Jul. 16th, 2017 04:13 pm
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Glass From Heaven Will Save Them is DONE!! POSTED. FINISHED. I'M SO GLAD.

Clocked in at a little over 51,000 words. Wow, that's the shortest multi-chaptered fic I've ever written. LOL It was only four chapters longer than planned. :P

At first it wouldn't let me mark it as complete at 14 chapters, so I emailed AO3 support. Then I realized it was because I had uploaded a bunch of drafts when I was trying to figure out my last problem. Whoops.

Now I can move on.

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To compound my annoyances, I also still--STILL--can't upload my fic's latest chapter to AO3. Support finally got back to me and recommended I restart my WiFi network, clear my cache/cookies from my browser, use a different browser, start my browser in safe mode, none of which worked.

The weirdest part is that it seems to be a certain section at the end of my chapter that's causing the problem. If I remove that scene, everything is fine. So I thought to simply divide the chapter into two parts (it's pretty long, so it'll do fine), figuring maybe the size is making things wonky. The first chapter uploads fine, but not the second which contains the problem section.

I tried stripping all the fancy stuff by pasting it into Notepad. No good.

I tried retyping the problem section into AO3's chapter text box. No good.

It's only when I reach a very specific point in the problem section that I get the error message.

The next thing I want to try is using a different WiFi network. Since my apartment complex's clubhouse WiFi never works, I might go to Starbucks at some point this week and try.

I just don't understand how mere text can interfere with my internet network. The person from AO3 support said it has to be something on my end because their side is fine. I believe them, but I don't understand. It's almost like something doesn't want me to post that section.

I'd hate to completely rewrite the chapter from scratch in hopes it might work. I don't have the mental energy to do that, and I want to be done with this fic.


EDIT 2: I narrowed it down to a single paragraph! Then I narrowed it further to a single sentence! Once I removed it, I could post the rest!!!! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN, I DON'T UNDERSTAND??????


Feb. 18th, 2017 01:29 pm
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We got back yesterday from my sister's place. The trip there and back wasn't bad. I thought it would be terrible because my mom is terrible to travel with in the car, but she sat in the back seat the whole time and read a book.

Right now I don't feel like doing much. I'm kind of feeling nostalgic about old fandoms and was reading through an old Livejournal community. I took some screenshots of some icon sets because it's no longer possible to download them. I'll just crop them from the screenshots. Looking at icons makes me even more nostalgic for the good, old Livejournal days when icons were an art form.

I uploaded a chapter of a fic, and I might do another tonight. I let the first chapter sit for three weeks. It's not like anyone's really reading it, so I'm not in a big hurry to upload what I have edited.

Going to Al-Anon tonight after skipping it for three weeks. I got one of the little books, so I've been reading that.
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Because of [community profile] onedeadplotbunny . As of 2/4/2017.

Plot Bunny List:

  1. The Long Dark (Et Cetera fanfiction) COMPLETE
  2. "Eden" (working title) Et Cetera fanfiction. COMPLETE
  3. Gold Tone Memory - "Keysong" prequel about how Elwood found Chiss. Two and a half chapters written.
  4. "Key song" (working title). First chapter written.
  5. For table prompt "Prayer" -> Chiss takes care of sick Elwood ("Keysong") COMPLETE
  6. Short story about when Elwood and Ezra met Felsic.
  7. Et Cetera: Get stuck in a haunted house and must escape a vampire.
  8. Deja Vu rewrite
  9. From the Lake Mirror rewrite
  10. Et Cetera fic focused on Benkate's origins. One chapter written. Abandoned
  11. "Train to Oblivion" (working title) Four-fandom western crossover. Almost two chapters written.
  12. How Elwood and Windlon first met.
  13. Long Dark sequel....maaaaaybe.


Jan. 31st, 2017 05:21 pm
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I should really try to finish Freedom of the Mask. Really I should. I'm past halfway. It's just that the main character is about to get tortured and his friend is gonna die (I skipped ahead, oops) and I don't know if I can handle the gory details. But I don't want to skim it in case I miss something important. This author does a great job of making me hate his villains.

I haven't sat down in a long time to just read. I need to do that again because there are some nonfiction books I'd like to finish, and I want to start new ones, but I don't like having too many going on at once.

I bought some witch hazel today. I haven't used witch hazel in a long time since I started using medication for my skin because my doctor told me to quit all other skin treatments, and I had been using a lot. But I liked some qualities of witch hazel, and I won't use much. I bought the Thayer's brand with lavender because it doesn't have alcohol in it. However, it has artificial fragrance. I thought maybe I could get away with it because I never believed artificial fragrances hurt me that much, if at all, and I'd only be using it on a small part of my face. So I put some of the witch hazel on a cotton ball and immediately noticed the light fragrance. It didn't smell like lavender. I have a bottle of lavender oil so I know what it smells like. If anything, it smells like powder or something. That's all it smells like. I used a different brand of witch hazel before and it had a woody smell to it. So I'm not sure what the deal is with this one.

