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Wow wow wow, I haven't posted in a long time.

Last weekend I moved back home and yesterday I started school. I had to unpack as much as I could before classes, so I was super busy.

A lot has changed in the anthropology department since I was there last. I knew there had been changes, but I didn't know the extent. A lot of teachers have retired, mostly in the geography department (we are actually considered a single department, though). I don't know any of the students, except one guy I graduated with is lurking around somewhere because he's finishing up his Master's thesis. Classrooms have changed with new desks and whatnot, and others have been cleaned out from all the junk that had been stored in them for years.  Although the school is slowly rebuilding/remodeling the buildings on campus, I doubt the anthropology-geography building will be done any time soon, so I think they're trying to do what they can to make improvements. It looks pretty nice, in my opinion.

I don't have much homework yet, which I'm glad for because I want an easy weekend. ^^; I am really not excited about homework again.


Sep. 8th, 2017 08:27 pm
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I have been chosen for the assistantship.

So I cancelled the data specialist interview and withdrew my application for the custodial job. Sure, the stipend is a pittance compared to what I'm getting now, but a tuition waiver more than makes up for it.
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I just went to move my laundry from the washer to the dryer and my clothes were all tangled up around the agitator! >:( Turns out it was either a bra or pair of underwear. The underwear somehow got wrapped around the agitator. Took forever to untangle everything! I've rarely had an issue like this, and it's sort of the reason I wanted to try out those mesh laundry bags I got on YesStyle. But the bags are way too small to put much in them, so I just put some socks and a few underwear in each. Now I'm going on Amazon to buy bigger ones. My work pants and work shirts were in that load and if any of them are damaged beyond repair, I'd hate to fork over the money to buy more. They're not cheap. :(

I called the department chair earlier today and left a message, but I doubt I'll hear from him. He's extremely difficult to get ahold of. I'll have to keep calling and emailing. Maybe he's has Fridays off?

One "course" is called Thesis and it's one of the requirements for obvious reasons, but there's not really a way to sign up for it. I wonder if it requires some kind of approval by the instructor.

What's bothering me right now are the GIS classes. I thought I heard that these were supposed to be "graduate level" GIS classes, but their titles and descriptions are exactly the same as the introductory courses. I do not want to retake classes I've already had. That's a total waste of money. I know I won't have to take Geomorphology or go to a field school again, so maybe I can get out of the GIS stuff. That'd be awesome because that would knock out 10 credits from the required 45 I need to do.

I've tried registering for one course but it won't let me because of a "prerequisite and test score error." I have no idea what classes have prereqs because the program's not even in the university catalog yet.
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I found out today from my mom that I did get an acceptance letter. It was dated July 14 and has been sitting on my dad's desk. My dad is out of town visiting his father. I'm not sure exactly when the letter arrived, but I at least found out not long after. I called the admissions office today and they said I am ready to register for classes. I see some of them already have some people signed up, so I can't wait until the last minute.

SO, the plan for the weekend:

1) Friday, call department chair to talk about some of the classes I'll have to take. There's one I have a question about. Besides, he seems to be the only one who knows about the whole program, since he's the one who pushed for it. I don't think my advisor is available right now because he said he had some kind of TV show thing he had to work on this summer. It's going to be a new show about bringing old wartime airplanes up from the ocean. I'm not sure what channel it will be on, but it sounds like a History Channel thing. He'll be one of the experts they talk to.

2) Complete the FAFSA. I was very blessed to get grants during my undergrad. I won't be so fortunate this time. But I'm hoping I might score something besides loans, like work study or an assistantship (as much as the idea of being a TA makes me want to puke). I absolutely do not want to go into debt, and much of that depends on whether or not I get a job this winter. If I can't move away from my parents, I can at least prevent myself from drawing money out of my savings. If I can leave my savings untouched, I'll be able to pay for most of my degree, if not all of it.

