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I got a message about two weeks ago about a job I had applied for back when I was on unemployment last January, but I was at work when I got it, and I forgot to call them back to let them know I wasn't interested anymore. I figured, meh, why bother? But really I should've called them back, because I would still like to be considered for future openings. I'm afraid I might've made a bad impression by not calling back. It's an applicant pool, andI don't know if/when my application expires. My other application for the same place--but different position--still says "forwarded to hiring official for consideration," so I guess that means I can still be considered.

I'm going to need a job for the fall and there's really not a whole lot out there that doesn't make me queasy (customer service). Seasonal work for the holidays might not jive well with my school schedule if I get into grad school. If I'm in school again, archaeology is out of the question.

Right now I'm trying to update my resume, both on paper and on various job search websites.
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I haven't been on here much due to being gone and also because I've had a total lack of interest in the internet, among other things.

I'm here to announce that I accepted a job offer for the position I interviewed for. It's on a forest in Idaho. I was so beside myself that I had to take 24 hours to think about it, even though my first instinct was to say yes.

This is all totally unexpected. My life is changing very quickly. My only complaint is now I have to wait another month and a half before I start, as opposed to two weeks had I gone back to my old forest. But this gives me time to find a place to live. If I go back to college this fall, that shortens my work season even more, complicating the matter of housing. This forest doesn't have housing for me*, but the town I'll be living in is much bigger than Summer Town, and there appears to be a lot of places to rent. There's a college with what looks like a satellite campus, so I'm sure they get students renting a lot. The issue will be finding someone willing to rent to me short-term. I have faith and hope something will work out.

My crew will be tiny. I was shocked to find out it'll only be me, the forest archaeologist, and the assistant forest archaeologist. Though my crew usually consisted of three to four people, that didn't include the forest archaeologist or the AFA, and at one time there was another crew of four people and a zone archaeologist in the other town, with a grand total of ten people in the Heritage Program for our forest. I will be the only woman this time, which makes me sad because I liked working with young women close to my age. We could hang out on weekends and such.

Apparently Jordan is coming back. I don't know if I mentioned him here or if I used a codename, I don't remember. He was hired at the same time I was when we first started. He wanted to get a GS-7 because he needed to earn more money, and he wanted to get with a forest or park closer to home. I guess neither happened for him, so he decided not to return to Summer Town, but then he changed his mind and was placed in the Other Town. He miraculously found an apartment. This is a town that has barely over a thousand people. I hope he's able to move up someday because he'd make a really good GS-7. Maybe he'll get along with the new crew chief (who's also a guy) and they can have some fun dudebro times together.

Also, another good thing that happened: I happened to find my supervisor and the assistant forest archaeologist at the conference, and also one of my old coworkers, as well as an archaeologist for another forest. We all went out to lunch together. I discussed the job offer with my (old) supervisor and the AFA and they were encouraging. That evening I called to accept the offer.

I'm still beside myself. Like I can't believe I made it to a GS-7 when so many of my applications got rejected. They must've had hundreds of applicants. Why did they choose me?

My only major worry is the fact that I'll apparently be doing some backpacking, something I've never done before. o_o I don't have the equipment yet, and I'm cringing at the costs. Maybe I can wait until I start getting paid again before buying a lot. I'll be looking at backpacks, though. They don't have an REI where I'll be going.

*I found out from a coworker of mine that lower pay grades are given higher priority for housing, since, you know, it's hard to afford a place to live when you aren't being paid very much.
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The interview came sooner than I expected because the people doing it are in a time zone one hour ahead of mine. They were apologetic, but I said it was fine if we started at 9. They liked that I was flexible. :)

I'm not sure how I did. I don't think I did awesome, but not terrible, either. They asked some unexpected questions, and they did ask if I had any experience with backcountry camping. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU. I had to say no, and that the closest I ever did was some car camping for the Passport in Time project. I expressed interest and desire to do more primitive camping, but I have a feeling they're looking for someone with experience.

Personally, I don't think I got the job. They said they'd have a decision made in about another week. This forest sounds really cool, though. I would try again for a GS-7 if one opened up there again, or even a GS-5, crazy as that sounds.