Uploaded the first chapter of my fanfiction Glass From Heaven Will Save Them. I figured I'd been over the first chapter enough times to post it. Not sure how often I'll update, probably until I reach a chapter I have yet to really edit/rewrite. The story is finished, though.

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I finished the first draft of my fic! I'm too excited to let it sit for a while before going over it again, though. It's been a long time since I went over the first four chapters, because I wrote those first and then the story went on hiatus for several months, so I can start with those.

I know Scrivener has the ability to find words, but I like how MS Word does it, like it actually counts how many times a word appears so I know I'm overusing it. I have a bad habit of overusing certain words.

Tempting as it is to start posting it, I won't yet.
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Words in bold are prompts I've done but not posted anywhere.

1/15/2017: Prayers
1/16/2017: Whispered
1/16/2017: Free

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I wrote this drabble a few years ago and had it posted on AO3, but for some reason I deleted it. I know exactly why I deleted it but I won't say here. I drew some chibi fan art to accompany it.


Under the cut! )
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I'm going through that period where I just don't care about anything, and social media bores me to tears.

Work has been mostly office bound, as we've been having a lot of trouble with our two work vehicles and we're waiting for the snow to melt in our project areas. There's not much else to do in the field, except site monitoring and whatnot. Monday we're supposed to go document some newly discovered sites by our archaeologist in the next town over, three of which are prehistoric.

One of my coworkers is involved in fandom, but it appears mostly comic stuff. We got to talking about fanfiction, and I was dismayed to hear that she likes to sort fics on AO3 by kudos because those are always the "best" ones. I've read enough message boards to know how much people disagree with this and debate about it, but I didn't argue with her. But knowing what fics sorting by kudos will produce, I figured she reads a lot of slash and porn, which is interesting because listening to her you'd never think she was into that. She never outright mentioned her fanfic preferences, but then maybe she was afraid of being judged, which I am sort of doing right now just by assuming what she reads, through knowing what fics result when you sort by kudos alone.

Since we have little in common in fandom, I don't think we'll be discussing it much more. She has more in common fandom-wise with our male coworker who only just learned what fanfiction is last week.

Ugh. I have to exercise tonight. Because we haven't been doing anything strenuous at work, I haven't been getting exercise. I need to bring my walking shoes up there with me so I can at least go on walks.


Feb. 1st, 2016 09:40 pm
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The Long Dark is now complete! FFN has it clocked in at almost 175,000 words! AO3 has it at almost 170,000 words. I'm not sure where those extra 5,000 went on AO3. I mean, I may have included some author's notes on FFN, but not 5,000 words worth!

I really don't know about a sequel at this point. I think the story needs one, but I want to focus on an original story I've been working on. I can always get started outlining and whatnot, but I don't think I'll begin posting any time soon. This fandom is too old and inactive for me to want to stay in it anymore, but I shouldn't let that stop me.
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The last chapter of The Long Dark is finished! Now to edit all the remaining chapters that have yet to be posted.

It was hard to wrap things up because there were so many little ends I needed to tie up, so sometimes I felt like I was cramming information into each chapter. I need to step away for a bit and come back later with fresh eyes. I don't want my chapters to feel "crammed" though they might anyway.


Jul. 11th, 2015 11:50 am
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I have not had much desire to do anything on the weekends other than shop, which is really not good. Yesterday I bought a new swimsuit--at full price--with the hope that we might go swimming this weekend, and I left my other swimsuit back at the bunkhouse. Well, it's raining today. And really, I didn't think we'd go swimming anyway, plus I'm not fond of public pools. I'm debating whether or not I should return the swimsuit. The sticker in the bottoms is still attached, but I'm not sure the store will take back swimsuits.

I'm going to post chapter 42 of The Long Dark today. I think I've sat on it long enough. There is nothing else written beyond that chapter, though, and I don't know when I'll ever get around to writing more. I haven't been really eager to write lately as I'm too tired to do anything after work on the weekdays, and for some reason I get kinda depressed on the weekends? I just don't have any interest right now. I need to make myself do something, even if I don't really "feel" like doing it.

Maybe this weather has me down.

Good news is the bunkhouse has A/C. Apparently we've had it this whole time, but for some reason the bunkhouse manager told us the house didn't have A/C, despite the heat pump outside. Someone finally figured out that we could just simply turn the A/C on on the thermostat. So now the house is much more tolerable and we're grateful to have a cooler house when we all come home from work hot, dirty, and sweaty.

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Today I realized what a good thing it was to have my job delayed. When my parents get back, it'll almost have been two weeks since they left. If I had started my job today as it was supposed to, I would've left yesterday to move into my housing and the cats wouldn't have had anyone to take care of them until Friday. I'm sure my parents would've been able to find someone, like our neighbor across the street, but I think it's best I did it. That and no one would water the plants in the landscaping, and the house would sit empty for four or five days. I can't remember the last time the house was actually empty while everyone was gone somewhere. Also, I wouldn't have had anyone help me prepare to leave for work. I could've done it anyway, I just would not have liked it.

