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Posted chapter 9 of Glass From Heaven Will Save Them, finally. I got kind of bored with editing and quit for a while, so hopefully I'll be back on track so I can finish posting this before the season is out.

Also, finally got my hands on my Tow Nakazaki All Characters calendar. It's, like, not even really a calendar, though. It came with these weird monthly stickers, and the rest of the actual calendar is just illustrations--which I am not  complaining about because it is so much better than I expected. It's just so great to see Et Cetera illustrations I haven't seen before. I just wish I could scan them instead of using my camera. I thought about sneaking some scans at work, but I'm not sure I'm supposed to be using the scanner/copier for non-work purposes. Actually, it probably doesn't matter, but I just want to be on the safe side. I'm new and all and don't want any black marks from anyone.

I'm back to restricting my spending again. I won't get paid again for another three weeks, because for some reason that's just how things work when you first begin your season with the federal government. Your pay gets delayed before you start getting your regular bi-weekly checks. It sucks. And I have a giant credit card bill to pay along with rent before I get that next check. I should be okay, though. Just no luxury spending.

One more day in the weekend, but so far it's been a pretty rad one.

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Out of boredom and procrastination I decided to take a look at Rinkya for anything by Tow Nakazaki. I don't know why I bother, but I guess maybe I'm just curious.

I found his 2001 All Characters Calendar. I'm dying. I first discovered its existence in a little advertisement tucked away in one of the Japanese volumes. I thought to myself that if I ever found it, I would buy it (if I could), but I thought my chances were pretty much zero.

The calendar is under $10, which means I don't have to pay any additional fees, just the base fee. Costs for the best shipping option are a bit hefty, but worth it. I don't even care if I won't be at my parents' place when the package arrives. I can have them mail it to me in Idaho, or I can just wait till I get home.

But I have my old Yahoo email address attached to my Rinkya account. F***. And I can't change it. It won't let me. There's simply no option to do it. So I sent a message to customer service about how in the heck I can change it. Who the heck knows if they'll even get back to me. This calendar is on auction with no bids, and it's supposed to end tomorrow, though I think it's set to relist if it doesn't sell.

I bid on it anyway. Since I can't create a new account with the same mailing address, I'm hoping Rinkya can go in and change my email for me or something.
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Sketched this out the other night.

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Lookit me, doing this when I should be doing something more productive like writing my statement of purpose.

I've had this thing written down on my phone's draft pad app that I meant to add more to, but I only made it to Volume 7, got distracted, and didn't finish the rest. So I'll go ahead and transfer it here.
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And that's as far as I got.
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Last one for now.

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I forgot I made this.

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I drew it on some cheap sketch paper and for some reason I like the texture.

I had plans to do a whole series of these crossover drawings, and I have one more, but I never made it past the second one.
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What? I drew this almost a year ago?!

Please pardon the crappy scan.

Lately all I can draw are chibis, and I draw them from base references because I am pathetic. My style is inconsistent but I'm working on figuring one out. If only I drew more often. That would help.

More to come. At some point.

I am writing like a maniac right now. I'm really excited this story is getting somewhere.

((If you'd like this pic behind a cut, please let me know!))

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International Fanworks Day is coming up in about a month. I did it in 2015 but didn't have any interest in doing it since. The prompt was something like "What do your favorite characters get fannish about?"

My answer: Shipping. Each other.

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I figured I should post my finished bottle cap magnets.

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I wrote this drabble a few years ago and had it posted on AO3, but for some reason I deleted it. I know exactly why I deleted it but I won't say here. I drew some chibi fan art to accompany it.


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I had to babysit at my sister's apartment today because my mom is sick and we didn't want to expose the baby to that. But I waited anxiously all day because I was expecting...THESE: I ordered them using Rinkya. Six bucks for the whole lot. Except I had to pay more for a "seller fee" that covers taxes, bank transfers, shipping, and whatever else. Then I had to fork out even more for shipping, but it got here in seven days. But it was so worth it. These babies are pristine, like no one ever read them!

People may wonder why on earth I'd want the Japanese editions when I already have them in English. My main reason is the original cover art. Tokyopop used the crappiest cover art. I don't know why they would do that when other publishers in other countries used the original art. I've found the artwork through intensive internet searches, but gosh darn it some of the images are terrible quality. I want to scan them myself. Secondly, I was hoping for artwork that hadn't been published in the English editions, and I got my first suspicions when I saw the French releases. And yes, I found there are illustrations that weren't in the English versions.

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