In other news, I got my letter in the mail from OWCP. It said I'm not providing sufficient evidence that my injury is work-related, and I really can't blame them for coming to that conclusion, because I legit can't remember how in the heck I hurt my hand. I only know I first noticed it during work hours. There is nothing else I do during my off-hours that could bother my hand like this. Someone told me I should say I fell on it because it only seemed logical that I fell on it, because I fell quite often last season, and I could've put my hand out to stop my fall. But then my claim examiner would ask why I never mentioned it on the report I filed. And really, I'm hopelessly honest. When you were raised to believe telling even the smallest lie was a sin, and punished any time you told a lie, it becomes very difficult for me to tell one and not make it obvious or confess later.

So now I have to answer a bunch of questions to send back to the claims office, and also have my doctor write a report. I recall her mentioning a while back that I should be getting a letter that would prompt her something, I can't remember, but it kind of went in one ear and out the other and I forgot all about it. I think this letter I just got is what she meant.

I'm just going to be up front with them when I send my answers in. If they decide to deny my claim, then so be it. I can't blame them. They're only doing their jobs, and I don't feel like they're trying to prevent me from getting care I'm entitled to. At least my injury is getting better--well, I did hurt it last week when I was slicing cheese and all. But it's about 95% better compared to when it first started.

And another

Apr. 5th, 2017 01:07 pm
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I got a call yesterday about another interview, but it was for a GS-6 in Colorado. For one, I didn't think it was worth it for the distance, and it's getting pretty close to when I'll be starting work again. I wouldn't want my supervisor scrambling to replace me if I got hired on somewhere else. Of course, I'm being hypocritical because I'm still interviewing for that GS-7 tomorrow, but it's a 7 and in a place closer to home. I don't know, maybe I should've interviewed anyway for the heck of it. The lady on the phone said she liked my resume, but she understood time's running short for me.

Right now I'm trying to brush up on basic interview questions. I always anticipate those annoying conflict questions, of which I have very few examples and they're kind of weak. I'm super non-confrontational and rarely have serious conflicts with coworkers.
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Two pieces of good news.

First, I finally heard back from my claims examiner. Now we can get the ball rolling on making my case active again.

Second, I have a phone interview Thursday morning for a GS-7 archaeological technician. I'm actually pretty darn surprised about this. Though I don't think I'll get the job, I'm amazed I was selected for an interview. I filled out twelve applications for either GS-7's or GS-6's. Four were referred, one just says "reviewed," and the other is still in "received" status because it's for the BLM's applicant pool. All the others were rejected for different reasons (not qualified, not among the best qualified, not enough experience/education, etc.)

I just want to do decently. Interviews have always been a huge weakness for me, even when I practice. I've learned about how to do well in interviews through both my university's career center and Worksource. But I'll still blank on my answers sometimes, repeat myself, or my answer will come out weaker than I intended. I also have this annoying habit of being too honest, making me give more detail than necessary or slipping details that actually hurt my answers. I'm not feeling too confident about this since I don't feel I have the experience to be competitive, but I just don't want to look foolish.
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I just got a call from a large environmental company about an application I put in for an archaeological field tech. The lady on the phone needed to ask me some questions before forwarding my application to the hiring office. She wanted to know my availability, to which I responded I would begin work again with the Forest Service in May, so I would be available from today until then. She also asked if I had experience with shovel test probes, to which I replied yes, but I didn't say I didn't have much experience with it. We've done shovel tests at work, but we're usually pretty slow about it, and we don't do them often. I'll need to put shovel tests on my resume, since I didn't think to do it before.

But when she asked me what my preferred wages were, I hesitated because I've always felt weird about doing that. I gave her a range, and then she asked me what I was paid at my last job, and with that knowledge she said they would pay me as close to that as possible. I'm new to this whole field, so I didn't know how all that works, and this is a private company and I didn't know what they were willing to pay. I hope that if they do take me on, I can be paid about the same as with the Forest Service. I guess I'm underrating myself.

It would be cool if I got a short term job before I started work again. It's in my state, too, though in an area I haven't done any field work.

