them right now because I'm still not done with four other books I started a while back and haven't touched lately. I get overwhelmed if I have too many books going at once. And only one of them is fiction. I am a super slow reader of nonfiction.

I got a call back from my case examiner after I called and left a message yesterday. He said there will be a decision on my case this Friday. I have an appointment that day with my occupational doctor, and he said my private insurance would have to be billed, but if the case turns out in my favor then my insurance will be reimbursed. My hand has been doing okay, but I still feel a bit of pain if I move it the wrong way. Sometimes I'll feel it more if I use my hand more intensely, like when I cleaned the house the other day. It felt sore for a few days after that.

Earlier I went to the store and bought a twin bed sheet set and a twin mattress pad. Both are going to be a little too big for the mattress I'll be using because they are made for 12" and 15" mattresses respectively. I think my mattress is going to be one of those thinner types, like the old styles they used to make. I'll just have to tuck the sheets under really well.

My entire family has been getting those horrible "robo calls," or scammer calls. My dad will get several of them a day. I went around town with him today and he must've gotten three or four calls. We block every number that comes through, but they could be using thousands of numbers for all we know. They think they're sneaky by using local numbers, but I never answer an unknown number unless I have good reason to think it's someone I know (like if I've seen their number and/or location before). My dad got two messages left on his phone from people talking about loans, one from Quicken Loans and another from some other place, all in a span of six minutes. He suspects maybe someone is trying to use his identity to get a loan, but they won't get one because he has a credit freeze. It's either that or a scam, but either way he's not worried. It's just annoying. I found there are subscription services than can block known scammer numbers for a small fee but I'm not even sure it's worth it.


Mar. 27th, 2017 03:57 pm
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I got my little ceramic Belldandy coin bank in the mail today. It's even better in person. Because it's an older style of Belldandy, I had to have it, because this version is one of my favorites. I bought it almost on a whim when I saw it listed, and I had money in my PayPal account to blow, so I put a bid on it and no one bothered to outbid. Maybe it was the price. I saw that it had been relisted a few times.

Finally something to lift my spirits, because lately...yeah.
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So I just bought this print. I first saw it on a Tumblr blog and knew I had to buy it. I don't buy art prints, but I realized that maybe I should start buying artwork I really like.


Jan. 31st, 2017 05:21 pm
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I should really try to finish Freedom of the Mask. Really I should. I'm past halfway. It's just that the main character is about to get tortured and his friend is gonna die (I skipped ahead, oops) and I don't know if I can handle the gory details. But I don't want to skim it in case I miss something important. This author does a great job of making me hate his villains.

I haven't sat down in a long time to just read. I need to do that again because there are some nonfiction books I'd like to finish, and I want to start new ones, but I don't like having too many going on at once.

I bought some witch hazel today. I haven't used witch hazel in a long time since I started using medication for my skin because my doctor told me to quit all other skin treatments, and I had been using a lot. But I liked some qualities of witch hazel, and I won't use much. I bought the Thayer's brand with lavender because it doesn't have alcohol in it. However, it has artificial fragrance. I thought maybe I could get away with it because I never believed artificial fragrances hurt me that much, if at all, and I'd only be using it on a small part of my face. So I put some of the witch hazel on a cotton ball and immediately noticed the light fragrance. It didn't smell like lavender. I have a bottle of lavender oil so I know what it smells like. If anything, it smells like powder or something. That's all it smells like. I used a different brand of witch hazel before and it had a woody smell to it. So I'm not sure what the deal is with this one.

Uploaded the first chapter of my fanfiction Glass From Heaven Will Save Them. I figured I'd been over the first chapter enough times to post it. Not sure how often I'll update, probably until I reach a chapter I have yet to really edit/rewrite. The story is finished, though.

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Found out YesStyle had my much-desired laptop sleeve on sale for a really good price. Couldn't pass it up. But I also bought a bunch of other stuff to get the free shipping because why not.

I'm wondering if the sleeve is no longer being produced because it's almost half the original price, and ideer doesn't have it in their store anymore.

I wish I wasn't so impatient. Their shipping is slow, plus it's a holiday season for them so they won't start shipping stuff out until Wednesday. I could've selected faster shipping but I'm too cheap to pay an extra $13.

I'll get it all soon enough.
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Finally got my kitty water bottle in the mail!!

I have three more packages arriving tomorrow: two children's books and one book for Al-Anon. I bought Bigfoot Cinderella (to read to my niece) and Loowit's Legend (for my personal library). I kinda wish now I had also bought a book about mining/the west but I have to watch my spending, and I really wanted to get Bigfoot Cinderella for my niece.

