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I have my office back and it's glorious. I have my new bookshelves up and they are just fantastic. They'd be fuller if I had all my fiction books on them, but I've kept them on the shelves in my bedroom while I put all the nonfiction on the new shelves.

I feel more motivated now that I have my office back. I'm more inclined to study for the GRE and get serious about other things.

Right now I'm writing five postcards for Postcrossing because I wanted to use up my global stamps since they're pictured as Christmas wreaths. I see the USPS finally has the sea temperature global stamp back and I need to buy them before the disappear again. I hate Christmas themed stuff. I also need to buy some 1 cent stamps so I can be up to date with the postcard mailing costs. My postcard stamps will be outdated soon. I only use them for U.S. addresses, and I don't get them nearly as often as international ones for Postcrossing.


Sep. 26th, 2014 09:55 am
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I got an email from a temp agency called Geotemps about an application I sent in but not for any specific job. I remember them. I saw a job posting on the Utah state website about an archaeological field tech in Salt Lake City, but when I followed the link to Geotemps, the posting wasn't there. I signed up on the site anyway, but didn't apply for the other tech position they had because it sort of freaked me out that they required eight miles a day of hiking, and I might have to carry a load weighing up to forty pounds. I am a small person, and have never been particularly strong, but I'm in the process of getting in better shape. I did it for field school, and it worked great, but we weren't carrying large loads or walking long distances. So now I'm getting more serious about it.

I was honest with them about what happened, but didn't say anything about avoiding the other position. However, I asked if I could still apply for it if it was still open for applications. The site says the start day is October 15. The pay isn't great, and I'm sure the per diem isn't, either, but at least they provide lodging (hopefully decent). I'm still sitting on my little financial aid nest egg, too. BUT, I'm not going to be sad if they pass over me. I would rather work for the Bureau of Land Management, but they're only hiring on a needs basis. e_e

Anyway, the other day I sent out some postcards for postcrossing. I need to send another one out today, but the recipient has nothing in their profile except a picture. They're new, so I guess that's why. I have no idea what they would like to have, so I guess they're getting a surprise.
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Postcards sent:
 photo postcross_sent22_zps34338ffe.png  photo postcross_sent21_zpsc52474be.png  photo postcross_sent23_zps7fbe9f2c.png

To Poland, Russia, and Germany. I'm all out of international postage stamps now. I'm going to drop off a package at a postal store (not the U.S. post office, which is further from my house) and maybe see if they sell the stamps there, but I doubt they will.

I've been trying to get my received cards scanned, but I'm currently sharing my office with a baby. ^^; And when the baby is sleeping, I can't scan.

This is one I got recently from Ukraine.

 photo postcross18_zpsc82e686a.png

Just life

Aug. 14th, 2014 12:14 pm
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Volunteer training at the museum has been going well. Pretty much all I've been doing is shadowing tours of the house. One of the docents--I mean, interpreters told me that apparently there's some expectation that eventually carriage house greeters will lead tours, which is not what I was told, but I think what she meant was that many greeters eventually become tour guides.

I've been looking into places to visit when I go to Florida, especially historic homes/mansions. So far there are a few in the area where I'll be, but one in particular costs $20 just to get in. I think it includes a bunch of stuff in the tour or whatever, but I don't feel like paying that price. The place is sometimes used for weddings so I wouldn't be surprised if the interior included a lot of modern furnishings, which I don't want to pay to see.

I was just reminded that I still haven't posted the second half of my trip to Lake Chelan. I shall get to that right now.

In the area of postcrossing, however...

 photo 543D0AAF-488E-4621-969C-7F4CE9549E9D_zps55f32319.jpeg  photo postcross_sent20_zps97a279ec.png

Sent to Lithuania and U.S. respectively. I sent another one to Germany but forgot to scan it. It was a postcard from Craters of the Moon National Monument. A shame because it was a pretty postcard. :( By the way, the house pictured in the postcard to the right is the one I'm volunteering at!
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 photo postcross_sent19_zps0bcc9cc7.png  photo postcross_sent18_zps7a52b2df.png

Sent to Russia and the Netherlands, respectively. Seems I've only been sending out two at a time. It costs $1.15 to send a postcard overseas, and I bought a sheet of 10 international stamps, of which I've already used half. I also bought postcard stamps for cards I send within the U.S., but I don't get that many addresses from the U.S. Despite actually being a fairly cheap hobby, it can add up after a while, so I'm not going crazy sending out postcards as much as I'd like to.

Oh, and our electricity came back on yesterday afternoon before my dad and I got home. Yay!
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 photo postcross_sent16_zpsa97e67f4.png  photo postcross_sent17_zps57f21341.png

Left one sent to Germany, and the right one sent to Taiwan. I was excited to find the one I sent to Germany because I'm trying to get more into field sketching.

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 photo postcross_sent14_zpsb906516b.png  photo postcross_sent15_zpsbd1bda6f.png

Two postcards sent for Postcrossing. The one on the left was sent to China, because they were interested in postcards showing maps of things and I didn't feel like sending one of Washington so that was the next best thing. The one on the right was sent to someone in Minnesota. It's a painting of the old railroad depot (now museum) in Wallace, Idaho. It's already been received.

I have pictures to show from my trip to Stehekin, Washington, but I'm hungry and need to eat. x_x

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