Best part is they provide lodging and per diem.
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I haven't been spending much time on here due to reasons.

Finally, finally got ahold of that professor I'd been trying to reach since last month. But I had to call the main office to get on his schedule. He's been doing something like three different jobs at the university, so he's crazy busy.

I sent an email on Sunday to the person who had asked me a few weeks ago if I was still interested in a GS-07 in Nevada. I asked if they had selected their candidate yet, and he replied today saying they were still deliberating, but he would look at my application again. I haven't done this for the people in New Mexico since it's been so long and I figured they had already hired, but I really should ask, if only for closure.

Family crap )
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Right now I'm visiting my sister. I still have some replies to make to comments, and comment on entries.

My coworkers and I have been getting emails from my supervisor about the upcoming season. It appears she's already hired a crew chief to replace the one that left last season, and it sounds like it'll be a guy. I saw all the emails my supervisor copied to her last email, and it looks like Jordan, the guy who was hired along with me and acting assistant crew chief, won't be coming back because his email was absent. He'd said that if he didn't get the crew chief position here, or got it in another forest or park, then he wouldn't come back because he wasn't making enough money. I hope he was able to get on with another forest closer to home, because that was his goal.

My supervisor also sent an interesting email to everyone saying she was getting calls for reference (though she didn't mention for who), and also mentioned that if anyone accepted a position in the Southwest, then she needs to know ASAP so she can hire for our positions. A while back I had told her about the New Mexico job, so besides me, I'm not sure who else would've applied for a job in the Southwest except maybe one person, but I don't know if she knew about the openings. So for some reason I felt the Southwest comment was directed at me.

I need to know soon if I'm getting a new job because I have to start calling around about apartments. I may to have email people to get closure.

The interview went okay, I think. I believe I flubbed up on a few questions, and I completely blanked on an answer I had been practicing, but overall I did an okay job. I got a tour of the office and liked what I saw. The only major issue I have is the variable schedule, which may mess with my therapy appointments, and I won't be able to go to my writer's group anymore--or at least not for a very long time, but I already knew this when I applied.

They said they had a few other interviews to do, and that I should know by the end of the week what their decision is.
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Went to my writers group today and had a pretty good time. The leader of the group really knows how to make everyone feel welcome and included. She always makes me feel like I matter, and lately that's been important to me. I'll need to take a piece of writing next time for critique.

I was feeling pretty down a little while ago about my job situation, but then I got an email about a temporary mail room job I had applied for. They wanted to know if I was still interested, and I said yes. They want to interview me tomorrow, though my family had planned on leaving tomorrow for Seattle. If all goes well, we could still leave tomorrow. My interview is in the morning, in a building not far from where I live, so that's good.

Then, in the same hour, I got another email asking if I was still interested in a GS-07 position in Nevada. I replied immediately and said yes. I actually wouldn't mind a bit working in Nevada, though my supervisor warned me a while back that Nevada isn't very "woman friendly." She said the same about Utah.
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Two things I wish about myself:

1) A greater willingness to travel, alone and for work.

2) Being better at digging holes quickly.

I feel like these two things would make me more confident in my job hunt. I am horrible at digging holes, and I've heard many cultural resource management firms need to dig a lot of holes in a certain time frame. I was terrible at it at field school, and I was pretty bad about it last season. My crew chief, who is younger than me, but more experienced, can do a shovel test in record time. That's because she's had to learn to dig quickly. She told me there were times when she worked with crews where they had to meet a quota, so she had to make herself work faster. She has unbelievable stamina as it is. You wouldn't think so just by looking at her.

I've never been on a car trip alone where I've had to travel for more than one day. I've flown alone, and I've driven many times the whole 75 miles to the town where I work in the summer. I don't think I'd mind traveling in the summer, but it freaks me out to travel in the winter. Our winter this year has been pretty nasty.

Anyway. I hadn't really been applying for archaeology jobs because I was trying to apply only for those jobs that would be in the Northwest. But I decided I wanted to throw my line out farther. I went to the American Cultural Resources Association website because I know they have a list of companies, and I can sort them by state or several states. I just try to find the ones that mention they hire temporary field techs. I don't like contacting those that say nothing about employment. So I went around looking for companies in Western states that have also done work in the PNW or close to it. I don't think I'll run out of options for a while.