Anyway, I feel kinda guilty right now, though I don't need to be (I don't know why I do that to myself). I borrowed my cousin's ring light for my camera and have only used it once (to take pictures of my Flapper Barbie). I don't know, the light's really bright and can't be dimmed or adjusted. She said it was more for macro pictures, and I can see why. It's basically like having the flash on all the time. I told her I could it back in two weeks because I have an appointment kinda out that way, which is now coming up this Friday. She said I could borrow it for longer if I wanted, and I think I'll have to. I've been distracted lately. I'll have to look up how to properly use a ring light.

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This was a horrible, horrible week work-wise. It was so bad two of my coworkers took Thursday off so they could start the weekend early.

It rained, and rained, and rained. Even if it didn't rain, the woods were so wet that we could barely stand to spend more than two to four hours in the field. My boots are either not waterproof anymore, or they're not as waterproof as the manufacturer claims. I bought some silicone spray, but am reluctant to use it yet because my boots have Gortex. I'm not sure where the Gortex is located on the boots. Is it inside like a liner, or is it that stiff fabric-y stuff on the outside? I'm really not sure. I've read people shouldn't use waterproofing spray on material like Gortex because it prevents the material's ability to "breathe." Well, my boots never seemed very breathable to start with. Why would they be? So I might as well spray them. But first they need to dry. It has been almost two days since I tried to get them to dry, first by boot dryer--on and off, since I can't keep it on for hours and hours unsupervised, and then setting them out to dry the rest of the time. They are still not completely dry.

I haven't heard back yet from the Postal Service. I don't think I'm supposed to for a while yet.

I bought a new camera, a Canon Rebel. It sort of makes me sick to think of how much I paid, but it's refurbished and thus it was a lot cheaper. I'm not even sure why I bought it. I'm not much of a photographer and I don't exactly plan on becoming one. I just want to take good pictures of places I go. Though I have always wanted a nice camera for that reason, and I figured I might as well buy it now because I may not be able to afford such luxuries in the near future.

Also, I was supposed to get two packages in the mail from YesStyle. I only got one. Both tracking numbers say the packages were delivered at the same time. My mom texted me about a half an hour after they arrived to say she got one of the packages out of the mailbox. So either there was some really weird mistake, or someone swiped the package in the thirty minutes between when it was delivered and when my mom went out to the mailbox. But what I don't get is why the other package wasn't taken, if indeed the first one was stolen. They were in the same mailbox, weren't they?

I went ahead and emailed YesStyle and have yet to hear back. I have a feeling one of two things might happen: I won't hear back from YesStyle and I'll have to keep bugging them until I do, or they will tell me too bad so sad because the tracking number said it was delivered and it's not their problem. YesStyle has backwards business practices IMO, and people have reported getting into fights with them over shipping problems. My hope is they will give me store credit (since they don't give refunds, another very backwards policy), and I'll just order the items again. If they give me the "too bad so sad" BS, I'll get ahold of Capital One.

If this gets ugly, I'll never buy from them again. It's a shame because they have really cute stuff and so far the quality has been well enough that I keep coming back.
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I want to buy so much stuff from YesStyle, and I have already, but I haven’t bought clothes from them because 1) I don’t like to buy clothes online because I can’t try them on. They might look great on the models but there’s that thing about body type and listed measurements can be off. 2) I’ve heard the quality of the clothes is hit-and-miss. Some reviewers even claim getting a product totally different than what is seen in the pics.

Also, their return policy is a trap and their “sales” are a total lie.

But there just aren’t any American or other Western retailers who sell clothes or products like they do at YesStyle. I can surf high-end retailer websites forever and not find a single piece of clothing I like.

Right now I'm trying to finish a short fanfiction I've had sitting around for a long time. I started it without a solid plot in mind, but I was inspired by a prompt, but it was a silly prompt and somehow I started losing interest and I wasn't really enjoying what was coming out. But I also created an OC for it, and I just really like her, even if she's not well developed because it's a short story.

I might be too embarrassed to post it. But I probably will anyway. I don't write enough comedy. I'm probably not very funny anyway. But at least I'm getting somewhere with it.


Jun. 6th, 2015 04:41 pm
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I had to come home for the weekend because I forgot my Social Security card that I apparently needed for a form. But it's kind of nice to come home to a clean house because my bunkhouse leaves a lot to be desired in some spots. It's an old house used to house firefighters usually, so some stuff's not in the best condition. I can stand stuff like that as long as its clean, but one of my roommates isn't exactly the cleanest person. The kitchen sort of grosses me out. I tried to mop the floor and clean off the counters, but with three--and soon to be four--people living there it's hard to keep up on. And no one else does it except me.

Since starting work on Monday, we've only been out in the field two (maybe three?) times. Seems we spend most of the time driving to our locations. I'm excited for our upcoming projects, though. There are a few that seem really interesting and exciting.

Today I went to some antique stores and a book store. Got a couple of books and some vintage postcards. I probably shouldn't be spending money on unnecessary things but I splurged a little anyway. I scored really well on the postcards, though.

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