2a) To complete my FAFSA I need my dad's help, because I need him to go into my files at home and get my tax return papers. I'm stuck on that part because I don't know these things off the top of my head. Unless I can get the info through TaxAct, which is usually how I file my taxes, without paying, then I might try them

In other news, I got my stuff from YesStyle, finally. Only two items disappointed me. The wall suction hooks don't work that well, though that's what I would expect for only three dollars. One of them has a weird shape and will only half-stick to the mirror I tested it on. The other one seems fine. When I took them out of the the package, their cups were stuck to the cardboard backing and took some of it off. Doesn't help them stick to anything.

The sun protectant sleeves are also a disappointment. They don't fit my upper arms very well because the band is almost too tight. I might still be able to wear them, but I'm thinking they're destined for the trash--or a thrift store. Oh well. Again, only three dollars. I'll find a different brand that will fit me, one that actually comes in sizes.

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I just went to go check the status of my graduate application. Last time, it said, "Complete and ready for review." I thought maybe this meant they received all my letters of recommendation to fully complete my application, but I wasn't sure.

But today it had a new line that said, "Decision: Contact Admissions Office". What....?? And at the bottom was a new button that said "Confirm your enrollment." Wait, does this mean I was accepted?

I clicked on the button and it said it saved my decision. Uhhh.....

So I'm not entirely certain what's going on. It sounds like I was accepted, because otherwise I don't think they'd ask me to confirm my enrollment. But I haven't gotten an email or letter or anything else.

Hopefully I'll get an acceptance letter soon. I put my Idaho address down as my current address, whereas my parents' address in WA is my permanent, so maybe I'll get a letter here at the apartment.

I'm actually a little excited about this.


Jun. 12th, 2017 06:15 pm
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Suddenly I started hearing people in the apartment above me. Since I moved in, I haven't heard anything upstairs at all, making me wonder if the unit was empty. Once I thought I heard something, but I never heard anything again. It's summer, so a lot of students aren't here, and some units are empty right now. It pleased me to think it was empty because I am ridiculously sensitive to sound. If there's too much noise at night, I cannot sleep. Yet, strangely, I can have a fan on at night.

They sounded like young men. They were running and yelling and stomping around. It was really loud. I couldn't understand why they would be creating so much noise. Parties aren't allowed in these apartments, and it's Monday evening.

I thought I kept hearing people outside, too, so I went to look out the front living room window, and a bunch of sports-looking guys came down the stairs dressed in sports clothes and carrying duffle bags. Oh my gods. Please no. Are these people our new upstairs neighbors?! But there are only six rooms to a unit, and there were way more than six guys. Maybe the rest are in the unit next to it? That they'd be here might mean they're staying longer than what they can afford at a hotel, if they are in indeed staying here. I hope they have an adult figure to keep them in check (they looked like teenagers/early twenty-somethings to me).

I notified maintenance about a problem I believe might be electrical. I use a fan at night and noticed the airflow would weaken, and then grow strong again. It sort of annoyed me because of how quickly the flow and sound would drop, even keeping me awake (did I mention I was ridiculously sensitive to sound?). I've never seen this happen before, but I thought maybe something was wrong with my fan. I bought a new one, but the same thing happened. It didn't matter which outlet I used. I also noticed my desk lamp would grow brighter and then dim, almost like it was flickering. Everyone I told this story to said I should tell maintenance because it would be a serious issue. I bought a surge protector to be on the safe side.

Maintenance called in an electrician to see about it. Today I came back from work and noticed bits of what looked like dry wall on my floor, against the wall and right by my door. I looked around and couldn't figure out where it could've come from. The best clue is I have is the light switch just above the debris, but it doesn't look like it was removed and replaced.

hen I got an email saying the electrician checked the circuit panel but found nothing wrong. He said it may be normal usage since there are other rooms who use that same panel. Um, then how come I've never had it happen in hotels or even when I was at Bible school in a dorm?? What in the heck would make that happen? I mean, I guess there are a lot of refrigerators and dishwashers in this building, but really? Is it the A/C? Is this normal for apartments? I wouldn't know because this is my first time living in one!

I still don't know how the bits of drywall happened. I don't recall it being there when I moved in.

The grad school application is up.o_o I don't know if I'm ready for this.


