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Heh, I found this on my hard drive.

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Pfft, I don't even draw anymore. I wasn't very good at it anyways. ._.

It's not in sequential order, by the way. I think the most recent is the second one in the top row. Not even sure which one's the oldest. I guess you can't really tell because I never drew often enough to improve!
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Sketched this out the other night.

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Last one for now.

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I forgot I made this.

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I drew it on some cheap sketch paper and for some reason I like the texture.

I had plans to do a whole series of these crossover drawings, and I have one more, but I never made it past the second one.
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Okay, so my shading was really lazy. Sue me. I guess I just got sort of bored. The hair was my main interest.

Trying to be all pretty with the background but it looks like a studio background. XD Yes I colored her hair purple.
I also just now realized there should be more of her extending back, but I used a photo as a reference and that part of the picture was cut off.
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So I've decided I don't like the solid coloring. Also the lines near the knees were an accident. This is the second time I've drawn this chibi. The first one I experimented too much with her hair color and the shade turned out awful. I'm not crazy about the paper texture, either.

I have another drawing I've had sitting around that needs finishing. Also Belldandy. I should do Urd next.
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What? I drew this almost a year ago?!

Please pardon the crappy scan.

Lately all I can draw are chibis, and I draw them from base references because I am pathetic. My style is inconsistent but I'm working on figuring one out. If only I drew more often. That would help.

More to come. At some point.

I am writing like a maniac right now. I'm really excited this story is getting somewhere.

((If you'd like this pic behind a cut, please let me know!))

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International Fanworks Day is coming up in about a month. I did it in 2015 but didn't have any interest in doing it since. The prompt was something like "What do your favorite characters get fannish about?"

My answer: Shipping. Each other.

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I wrote this drabble a few years ago and had it posted on AO3, but for some reason I deleted it. I know exactly why I deleted it but I won't say here. I drew some chibi fan art to accompany it.


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