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Because of [community profile] onedeadplotbunny . As of 2/4/2017.

Plot Bunny List:

  1. The Long Dark (Et Cetera fanfiction) COMPLETE
  2. "Eden" (working title) Et Cetera fanfiction. COMPLETE
  3. Gold Tone Memory - "Keysong" prequel about how Elwood found Chiss. Two and a half chapters written.
  4. "Key song" (working title). First chapter written.
  5. For table prompt "Prayer" -> Chiss takes care of sick Elwood ("Keysong") COMPLETE
  6. Short story about when Elwood and Ezra met Felsic.
  7. Et Cetera: Get stuck in a haunted house and must escape a vampire.
  8. Deja Vu rewrite
  9. From the Lake Mirror rewrite
  10. Et Cetera fic focused on Benkate's origins. One chapter written. Abandoned
  11. "Train to Oblivion" (working title) Four-fandom western crossover. Almost two chapters written.
  12. How Elwood and Windlon first met.
  13. Long Dark sequel....maaaaaybe.
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Words in bold are prompts I've done but not posted anywhere.

1/15/2017: Prayers
1/16/2017: Whispered
1/16/2017: Free

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Finally finished this one. Approximately 1,200 words. Critique welcome.


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I started an original short story a while back involving some of my own characters, but I started it without any clue on how to end it! So I've been sitting on it since. I'm determined to finish it but I'm still at a loss. Add to it my weak desire to write (writer's block?) and nothing gets done. I think what I need to do is read because I haven't been reading much fiction, just mostly nonfiction, if I read at all.

I really, really want to finish it because the characters are ones I've wanted to use in an story I've been trying to get started, and they are all recycled fanfiction characters so in a lot of ways they're already developed. But I've developed them a lot more, and I've had to because their fanfictional backgrounds can't transfer.
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Made a little headway on my characters for "Key Song" and was able to develop a few of them that were sort of blank for a while. The only one I'm really hung up about is the antagonist. Like, I don't want to create a cliched antagonist. And I sort don't want him to be a villain, either.

Oh, and I finally know where the start the story, aside from the prologue, which I'm not sure I will include to begin with but I love prologues.

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