Jan. 30th, 2017 08:44 am
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OMG, I heard back about the GS-07 I changed my mind about. I guess it wasn't too late! I made sure to email back my thanks and answered the questions about my top 3 locations, etc. I said I would be available to start as soon as possible.

I feel like I've cleared my conscience. Now I know that if I don't get the position, it won't be my fault.

Here's hoping for some change in my future.
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I told myself I would only apply for jobs that I would actually take if offered. This week I feel sort of like I'm running out of options.

I've been trying to avoid retail as much as possible, because frankly I hate working with people. Some of my worst job memories are in retail. I hate the public. The only time I didn't loath working with the public was when I volunteered at the museum. That might've had something to do with the environment. People were usually quiet and didn't talk to me much, because they were too busy looking at displays and panels. Plus I loved where I was at. It felt like such a privilege. I didn't need to go through a tricky interview to stand in a beautiful, historic home, and tell people about the history. It was so much better than any paid job I ever had.

Maybe I'll do a Work Source activity this week or something.

Oh come on

Jan. 24th, 2017 01:51 pm
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See, the thing about websites like Indeed is although they say you can "easily apply" with your Indeed resume, you will still get an email saying you need to complete the employer's actual application to be considered, and thus you must follow the link. I mean, come on. How are us lazy unemployed applicants supposed to fulfill the requirement of three jobs a week when they make it so long and difficult? /SARCASM.

But I was ready for this one. I figured from now on I should go to the actual employer's website to apply instead of going through Indeed. But I did the "easy" Indeed application because it had the option for a cover letter and I wasn't sure the other website would've had that option. It's kind of important to me when my resume might make them scratch their heads a little.

I found out the now-implemented federal hiring freeze will not likely affect seasonal employees, because other hiring freezes didn't, and usually freezes are only aimed at permanent positions. Also, my supervisor mentioned that due to budget concerns we might not have as many new people working with us this year as we had hoped.

What I found out from another source is that agencies will apparently not be allowed to contract work out if they need help. Nice. We have a massive timber project we need to survey and my supervisor was talking about getting a nearby tribe to help us out, if only a little. I suppose there are other avenues if we need to find help.

Knowing the freeze won't hurt seasonal jobs is good news to me, though. I would like to keep applying for GS-07s whenever I find them. And I'm still hoping I'll hear back from that other job I applied for.

Uh oh

Jan. 18th, 2017 02:10 pm
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I got an email this morning asking if I was still interested in a GS-7 position for locations in New Mexico and Arizona. I kind of freaked out. When I first applied, I did it mostly just to see what would happen, to see if I would be deemed qualified. I didn't think I'd ever hear from them. Now I'm sitting here with an internal, agonizing debate on how I should respond. Though it isn't an offer--and I don't know what the chances would be, I want to be ready in case they come back with one. I'd hate to say I'm interested and then decline. The only other GS-7 application I have out is for locations in Idaho, which I would most likely take if offered a job there, but that application closed just last week. This position in NM and AZ closed back in November. It's taken them this long to get this far in the process.

I want to say there will be more opportunities, but with the upcoming federal hiring freeze (which won't be stopped, I have no doubt), I may not see a position open up for a long, long time.

I just emailed my supervisor to ask her opinion, especially on what it's like down there if she's had experience there. I don't know if they're crappy forests or what.

What holds me back is the idea of not only having to travel so far, but also being so far away from my family. I don't know how some people do it, and I don't know if I could handle it. I spent nine months on the Oregon coast and saw my family once in a great while because they were eight hours away by car. That was probably one of the hardest things I ever did. I grew and learned a lot, but it was also terrible for me emotionally because I didn't have a strong social support network. My family cares about me more than anyone ever will. Making friends has become exceedingly difficult for me over the years.

Also there's the problem of my health insurance not being applicable there. I see my therapist twice a month and I have medications I take for my skin that I need refilled every so often.

