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Heh, I found this on my hard drive.

Drawing(s) under the cut )

Pfft, I don't even draw anymore. I wasn't very good at it anyways. ._.

It's not in sequential order, by the way. I think the most recent is the second one in the top row. Not even sure which one's the oldest. I guess you can't really tell because I never drew often enough to improve!
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For a day that started off kind of crummy, it ended pretty good. I drew a sketch and then started on another one. I haven't drawn in so long. My last completed drawing is dated last July.

While I was drawing one particular sketch, I was listening to a song and was suddenly inspired to not abandon a story idea. I would like to someday write more in addition to the first chapter I already have written, but I have a lot of projects as it is! Plus it's fanfiction, and I really wanted to focus more on original fiction. :\

I'm trying

Jan. 9th, 2015 06:06 pm
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Applied for two more retail jobs today. Makes me want to puke. I put down part-time as how much I want to work because I'm so reluctant to give up volunteering. I know I should be working full time, though. -_- There is no excuse not to. It's just I'm so much happier volunteering, even though I'm not earning a cent doing it. And since I'm in a position where I can afford to do it... I feel guilty, though. But who would've thought volunteering would be so much cooler than having a paid job?

For some reason it finally occurred to me to see if I could volunteer with the Forest Service, since relevant volunteer experience can translate to work experience in many cases. But every time I went to the website to see what was available in my area, there was never anything. Everything was irrelevant or too far from where I live. However, I didn't know I could also fill out an application, and it didn't have to be for an available opportunity. And, lo and behold, archaeology is a volunteer work category on the application. So I will be filling out this puppy tonight and send it off ASAP.

On another note, pretty much finished that portrait. Didn't turn out awful. I've got a lot to learn but I'm on my way. I'd like to do another one.
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Sometimes getting myself to draw is like pulling teeth. I'll go through periods where I'll do it a bunch, and then even longer periods where I won't do anything. I've struggled with a severe lack of confidence for the last 5 to 10 years. Had I not, I'd be way better than I am today. I used to draw all the time...

I decided to pull some teeth tonight and start on a portrait, no matter how awful it looked because it's not like I have to show it to anyone. Sometimes we make crap, but in the process we learn something, right? So I took what I have of this portrait so far and looked at in a mirror. I was shocked that it didn't look bad. It doesn't look anything like the person I'm referencing, but I'm more concerned about getting proportions right. I tend to always get one side of the face looking like it's melting off the head.

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