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Oh my gosh, I still can't add a chapter to my fic on AO3! I don't see anyone else complaining on other social media sites. Is it just me? I probably won't hear from them until tomorrow. *impatient*

I'm debating with myself about how much music I should buy and what artist. I was looking at my iTunes wishlist, but knowing Amazon sometimes has mp3's for cheaper, I checked them, too. One I really want to get is Lecrae's Anomaly. I never thought I'd be into rap, let alone Christian rap, but this guy blows my mind. You don't hear songs like Dirty Water from Christian musicians. My mouth hung open while listening to the lyrics. I'm pretty sure there are references to the Flint water crisis in there.

Another album I was eyeing is Susan Aglukark's Blood Red Earth. I only have two albums by her, and to be completely honest I'm not super crazy about her music, but I did like the other two CDs I have of hers. I've been following her Twitter and really enjoy her posts about indigenous rights in Canada. It was through her Twitter that I discovered William Prince and I was sold on him after hearing You Got Me. He's a wonderful lyricist.

I've also had Kerrianne Cox's Return To Country on my wishlist. I have her other two albums and would like to have the last one.

Then there's Broken's Walls' The Father's Dance. I have just one of their albums, mainly because I wasn't totally sold on their sound, but I've been following their Facebook for a few years and kinda grew attached. I should buy more of their stuff.

It's funny, for a Christian I really don't listen to a whole lot of Christian music, mostly because so much of it sounds generic and it just doesn't interest me. That's probably why I was drawn to Lecrae and developed an interest in Broken Walls. I tried Third Day's Move a while back and totally loved it, except when I listened to their other albums I hat. I don't know why that one album turned out so different from all the others. Did someone else write the music?

I need to be at work tomorrow by 6am. Actually, we have to be rolling out of the parking lot by 6am. We have to drive something like three hours north for work-related reasons, and then drive back later. This means I need to be up a little after 4am. Which means I need to be in bed about 8pm, in about an hour, but I took a nap this afternoon so I have no idea if I'll be able to get to sleep at a reasonable time. And I hope whoever's in the shower right now will be done soon because I need to shower and start getting ready for bed. My roommate has a few friends over from out of town for a couple of days, so I don't know who's in there. One of the friends is a guy. OUR FEMALE SANCTUARY HAS BEEN VIOLATED.
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I really should be going to bed right now. But I'm listening to music.

I don't know where my mind has been. I haven't really been listening to much music and I'm rediscovering some of my favorite artists or albums I haven't heard in a long time.

It's like I forgot how to breathe.
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I'm currently in the process of listing CDs on (does anyone even still use that site besides college students?) and making sure I rip the CDs to my computer that for some reason I don't have the mp3 versions of. I'll need to backup my computer again once I'm done. That's what scares me about digital music, losing it all somehow, which was why I liked having CDs so much. Most of what I have I can always buy again if I lose it, and the digital versions are widely available. I'm keeping all those artists who have been really important and influential to me, and those whose CDs I actually had to hunt down or miraculously showed up on eBay or Amazon.

Speaking of selling stuff, I have yet to get feedback for a lot of things I recently sold. I think I've sold around six things, and I've only gotten feedback for one. I emailed one buyer, acting as though I wanted to make sure they got their package, and then asked if they could leave me feedback. I never heard back. I've never had this much trouble with people not leaving feedback on eBay, and I've been on there since 2004. However, I've sometimes forgotten to leave feedback in the past and didn't do it until much later.

If anyone cares, here's my shop. Once I start work again, however, I'm going to suspend my listings because I won't be at home to ship stuff off in case something sells.

All other CDs that had too many scratches (but still play) or aren't worth trying to sell I'm going to donate to the local library.

I would've tried to list these things on Amazon but apparently Amazon doesn't let just anyone sell third-party anymore. Years ago I sold two things, and someone left me a neutral feedback which hurt my feedback score and made me look bad.

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I've listened to Deep Forest for years. I don't have all their albums, though. This album somehow has become one of my favorites.

I'm a huge world music fan, in case I never mentioned it before. I've been collecting music from around the world since I was a kid. It's one of my few windows to the rest of the world because I've never been able to travel abroad. It gets me interested in whatever country or culture the music is from, and I start to research it, and thus I learn more about the world through music. Now I have a pretty decent collection, both CDs and digital, but I prefer CDs because I just really like having the music on a physical disc (plus I love having liner notes, especially if they're in English or have an English translation of the lyrics).

I've been on Youtube for a few hours. I was looking up videos of Namgar since I love her voice so much and kept going through the Up Next list and finding all sorts of great stuff. Heh.

Nothing like good music to get me out this bad mood.

Union Maid

Feb. 3rd, 2017 01:53 pm
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It says "Lovely World" in the link title, but it's actually Logo Te Pate (although Lovely World is a great song, too). If I let myself, I'd buy every single one of Te Vaka's albums, I Iove them so much.

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