May. 29th, 2017 05:10 pm
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I've worked on rewriting my statement of purpose for about three or four hours and all I've been able to churn out is 350 words. This is down from 1200 on my old one. That's after cutting out all the stuff about what I did in the past. I'm not sure what more I can do to increase the word count. I don't even know how long the statement needs to be. I won't know until I open the application, once it goes up.

And seriously, one of the examples I found online is provided by an actual university, so the person who wrote it was doing something right at least. Then there's a second one that's longer and they talk a lot about their past experiences, so why can't I? >:(

I don't want to walk away from this until I feel more satisfied about my progress. But I probably should. Ugh.
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Heard back from my second prof about my statement of purpose.

He said I shouldn't change anything.

OMG I want to scream.

I do agree with my first prof that I need to state more clearly my research ideas, goals, and be more "forward looking." I spent a lot of time talking about what I did for my past job(s) and volunteer work, because I saw this in a lot of other examples of statements I found. But apparently you're not supposed to do that. Maybe I'll cut back on the past stuff. I'll incorporate both profs' suggestions, how's that?

Also, I finally got my tentative selection notice for work. Once I fill the info they need, I should get my letter, though I don't know when. I'm not sure I'll be able to start work next week like I'd hoped, but oh well.
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Okay, I was griping earlier because I heard back from one of my profs about my statement of purpose. Basically I spent too much time talking about my background rather than what I want to do in the future. I already knew a little that I wasn't supposed to do that, but I did it anyway. Also he wants me to know what sort of project I'd like to do and what skills I want to learn and whatnot. Ummmmm..... Well, I do have some slight ideas, buuuuuut it's not super clear. (Thankfully I may not have to do a thesis. A site report is an option)

I guess this is why some people take a break after undergrad and read whatever interests them in the field so they have a better idea of what they want to do and what research has already been done. But I didn't do any of that, sooooo........**

It's a good thing I'm talking to him about this because the other two profs haven't asked me these questions at all. They indicated that I didn't need to worry too much about my SOP because of the extremely high chance of me getting accepted anyway. But I do want to create a good SOP. I hold myself to a high standard, or at least a decent one.

**Okay, in some ways I have. I have read a bit about some work done on historic mining sites/communities, but not much.

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Second draft of my statement of purpose has been sent to two profs for critique. I'm still really uncertain about it. I'm afraid my focus might not be very clear in some places, or that I shouldn't have started off talking about my experiences growing up (I limited it to one short paragraph, because I've read admissions committees don't care to read "I've loved this ever since I was a child."). I tried to focus more on work and what I do/did there. I'm super worried my profs will come back and tell me how much more work it needs. I want to be done already.

Never did hear back from the apartments. I guess they just didn't have anyone in the office yesterday for some reason. I'm going to try to not worry about things because my start date is flexible, so if I need to push it back a day or two, I can.

Today should be nice enough for me to go on a walk instead of using the elliptical, but it's Saturday and I don't want to see all the other people walking around today, too. Ew, gross, human contact. :P

Baby steps

May. 15th, 2017 04:21 pm
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I'm annoyed I paid and took the GRE, only to not need it for the program I want to get into (and will likely get into). In some ways I do wish I could apply to other grad schools, but I wouldn't hear from them until next year. I just hate that my two really good scores are going to waste.

I had to run up to the university again so I could catch one of my instructors during his office hours. He answered some of my desperate questions and assured me everything would be fine. Unfortunately, next year will be his last year teaching, and since he's the only fully-fledged archaeologist left in the department, he's the only one who can be my advisor. But this means the next archaeologist they're bringing in to replace him will have to take over whatever he'd been advising. Although I'm uneasy about this unknown factor (and it's something one of my other profs warned me about, saying it might not be a good idea to switch advisors like that halfway through a grad program), he assured me I'd be really pleased with new person. He didn't want to name names, though, and didn't say it was anyone I knew.

So now I have two letters of recommendation secured. Now I just need one more. I know who I want it from, but he hasn't answered my email yet, and I'm wondering if I should just make an appointment with him through the main office, which is what people have to do now because he's so busy juggling three different responsibilities. It's the same person I sat down with to discuss all the details of this program, and I didn't think at the time to ask him for a letter. I said in my email that we could meet again in person if that's more appropriate.

