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Postcards sent:
 photo postcross_sent22_zps34338ffe.png  photo postcross_sent21_zpsc52474be.png  photo postcross_sent23_zps7fbe9f2c.png

To Poland, Russia, and Germany. I'm all out of international postage stamps now. I'm going to drop off a package at a postal store (not the U.S. post office, which is further from my house) and maybe see if they sell the stamps there, but I doubt they will.

I've been trying to get my received cards scanned, but I'm currently sharing my office with a baby. ^^; And when the baby is sleeping, I can't scan.

This is one I got recently from Ukraine.

 photo postcross18_zpsc82e686a.png

Just life

Aug. 14th, 2014 12:14 pm
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Volunteer training at the museum has been going well. Pretty much all I've been doing is shadowing tours of the house. One of the docents--I mean, interpreters told me that apparently there's some expectation that eventually carriage house greeters will lead tours, which is not what I was told, but I think what she meant was that many greeters eventually become tour guides.

I've been looking into places to visit when I go to Florida, especially historic homes/mansions. So far there are a few in the area where I'll be, but one in particular costs $20 just to get in. I think it includes a bunch of stuff in the tour or whatever, but I don't feel like paying that price. The place is sometimes used for weddings so I wouldn't be surprised if the interior included a lot of modern furnishings, which I don't want to pay to see.

I was just reminded that I still haven't posted the second half of my trip to Lake Chelan. I shall get to that right now.

In the area of postcrossing, however...

 photo 543D0AAF-488E-4621-969C-7F4CE9549E9D_zps55f32319.jpeg  photo postcross_sent20_zps97a279ec.png

Sent to Lithuania and U.S. respectively. I sent another one to Germany but forgot to scan it. It was a postcard from Craters of the Moon National Monument. A shame because it was a pretty postcard. :( By the way, the house pictured in the postcard to the right is the one I'm volunteering at!
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 photo postcross_sent19_zps0bcc9cc7.png  photo postcross_sent18_zps7a52b2df.png

Sent to Russia and the Netherlands, respectively. Seems I've only been sending out two at a time. It costs $1.15 to send a postcard overseas, and I bought a sheet of 10 international stamps, of which I've already used half. I also bought postcard stamps for cards I send within the U.S., but I don't get that many addresses from the U.S. Despite actually being a fairly cheap hobby, it can add up after a while, so I'm not going crazy sending out postcards as much as I'd like to.

Oh, and our electricity came back on yesterday afternoon before my dad and I got home. Yay!
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 photo postcross_sent16_zpsa97e67f4.png  photo postcross_sent17_zps57f21341.png

Left one sent to Germany, and the right one sent to Taiwan. I was excited to find the one I sent to Germany because I'm trying to get more into field sketching.

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 photo postcross_sent14_zpsb906516b.png  photo postcross_sent15_zpsbd1bda6f.png

Two postcards sent for Postcrossing. The one on the left was sent to China, because they were interested in postcards showing maps of things and I didn't feel like sending one of Washington so that was the next best thing. The one on the right was sent to someone in Minnesota. It's a painting of the old railroad depot (now museum) in Wallace, Idaho. It's already been received.

I have pictures to show from my trip to Stehekin, Washington, but I'm hungry and need to eat. x_x
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Getting back into collecting vintage postcards.

 photo vintage_mthood1_zpsa8de0b71.png  photo vintage_mthood2_zps5db71096.png

 photo vintage_nevada_zpsd9952a5b.png

Some people like to collect certain themes, and I never really had a theme other than maybe landscapes, but I think I'd like to aim for western themes.

I keep thinking about needing to study for the GRE, and I keep telling myself that I need to take a long break from studying for anything.

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