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Apr. 18th, 2015 09:00 pm
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I didn't get to do any covert studying while volunteering today, because today was a free admission day at the museum and we had a constant stream of people coming into the house. I rarely had a chance to sit, so I pretty much stood for almost four hours. I think we may have had close to 500 or more people go through the house today, which is bigger than any one of the days we had back in the holidays.

This was my last time in the house, unless there comes a time when I can volunteer again. I'm going to miss it. I've begun to use the house as a model for the home of my characters in the original story I'm planning.

It was hot upstairs at first, but then someone opened the doors in the master bedroom that lead to the porches. It allowed a nice flow of cooler air into the upstairs, but at the end of the day I got to actually go into the master bedroom, which is normally roped off, and close the doors. What a great house it must've been to live in. I keep imaging my characters living there. :P

During my study session, I had to work on 20 math problems. I can customize the practice session to include subjects and level of difficulty and somewhat, and the study schedule I printed out wants me to set the difficulty to "adaptive," which means the difficulty of the questions will adjust themselves depending on whether I get them correct or not. But I keep getting medium difficulty, and I'm still having a hard time answering them, if at all. So I went back and set them to easy, and oh my gosh I could actually answer them now. My confidence took a little boost, when before it was way down. I hope the actual test will determine quickly that I need easier questions. I just want to get an average score. I've always scored below average in math on standardized tests.
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I'm doing horribly on Magoosh's practice math questions. I get most of them wrong, but then they're "hard" and "medium" difficulty questions and I pretty much need the easy ones. I found some "medium" questions to be more on the level of "easy", but that's just me. Some of them I couldn't even begin to reason through. I think it's a joke when people say GRE math is only math we learned up to the 9th grade, when they really mean the skills are up to 9th grade level. The questions you would never see in a 9th grade math class because probably all the 9th graders would flunk them, too. I think we're never taught to really think in math classes, but instead we're spoon-fed everything and never given anything we actually have to reason through on our own using the skills we learned.

But I'm not going to worry anymore. I will learn and review what I can, and if I end up sucking on the quant, it's because I never had the aptitude for math, and it's not Magoosh's fault because their videos are actually pretty darn good and I understand them. My problem is applying what I learned to GRE-styled questions.

*sigh* I have to volunteer tomorrow at the museum. I hate to whine about it because I signed up to fill an open position, and then I agreed to take on an extra two hours, and it'll be the last day I'm in the house since I'm done on May 2, but I hadn't anticipated I'd be taking the GRE on May 15. I just pray they don't put me in the basement--or the den, as it's called--like last time because I got so bored. I want to be upstairs near the bedrooms, even though it gets hot up there (no air conditioning). If I take a water, I'm good.

So for tomorrow that takes away five hours--four hours in the house, and an hour total for commute. I can do a little studying in the morning, and do some flash cards during lulls in the house. Then afterwards I can study for the rest of the evening. Today I watched some videos and did some flash cards during my niece's naps, so that helped, but I still ended up studying from 5-6ish until 10pm. Buuuuuut I did want to take the GRE before I left for my job, so... I only have myself to blame. :P

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I used to think the math portion of the GRE was going to be scary. Now I think it's the essays that will kill me.

I've been told most of my life that I'm a "good writer". I just figure I'm capable of writing a coherent sentence. So I've never really been afraid of having to write something. It just takes a lot of time, planning, and thinking to know what I need to say and how I want to say it, and that it makes sense.

But the GRE... Only 30 minutes to write a response to a prompt? Really, you're not going to get a quality response out of me. Here is another example where I fear I am not "fast enough," and it seems that's what the world wants out of everybody.

Buuuuut I'm going to practice anyway. So tonight I wrote my first practice essay, only I decided to take my time with it--but not too much time--and not time myself. Eventually I will time myself, but I wanted to see how I would do. Being that there's no one around to grade my response, I can only feel that I did okay. What's funny is that I drew a blank for a long time, almost as if I had test anxiety without actually taking a test.

Oh, and apparently I didn't get hired on with Hobby Lobby. I finally called them today, but I got a different manager than before. When I asked if they had hired their seasonal workers already, he said yes, but that they liked to keep a list of "extras" on hand in case someone doesn't work out. He recommended that I call the manager tomorrow to see if I'm one of those people.

Then later I applied at Barnes and Noble College, which I found out is when B&N literally becomes the bookstore for a college or university. Turns out this particular store is at the university just up the street from where I live! But I'm keeping my expectations low as it wouldn't surprise me if they had preference for students applying for the same job.

Well, I can't say I haven't been able to get a job since I had two offers that I declined, the first one foolishly, the second one for good reason. The next offer I get, I'm taking it. I don't care if it's retail.

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