I started Chapter 41 of The Long Dark. I'm thinking there are about three or four chapters left after that. I hate to say this here because I don't know if anyone is reading this, but I need to confess that my readers will probably not like the ending. The story is calling for a sequel. I just can't see any way around it because the end will leave too many loose ends. Although I have ideas for the sequel, it has no plot. I don't want it to be really long, though. I just kind of wanted to finish "Eden" after this and pull out of the fandom for a while as I focus on original stuff.


May. 4th, 2015 06:16 pm
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So many kudos lately...but no comments. Wahh. Or I could I have no kudos or comments and never hear anything from anyone, ever. So I am grateful nonetheless. People don't want to comment and I can't make them.

I am trying to get Chapter 39 started for The Long Dark. Lately for some reason I've had the desire to write, but have a hard time getting started. It's a good thing this is a draft.

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So I have one more chapter draft of The Long Dark to finish before I am completely caught up with posting everything I have written so far. Since my job's start date has been delayed, I can probably squeeze in that chapter and maybe one more, and that "one more" will be a very important scene in the story. It's not quite the climax, but I am getting very close to it. The end is in sight! Oooh, I've also surpassed my word-count record. The Long Dark is now longer than The Zodiac Vendetta (what a weird title. I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I'll change it someday).

Today was my last day volunteering for the museum. I was sad to leave my name tag. I don't know what'll happen to it. But instead of being in the carriage house like I thought I would be, I was stationed in the actual house because the guy who normally does the carriage house on Saturday showed up when we thought he was going to be off today. I was very happy to be in the house one last time.

Campbell House

This house is also the inspiration for an original story I have planned, only because I suck at thinking up home interiors.

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Yes, I do have a job this summer. Funny how of all the locations for the jobs I applied for, I ended up at the location closest to home. I wonder if that had any play in them choosing me.

Now I've been debating with myself over whether I should take the GRE before I go. I leave in five weeks, but my math studying has been awful. Nothing helps. I stare at the practice problems and have no clue how to approach most of them. I always have to look up the answers. I signed up for a free 7-day trail with Magoosh since I've heard so many good things about them. I'll see if they can be any help...though I have my doubts. They do have a 30-day subscription, but it costs the same as their 6-month subscriptions for either quant or verbal. Plus I'll need help for more than 30 days. I just want to do decently on the math, not ace it.

......Well, before I even finished this post I scheduled the exam. I scheduled it a few days before I have to leave for the job, on a Friday which means I won't be babysitting my niece that day. Kinda feel sick about it... Mostly because of the cost, but I can afford it. I just hate spending that much money on something as dumb as a test I might not even do that well on. And I hate to make myself stress out right before I start my job. I think the reason I've put all this graduate school stuff off for so long is because I stressed out for so long during my undergrad years that I've been doing everything I can to avoid it. I got used to being stress-free. ...Maybe that's a sign I shouldn't attend graduate school yet, if that's how I feel. In fact, I was thinking about it tonight, how maybe I should get some work experience and explore more of my interests in the field before making any attempts to apply.

Geez, I meant to edit a chapter of The Long Dark tonight so I could get ready to post it this weekend. I didn't realize it's almost been three weeks since I posted a chapter.

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All my plot bunnies are calling to me tonight. I keep looking at fics I haven't touched in a while and I just want to write in all of them. Especially that Benkate origin fic. If only I had a more substantial plot for that one... But these are ones on hold.



Feb. 17th, 2015 08:43 pm
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I finished editing a chapter of The Long Dark and began editing the next one. Then I bounced between two other fics and didn't make any progress with either. I'm stuck on one, and I have to start a new chapter with another.

I'm wondering if I should get a beta for either. I've never used a beta reader before. But when I had people reviewing my fics (objectively, as they weren't in my fandom), I got a lot of really good pointers. But I also got a bit of bad advice I didn't realize was unnecessary until later on, so I'm a little wary of trying that again. That and I don't feel I can trust total strangers on the internet, especially with the risk of them disappearing at random. You don't know if or when people will just disappear, and then I'd have to find another beta.

I didn't like being a beta reader. I kept wanting to change peoples' stories to how I would write them, although they didn't know that. All I looked for were mechanical errors, but I realize now I'm not the best at doing that, either.

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I've been mulling over a certain plot bunny for a while but didn't think I'd actually get around to writing it. I was going to add it to my plot bunny list but I'm on my tablet and Dreamwidth doesn't let me use the rich text editor when I use my tablet. I can only see the HTML and I can't make heads or tails of my plot bunny entry.

But it's good. It's gonna be good. ...Well, I think it will be. I'm enjoying writing it right now. But it might not turn out the way I had planned because it's a pairing I've never done before and it might turn into a friendship fic instead. Seems to be headed that way.

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