There's a lot I need to get done before I leave for the summer, and I'm running out of time. x_x
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*researches grad school statement of purpose examples*

Statement example: *eloquent, fascinating, intelligent, outlines entire research plan, trying to get into Harvard*

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Well, my planned workout didn't happen tonight due to reasons. I skipped yesterday because I'm lazy and plus we had dinner late last night. I usually like to exercise around 7pm if I use the elliptical. It's been too cold and rainy to go on walks. In fact, it's rainy like crazy right now and there's thunder and lightning.

I'm starting to wonder if this grad school thing won't happen this year. The application still isn't up. And yet they want to start classes this fall? Hmm. Still, I emailed one of my profs that I haven't spoken to in a long time to see if we could meet up. I'd like him to write a letter of recommendation for me. The other two profs I'd been speaking to could be the other two letters I need, one of whom I know already would write one. I'd have to ask the other. I want to be ready as soon as the application goes up.

I don't think I'd be too terribly disappointed if they didn't start classes this fall. That would give me more time on the job and a better chance to find a place that would take a six month lease. But the prof I spoke to about the program--I'll call him RS, was absolutely certain it would start in the fall. He had no doubts about it. The only issue would be that they would be taking applications "well into June." But it's almost May, so...

I started a little fic last night, but I kind of lost direction and it fizzled out. I tend to do that when I don't have an ending in mind. Plus it's mostly dialogue and that can cause things to stretch out when I don't know where a conversation is supposed to go. I'll finish it, though.


Apr. 11th, 2017 02:34 pm
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Went to the dentist today. Since I have Medicaid, I can only go once a year, but they wouldn't reschedule my next year's appointment because they can't schedule that far out right now due to the dumpster fire that is Congress, so they didn't know if they'd be accepting Medicaid this same time next year. I want to say something that is way out of character for me, so I'll just say darn all Republicans straight to heck and I hope someone steals their wallets and cars.

At least my checkup went well and there were no problems.Glad for that because I really didn't want any more fillings. The last ones I had done were awful.

I finished my Information Security Awareness training exams for work, so that's finally out of the way.

The only other thing I've been trying to get myself to do and can't because of random episodes of depression is fixing my personal statement, sending it to my prof for critique, and rounding up professors willing to write letters of recommendation for me. I want to be ready when the application is posted.

Also I've got some stuff on eBay again. Hopefully it'll all sell for at least the cost of the packing supplies. I'm sort of pissed my last auction sold for a measly 55 cents, so I almost decided to put the others away and wait another ten years. Having a fixed price on them would take too long to sell. I only have until May 1 to sell things.
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Today I went in and spoke with my professor. I won't go into all the details, but it looks like there's a high chance I'll be starting graduate school this fall.

The program sounds great, and I might even be able to arrange to get credit for doing my summer job. There's one class in the program I already took during my undergrad, so I won't need to do that one, and I've already done a field school. Still, I'll need to do something in place of a field school (can't do anything in the summer because I'm working). The program is very much focused on giving people career knowledge and skills, rather than all theory.

I happened to run into another one of my old teachers who will be retiring soon. I swear, I embarrass myself in front of her every time I speak with her, it's terrible.

I noticed my more elderly teachers looked great, but the female teacher I mentioned above is using a walker again. The last time she used it, it was because she had had some surgery. Then she got better and started walking on her own again. Hmm.

Best part of all this is I may very well be able to pay for all of it myself. So I might be in the bunkhouse again this year at work so I can save more money.

Life's...moving kind of fast all of a sudden.
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I haven't been spending much time on here due to reasons.

Finally, finally got ahold of that professor I'd been trying to reach since last month. But I had to call the main office to get on his schedule. He's been doing something like three different jobs at the university, so he's crazy busy.

I sent an email on Sunday to the person who had asked me a few weeks ago if I was still interested in a GS-07 in Nevada. I asked if they had selected their candidate yet, and he replied today saying they were still deliberating, but he would look at my application again. I haven't done this for the people in New Mexico since it's been so long and I figured they had already hired, but I really should ask, if only for closure.

