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I haven't been spending much time on here due to reasons.

Finally, finally got ahold of that professor I'd been trying to reach since last month. But I had to call the main office to get on his schedule. He's been doing something like three different jobs at the university, so he's crazy busy.

I sent an email on Sunday to the person who had asked me a few weeks ago if I was still interested in a GS-07 in Nevada. I asked if they had selected their candidate yet, and he replied today saying they were still deliberating, but he would look at my application again. I haven't done this for the people in New Mexico since it's been so long and I figured they had already hired, but I really should ask, if only for closure.

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Mar. 1st, 2017 01:12 pm
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I've been silent on here because I simply haven't felt like posting. I'll make some quick updates.

The funeral went well. Sadly, my mom didn't go because she got into an argument with my dad (long story), and he pretty much told her not to go. The aftermath of that has made the last few days pretty rough. I stayed in my own hotel room, but didn't go swimming because I forgot my swimsuit, but then I was too tired and it was too late by the time I would've had a chance. I saw a lot of my family, many people whom I haven't seen in several years. We used to have family reunions, or "mini" family reunions, but this was the most people I'd seen in a long, long time. There were even some people there I was shocked had come because of the past drama that had surrounded them. My grandma was highly regarded by everyone, so it was necessary to put aside our problems to celebrate her life. It's still hard to believe she's gone.

I had a doctor's appointment today to test the nerves in my right arm, because of the problem I'd had with my hand. The doctor used a device to send little shocks through my nerves to see how well they worked, and then used these tiny needles to do another test on my hand. Everything came back normal. He guessed that I had probably irritated a nerve or stretched it or something, but it wasn't serious. I can still sometimes feel it, like just now as I was typing. But it's almost completely gone. On Monday I go back to the occupational doctor to have her clear me.

I'm trying to sell a couple of things on eBay. It's been so long since I've sold anything there that I got to experience their new selling page. Typing the item description is annoying because my cursor will suddenly disappear and I stop typing, so I have to click on the box again to begin again. The whole thing is kind of glitchy in that way. I hope I can sell these two things. I've tried to before and had no luck. Anime and manga depreciates in value so bad. You pay through the nose for manga or DVDs, and sell them for a tiny fraction of what you paid. I look on eBay for titles I'm interested in and see how high people try to sell them, but when I look at what has actually sold I realize I just don't catch the cheaper listings. I remember when you used to get really good deals on eBay. That's what it was known for. Now it's no different than Amazon or some other store, at least for some stuff.
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Just got a text message from my dad saying my grandma passed away about five minutes ago.

She had been in declining health for a long time, and was in her early 90s. Yesterday my dad sent a text saying hospice gave her about five days left to live.

How do you respond to a message like that?

I'm not sure where things will go from here for my grandpa.

He's gone.

May. 16th, 2015 07:02 pm
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My grandpa died last night. I received a text from my mom at 1 in the morning saying he had passed. The funeral is Wednesday, and my parents will be flying home Friday. I wish I could go to the funeral, but dang it last minute flight tickets and me with barely enough money as it is. It was pretty expensive for my parents to buy tickets just a few days before the flight. They were supposed to come home today, but extended their stay when they were told my grandpa might not live through the weekend, and sure enough he didn't.

I went shopping today for some things I'll need for work. I went to REI and bought a few shirts and some pants. For the first time I realized how much REI seems to attract middle-aged folks. Their women's clothing kind of makes it obvious who their main market is. Some of it is kinda...I don't know, the kind of clothes a middle-aged woman would wear? Not to insult middle-aged women--I mean, I'm going to be middle-aged someday too. I guess it just isn't my style, and a lot of it just doesn't look like something an archaeologist would wear on the job. At field school I just wore regular t-shirts, but I wanted to invest in some higher quality long-sleeved shirts. My teacher wore stuff from Cabela's. Maybe I should try there. I like neutral earth-tone colors, or colors that aren't bright or overly feminine. I bought some sandy-tan REI Sahara shirts, but the other shirts of the same type were white (too transparent and easily dirtied), bright orange--excuse me, "salmon" (I don't need to look like I just escaped prison), and this sort of dark violet. I would've taken a violet shirt except it wouldn't look very good with my pants. There were no other shirt brands I liked because they either had weird stuff on them (pleated ruffles?!) or were an ugly color or had designs I just didn't care for. I just wanted something plain.

The store was packed, too. I had to park at the Taco Bell across the street because their tiny parking lot was completely full. Like I said, I think REI's main customer base is middle-aged folks, because that's mostly what I saw. And today must've been "leave your social manners at home day" because no one seemed to have any sense of personal space, almost never said excuse me, and would reach right in front of my face to grab something. I've seen people at Walmart with more couth.

