Apr. 11th, 2017 02:34 pm
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Went to the dentist today. Since I have Medicaid, I can only go once a year, but they wouldn't reschedule my next year's appointment because they can't schedule that far out right now due to the dumpster fire that is Congress, so they didn't know if they'd be accepting Medicaid this same time next year. I want to say something that is way out of character for me, so I'll just say darn all Republicans straight to heck and I hope someone steals their wallets and cars.

At least my checkup went well and there were no problems.Glad for that because I really didn't want any more fillings. The last ones I had done were awful.

I finished my Information Security Awareness training exams for work, so that's finally out of the way.

The only other thing I've been trying to get myself to do and can't because of random episodes of depression is fixing my personal statement, sending it to my prof for critique, and rounding up professors willing to write letters of recommendation for me. I want to be ready when the application is posted.

Also I've got some stuff on eBay again. Hopefully it'll all sell for at least the cost of the packing supplies. I'm sort of pissed my last auction sold for a measly 55 cents, so I almost decided to put the others away and wait another ten years. Having a fixed price on them would take too long to sell. I only have until May 1 to sell things.


Mar. 8th, 2017 03:42 pm
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It has been brought to my attention that comments are not getting through on my entries from at least one person. If this has happened to anyone else, please message me. Support is in the process of trying to figure out what's wrong.

I'm making some decent money on my eBay auctions, but I've pretty much sold all the big items. All that's left are some knick-knacks. I have some anime plush dolls I could sell, but I don't have a box for them yet. I have a few in particular that could sell pretty well on their own. There's a few I'd like to keep, though.

I don't know why some Inuyasha stuff is selling for so much. A few years ago I auctioned off some unpackaged action figures that didn't go for much, but single, unpackaged figures are selling for between twenty and sixty dollars. I should get my Sesshoumaru figure out and display it again. I don't even care for Inuyasha anymore.

Speaking of figures, I have a Samurai Jack maquette statue I got many years ago. But it wasn't even out of the box for more than thirty seconds when I handed it to my sister, and she grabbed it by the head, breaking off Jack's topknot. I glued it back on, only to realize I'd glued it on backwards. Worse yet, I used epoxy glue. It's strong, but it seems to turn yellow over time. At least it's over the black painted area. I just looked at sold listings on eBay, and they are selling for a lot. Not getting rid of it, though.

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I got really sick yesterday for some reason. I just felt sick to my stomach almost all day and couldn't eat. Then I got a fever in the evening and thought my body was starting to ache, so I thought I was getting the flu. I battled nausea all night, but I never threw up or anything. This morning I woke up and felt fine, like nothing ever happened. I just felt hungry. I wonder if it was food poisoning, although I'm not sure what would've made me sick.

I'm trying to eat now, but even though I'm hungry I don't have much of an appetite at the moment. Maybe I'm still somewhat sick?

Today I decided to finally get rid of my Trinity Blood manga collection. I tried eBay the first time, but I started the bid low and even with one day left on the auction, there still weren't any bids, or any watchers for that matter. With the way things were going, it was going to get one or two bids and sell for ridiculously low. So I decided to sell them to a local bookstore that takes used books. I was disappointed in the price they gave me, but what could I expect? But they didn't take Volume 8 because they already had too many, and they couldn't take Volume 13 because it was from a foreign publisher, which is what I expected anyway. So I had to list Volume 13 on eBay and Volume 8 on

Anime and manga is absolutely the worst investment I ever made in a hobby. It was stupidly expensive and I'm getting a fraction back on what I paid for this junk. I still have a bunch of merchandise I need to put on eBay, but that requires me to dig it out of storage, find boxes to ship it all in, package everything, and set up an eBay listing, only to get mere pennies back in return, if anything at all. Wretched hobby that was.

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