Family crap )
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I called about an apartment yesterday, even though it's way too early to be moving into anywhere. It was just that it was the perfect price and in the perfect area (right behind where I'll be working!). It even has a washer and dryer. Unfortunately, someone had already put in an application for it. The apartment had been listed on Craiglist since last weekend and the owner got several calls about it. I had considered that if it was still available, I would move in early. I have the funds to pay the rent until work starts. But it appears I'm too late. I could elaborate more on what happened, but I just don't have the mental energy. The good news is that the landlord can be flexible with the lease, even though it's a one-year lease, so now I know that if I want to call them again in the future.

Today I finally got to visit my professor. After some discussion, he told me the university was going to begin its long-awaited anthropology master's program. It had been delayed due to some issues, but the program will begin this year. He encouraged me to apply. This would be a smart decision financially, because not only would I be an in-state applicant, but my university is one of the cheapest in the state. And with the amount of money I have saved right now, I could easily pay for a year, and maybe a second (I don't quite have enough to pay for out-of-state tuition at another university yet). Also, my professor mentioned there will be assistantships, and they are going to revive the field school on campus. He said he would love for me to be the first person to apply. The program I'd go into would focus on cultural resource management, which is the career field I've chosen.

So within the coming weeks I will be meeting with him again, and trying to set up a meeting with the department chair (who is also the dean or something or other now), the guy I'd been trying to contact for weeks with no reply, to further discuss the program.

What surprised me, though, was when my professor said I could probably even get in this year. If that's true (and I don't know how that would work. Wouldn't the application deadline be passed at this point?), then it wouldn't make sense for me to get an apartment for work this summer, because I wouldn't be able to stay a full six months. But I'll just have to play things by ear and see what happens.

And here I was out buying kitchen stuff yesterday with the expectation that I might get an apartment, and none too happily because I don't like doing this in the face of uncertainty. As a Christian, I pray for something and sometimes I'll prepare for it. I did it when I prayed for my first archaeology job. I went out and bought a bunch of tools, and the following summer I started my job. Though I didn't use the tools for work, I did volunteer for some work with an archaeologist and brought my own tools (even though she had some to use). In this case, however, even though I might not get my own place, I am preparing for the future. Call me crazy, but I also bought a vacuum cleaner. :P

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I still have nightmares about being back in college and not knowing where any of my classes are, and/or I've missed a certain class several times already and I start freaking out and trying to get my schedule up on my phone. This dream has been more frequent as of late.

Never did hear back from that professor. Time for Plan B. My therapist is going to be out of town for about a month, and she would like to see that I've written a statement of purpose by the time she gets back. I like having that accountability, and I've actually been brainstorming for a long time and have a lot written up in a Word document.

I'm visiting my sister on Tuesday and won't be back until Thursday. It's supposed to rain like crazy over there.
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Good grief, I need to give my old university a call. I need to find out if that professor I've been trying to get ahold of is even in his office, or if he's been on vacation or something. I haven't heard back from him, even though I've sent him a few emails since our last convo. I saw on LinkedIn that he got a new position at the university, so maybe he's in transition or just really busy and hasn't been able to answer anything that isn't urgent.

Seriously, I need to get things rolling here. If for whatever reason I still can't get ahold of him, I'll email my other instructor.

OMG it needs to stop snowing. They just plowed our street today and it's snowing again. Good thing I got out today while the weather was decent.
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Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I just sent off an email to an instructor at the college I graduated from asking for help applying to grad school. I did already do the GRE, so that was a step I got out of the way, but actually going through the process of applying... This has to be the year it happens. I don't want to wait any longer. I found out one of my instructors is retiring from his side job working with a local tribe, but I'm not sure this means he'll be retiring from teaching, but if he is then that would mean I'd have to track him down somehow if I want a letter of recommendation from  him (and he said he would do one for me if I needed one). I know of at least two others who would also be happy to write me one, but I haven't talked to them in a long time. It makes me feel guilty because I feel like I'm using them, but I do know they love helping students, so I have to keep that in mind.

Part of me doesn't understand why I waited so long to do this one simple thing. I let fear hold me back from doing a lot of things.

I don't know what to expect. I hope he'll get back to me.

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