Oh, I should also mention I took the GRE yesterday. My verbal score was better than expected and it was actually pretty good. My math was as expected and pretty low. I won't know what my writing score will be for another few weeks.

They made me sign this paper that stated I understood all the rules and that I would comply, and I had to rewrite the paragraph in cursive. I don't think I've written cursive since grade school. Needless to say, my handwriting was pretty bad. They're going to have to change that requirement soon because I heard they don't teach cursive in school anymore.


Apr. 28th, 2015 10:48 am
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I just want to go back to sleep.

Got back from my grandparents' yesterday. We spent most of the day either in urgent care or the hospital because my grandma's nurse came to check up on her and found her blood pressure was really, really low. My grandma spent most of the time sleeping while we were there. She would get up for about five minutes and then say she wanted to lie down again. She was tired all the time. So my dad and I didn't leave until the late afternoon yesterday. I did a little studying for the GRE on Sunday, and some flash cards throughout, but that was it. So now I'm behind and have been trying to get a caught up today. But then later today I have to volunteer for my last day at the thrift store. On top of this, I haven't gotten any paperwork from the Forest Service like I was supposed to. I emailed the person I've been talking to and she said there was a problem on their end in getting the paperwork to me, so they will be sending it out shortly.

But now I'm tired and I'm already on my second cup of coffee. I may have to pick up a 5-Hour Energy on my way to the thrift store because I need something stronger. I need to remember to eat, too, or else I'll have the shakes and won't be able to think clearly because of all the caffeine.

I have a lot going on this week and I'm tired of cramming for this test. I'm on the verge of giving up on the math and instead focusing all my abilities on the verbal since that is where my strengths lie.


Nov. 8th, 2014 11:10 am
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I get tired of the world's expectations of what I need to have or know to be "qualified," and even when I attain some of these things, I later find out that they never meant anything in the first place and I am therefore still not "good enough." I just don't know what the world wants from me anymore.

ANYWAY, I'm really hoping my sister and her husband will come over at some point today and take the crib and dresser out of my office because I'm dying to have my office back and I want to clean it up. But I have a feeling they'll wait until the last minute of the weekend to do it, which leaves me no time to clean up because I have to take care of the baby on Monday, which means I can't do anything until Tuesday, assuming nothing comes up between now and then.

I am just terribly impatient these days. But I was patient for nearly five months and right when I'm on the cusp of having things totally back to normal, it stalls.

Got space

Nov. 6th, 2014 08:01 pm
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My sister and her husband and daughter moved out last night into an apartment. Due to some unforseen circumstances, they decided to retract their offer on the house they wanted, even though all they had left to do was sign the papers. The apartment is nice, newish, and will serve them well while they focus on living and later searching for a better deal on a house.

I probably never mentioned that they lived with my parents and I while they were looking for a house. It was difficult having that many people in the house, but we had the room. But now that they're gone, it's...actually nice having that space back. x_x They have yet to get all of their things out, and the baby's crib and dresser are still in my office. They plan on getting the rest out this weekend. After that, I can at last assemble my bookshelves and put my office back in order.

Today I cleaned the house like crazy. I also cleaned my bathroom, probably more than I needed to.

I've been trying to study for the GRE every night. I finished a section in my large study book and graded it. I didn't do very well. What's worse is how long I spent on some questions, a luxury I won't have in the actual test. It was the most difficult questions I got the most right answers on, only because I spent that time on them. I had the same experience in my other study book. Things are not looking good. I'm terrified of doing the essay questions because they only give you thirty minutes for one question (there are two total), and I am a planner when it comes to essays. Teachers always allowed sufficient time to plan when I was in school. I will aim for a middle score.


Oct. 28th, 2014 03:28 pm
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I turned down the job offer at Target. It makes me sick to turn down a job that's there for the taking, but I'm feeling strongly for the post office. I have nothing against Target, just customer service. But, you know, maybe it's not that bad there. It wasn't too bad when I worked at Michaels, but Walgreens was just awful because I think it has something to do with the particular clientele they receive. Maybe customers at Target are okay.

Tomorrow I go in at noon to fill out that final paperwork for the post office. We'll see how it goes.

And, you know, if the post office doesn't work out, either, there are still plenty of seasonal jobs open right now. Gotta stay optimistic.

There has been a huge upset in my family over the last few days that has been brewing apparently since June. It's been quite devastating, actually. I don't feel like discussing it here--yet, if I can help it. It does not involve me, but it has certainly affected me, and the gloom will be hanging over this household for a very long time unless something changes.

