May. 28th, 2017 10:22 pm
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I found these on my external hard drive. I miss making dolls. The two on the right are customs, whereas the one on the far left is the original.

Sadly, I had to remove the lipstick and eyebrows of the pink Megara because the paint was bleeding into the vinyl. I don't know what it is about paint with red pigments in it, because it always bleeds into the vinyl. I've tried different methods to prevent it and have never been successful. Luckily, the staining will eventually fade once the paint is removed. I don't know how long it's been, but the staining has pretty much vanished on my pink Megara. Now she needs new eyebrows and lips.

Two more pics under the cut )
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I have a giant gripe that I decided to write in my paper journal instead of this one. Let's just say I'm frustrated right now and want to quit life.

To distract myself I went on eBay to look at things I can't buy right now, or just look at things I'm curious about. I found this interesting Anastasia doll I'd never seen before. It looks very similar to that one in the Key to the Past box set with Anastasia and her grandmother, and yet it's packaged like Paris Elegance Anastasia, which I have. I don't know if maybe this was a foreign release or what. I thought I knew of all the dolls that were made, but this one is totally new to me. I don't plan on bidding because I have the better version (Paris Elegance), and I'm not into buying every single thing of whatever my favorite thing is. She's got the same face/makeup, hair, gloves, comes with the little binoculars, plastic snap-on necklace, and plastic headband, though I can't tell if her earrings are just studs or if the hanging jewels just fell back behind her head and I can't see them. They look like studs, which is different from Paris Elegance and the set I mentioned earlier. The sheer cape thing she wears doesn't look like it has glitter, either.

I have what I consider the major dolls from the line: Paris Elegance (Anastasia and Dimitri), Together in Paris (Anya), and Dream Waltz. I also have Her Imperial Highness and the Always and Forever set (plus one Anastasia from this set I found at a thrift store, minus crown and shoes). Not sure I'd get more, but I've been eyeing the Key to the Past set and possibly Loving Memories if I can ever find it for a reasonable price.

But right now I'm too cheap to spend that kind of money on dolls that cost something like $20-25 back in the day. At least they were made better back then. The detail and quality of the fabric they used make dolls today look like crap.

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A while back I complained about what I believe is the declining quality of collector's Barbies. I still like Barbies, but I tend to buy older ones because newer ones don't interest me. I'm not sure why. I would totally stop buying Barbies if other similar brands weren't so much more expensive. I'd love to buy a Momoko doll.

Right now I have a new set of dolls in my curio. One of them is the Great Eras Collection Flapper Barbie. I have to say this doll is probably one of my top favorites. This is Mattel's photo:

I borrowed my cousin's ring light for my camera lens so I could take detail shots without using my flash:

I mean, I really feel like they don't make Barbies with this much detail anymore. I stopped buying the Dolls of the World Barbies because their quality got cheaper and cheaper but the price kept going up. I also got sick and tired of the stupid super model body types with the weird bent arms. Those kinds of bodies don't sit well on regular stands and have to use stands specifically made for them. What also galled me was the fact that Mattel stopped supplying display stands with their collector dolls. Sometimes they don't even have shoes. They do this because so many people don't take the dolls out of the boxes (which I heard can actually damage the dolls in the long run), so I guess Mattel figured they could save money.

I bought the Maiko Barbie (a geisha doll) several years ago, and had never spend that kind of money on a doll, and never have since. She had a metal piece in her hair that tarnished really bad. Are you telling me I blew that kind of money on a doll made with cheap metal? Thanks, Mattel. Then there are the dolls that look like they're wearing metal when you know it's probably just plastic. Don't get me started on that stiff, junky material they use for dresses nowadays.


Nov. 20th, 2016 03:28 pm
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I saw on Twitter that Mattel was advertising all three holiday Barbies for $99. I am not sure why anyone, except maybe extreme collectors, would buy all three. Plus, they are the most boring holiday Barbies I've ever seen. A plastic bodice with a plain dress in gradient color? Meh.

I don't really buy Barbies anymore, but the other dolls I like are more expensive and I won't let myself spend that kind of money on dolls. So I've just settled for the cheaper collectors Barbies. The reason I don't buy Barbies anymore is because I hate the super model type bodies and the massive amount of eye makeup. I hate the legs, the way the bodies are skinny and curved, and how the one arm is bent to put placed on the hip. I hate everything about it. I especially hate how the dolls don't come with stands anymore, because Mattel assumes everyone keeps their dolls in the boxes, so they don't waste time and money making stands to put in the boxes. I have extra stands, so it's not a huge issue, but it still annoys me. The super model body Barbies have special stands that conform to their weird legs. The metal universal stands I have work but the newer Barbies have plastic legs instead of the vinyl and so they slip when I try to stand them up on the metal surface.

There hasn't been a Barbie in years that I've actually really wanted to buy because I've been so disappointed in the overall quality of the dolls. Mattel uses cheaper material, less decoration, and prints patterns instead of embroidering or whatnot. Then they expect me to pay more. I remember when the Dolls of the World Barbies used to cost $20. Now they're something like $35, and their quality is a lot cheaper.

It's probably good I haven't bought many dolls lately because I don't have much room left, and I've been so overwhelmed with clutter and trying to clear it out that I don't want more to deal with. Last week I did buy two Barbies from an antique/junk store, but they were both really cheap. But for now, I think I'll put a hold on it.

I'm looking at Momoko dolls. They're expensive but I wouldn't mind buying at least one. I've always thought they were cute. Maybe I'll find one for under a hundred dollars if that's possible.

I would also like to get another Kurhn doll.

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