Really, though, I'm leaning toward telling them I'm not interested. I just feel like the cons outweigh the pros.
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I wanted to do so much more today but I ended up running around town, taking a nap because of a headache, and taking something like three hours to write a cover letter and fill out an application. The application beat that one I sent in to Petsmart. There was something like forty questions and half of them were short answer types about my experience in various things. I made sure to copy and paste it all into a separate document because there's another job on the same website I want to apply for and it's most likely to have the same questions. Like heck I'm gonna retype all that.

My sister is supposed to be here either tomorrow or Thursday, I'm not sure. I might not have much time to update here.
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Employer: We want a cover letter and resume.
Me: *gives cover letter and resume*

Employer: Now fill out this application.
Me: *starts application*

Employer: Now repeat everything on the really long application that you already gave us through your carefully crafted resume and cover letter.
Me: *burns down their house*

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Why are cover letters so dreadful? Especially the ones where you're trying to showcase transferable skills for a job you've never done before. I can cook up a decent cover letter but the interview will be another story. I write much better than I speak. :(

I hope no one here ever has to do unemployment, if you haven't done it before already. Before my upcoming work season is over, I'll be applying for jobs early. I really don't want to do this again. Nice as it is to get paid weekly.

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For the first time ever on USA Jobs one of my applications says "Reviewed." It means someone looked at it but no clear decisions have been made about it. However, I did get an email saying I didn't meet the qualifications for the GS-07. No word about GS-05. But this application was so weird, like, it said GS-05/07. I really don't know what it means when they combine the two. Are they looking for a combination of both? Some parts of the application confused me, and the email didn't help much. So I'm not sure if they're still deciding on something or if I won't ever hear from them again.

Even so, I don't want to be a 5 somewhere else. I was in it for the 7.

I applied for another 7 today for places in Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. I'm curious to know if that one will go through since my last one got rejected. I didn't read the little blurb under the "Not Referred" status, and it basically said I wasn't qualified. ??????? But the application I put in for the same exact job in places in New Mexico said I was among the "best qualified"??????? I don't know if someone made a mistake or if maybe I answered too confidently on some of the questions and they thought I was lying or something. It just felt like a slap in the face. I guess they're looking for people with more experience and skills, I don't know.

Today was the unemployment orientation. I came back feeling lower than ever, mostly because I realized I made a few mistakes during this process. I have to attend workshops on things I already know how to do. But I figured maybe I could learn something new or brush up on some things. Aside from archaeology, which my chances with are slim during this time of year, if not completely nonexistent, and I can't travel, either, my only other option is retail. I have been applying to retail jobs, but I was hoping to do something different, but I don't have experience anywhere else--well, besides the library, but they don't like hiring short term. Actually, it seems like a lot of places don't like doing that. So retail becomes my only option.


Dec. 28th, 2016 11:58 am
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Uuuuugh, I have an interview tomorrow. :( I should be happy but it's a job I'm not sure I really want. It pays okay at least. But I feel weird like I don't want this job on my resume. Maybe I'll just use this as an opportunity to practice interviewing since I haven't in so long. And it better be an actual interview, strange as it seems that I'd want it to be. I'm tired of interviews that aren't interviews because how am I supposed to get any practice otherwise? Maybe if I think of it as like practice then I'll do better.

I just have to review the job description again and the company information because according to Glass Door it looks like people get asked what they know about the company. I have to prepare for interviews because if I don't then I'm like a deer in headlights and my mind goes blank.

In the meantime I'm trying to tailor my resume so I can turn in an application to Trader Joe's. I'd apply to another natural food store in town but it's all the way across town and I'd have to go there to actually get an application. Uuuuuuugh. /lazy
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I’m never applying at PetsMart again OMG. That was the longest, most annoying application I’ve ever filled out and I’ve held more than six jobs since I was 16 and I’ve applied to multiple jobs at government agencies. All for a job that basically requires that I scan peoples’ bags of dog food. Not worth it.

It’s mostly those obnoxious personality tests they make you fill out.

But I had to fulfill my obligations to Unemployment and get one more application in for the week.

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