Slow going

Jun. 9th, 2014 03:07 pm
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Two new chapters uploaded for The Long Dark. I have decided not to repost my older fics back to I have seriously only had, like, one hit in a whole month on Long Dark, which baffles me and then doesn't really surprise me. It doesn't have that many hits on AO3, either, but that's what happens when you write for an obscure, dead fandom. I told myself Et Cetera: Miscellaneous (now broken up into separately posted stories) would be the last I write for that fandom, but my muse got the better of me. Now I'm saying The Long Dark will be my last one, but it's turning into a much longer story than I anticipated. I wanted to keep it to ten chapters, but hahaha, yeah right. So far I'm not sure I like it all that much, but I'm this far into it and don't want to turn back now. I'm going to finish it.

I've started another chapter, but ended up cutting out a piece of dialogue that halved what I had written so far.

Since I'm done with two classes now, I have two more to finish, but there's not much left to do. With all this free time, I cleaned a bunch on Saturday, because I'm sick of how much I've slacked over the last few months. I almost feel like I'm actually done with school, but I have to remind myself that I still have work to do.

My grandparents are supposed to be here this week for my graduation. Here's hoping my mom doesn't have a meltdown (she doesn't get along well with her parents. Luckily they aren't staying here!).

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My sister's family moved in a few days ago since they sold their house and are looking for a new one. It seems every time they go to make an offer on one they like, someone beats them to it and the house sells. They're hoping to find one soon, though.

Over Memorial Day weekend my sister and I, with her baby, went to visit my grandparents and some other relatives. My grandmother is struggling physically, and my grandpa can't always take care of her alone. We stayed at my uncle's house since my cousins were already staying at my grandparents', and my grandparents weren't super keen on having a lot of company, which is understandable. My grandpa was really grumpy the evening we arrived, but he was a lot better the next day. I had a much better time than I anticipated, since I've felt bothered by my sister and I was afraid we'd get into an argument. It's hard to explain, but I'm glad we didn't get on any touchy subjects on the drive.

I'm so ready for school to be done, though. I just want to focus on getting work experience and looking at graduate schools.
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Two more weeks left of instruction and then finals week, so really three weeks left of school. I have to really start getting serious about putting together my GIS portfolio. Bleeecch. I also need to start getting serious about speaking with someone about making myself available for volunteering or temporary work in archaeology. But today I found out something interesting I won't mention here yet until I hear a confirmation.

This weekend I'm going to visit my grandparents with my sister and niece. Part of me doesn't really want to go, but I think I need to because my grandmother has been in and out of the hospital and I don't believe either of my grandparents are going to be around for much longer. I should visit them as often as I can.

No progress on my fanfiction lately. I've been sitting on Chapter 18 for a while, and I'm just too tired mentally and emotionally to care right now.
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Just for randomness, I took this photo last summer while visiting Silver City, Idaho, and then put it through a convenient photo filter app.

Mother's Day went well once my sister and her husband got here. My mom has a tendency to freak out before get-togethers, but I think she was especially on edge because of my upcoming graduation party and the logistics concerning my grandparents who will be flying out here from Kentucky. Yeesh.

The spring symposium is on Wednesday, and I'm presenting at 8:40 in the morning. Ugh. Hopefully this means few people will actually be there, including some of the other anthropology majors. I'm suddenly nervous now about presenting in front of any of my teachers who might be there. o_o

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It's always hard for me to get started on weekends. I usually allow myself the morning hours to relax and do whatever I want, like read. But by noon I have to make myself get up and be productive, usually with homework. I actually don't have much homework this weekend, thankfully. I mainly have to study for a test that's on Monday, and practicing my presentation is another priority--oh, but I do have a little work to do for my GIS class. My group doesn't have a lot to do until we meet with the people we're making this map for, because we need them to see that their idea for what they want just isn't going to be reasonable. Once we get their input, we can really get to work on the project, but the meeting isn't until Tuesday. This project actually kind of sucks and I'm disappointed in the whole affair. I was expecting something different, but I suppose it's my own fault if I didn't take more of an initiative to get something different. But then again it's sort of a good thing there's not much involved (yet) because I'm swamped with other work to do. I absolutely cannot wait until I graduate. e_e

Yesterday I met with my cousin to take pictures of me for graduation. I'm not sending out announcements, but she insisted on taking pictures, and she's a growing photographer whose been doing this on the side and would like to start her own business. Even though she didn't charge me for anything, I plan on compensating her. We spent an hour and a half on campus, mostly in one new building she really liked, but because of all the people around we decided to meet up again next weekend to do more pictures. That way there won't be as many people around. Here's hoping the weather will be decent. :P

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