Feb. 24th, 2015 09:11 pm
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Oh. My. Gosh. I signed up for OK Cupid today and I had to disable my account after about six hours. I should've learned my lesson from that time I joined eHarmony. I was getting messages like crazy. I've heard men outnumber women significantly on dating websites, and so women gets inundated with messages and men often don't get responses. But I was getting some messages that just said "hi" and another guy said I had a nice body. *shiver* Same guy said I had a nice smile, too, which is fine, but... *shiver* I guess it's normal to get tons of profile visits and messages on these kinds of sites (and I was getting a lot of "likes"), but it was making me very uncomfortable and I don't like not responding to people, even though there are times when a no-response is needed. I didn't even get this with eHarmony, but dang it, that place doesn't do anything unless you cough up the money.

I don't want to meet people this way. It's too awkward for me. I swear I'm gonna find that guy at church and drag him on date ask him on a date because I just want to meet people in a normal way. And since OK Cupid isn't Christian-centric, I was finding a lot of people who identified as Christian but it didn't seem to be a big deal to them.

Since I only disabled my account and didn't delete it, I plan on maybe going back some other time but I was just too overwhelmed and awkward.

This made that one guy I kinda-sorta dated a while back look like a better prospect. At least we were on the same page about almost everything. If only he had been more mature and not had a really controlling mother. -_-;

I am now happy to be single for the moment.

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Oh my gosh. I just joined a Meetup group for singles in my area. It's that one I didn't get a good impression of at first, but I feel like it would be better for me than a dating website. It's just that "mixers" will probably freak me out. I don't have social anxiety (that I'm aware of), but I can be very shy and I'm an introvert, so group contexts are intimidating to me. I just really hope I can meet people my own age, and that events won't mostly consist of people old enough to be my parents.

I am desperate for a social life here!

And I haven't been able to join any hikes in the other group because all of the meetups are full with waiting lists, for the next three or four weeks. I guess that's to be expected in a group with over a thousand members. I also have to wait for a hike that is on my level of ability and isn't really far away.
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So yesterday I got a friend request on Facebook from a couple who share an account. I have no idea who they are, but I saw they were friends with a few of my relatives, but I decided to let the request sit for a while. Then this morning I get another friend request and a private message. I read the message first because it was from my aunt in Florida. She said she recommended a friend to me because she knew him, he's close to my age, and a Christian. I know she's trying to play matchmaker. I was afraid to, but I looked at his profile. My first impression was that he looked strangely similar to the last guy I kinda-sorta dated from the same state, but only in some features, like his hair. I was a little annoyed by his profile picture and instantly thought, "Oh, no. Not another special snowflake who thinks he's cute and funny." And--this may seem superficial, but I'm going with it from now on because last time I didn't, and it resulted in something very awkward later on--I did not find him attractive. He also looks much younger than me.

And I'm not doing the long distance thing again.

Jumping the gun? Sure. But I know what my aunt is up to, just like I knew what my grandparents were up to the last time they suggested a guy to me. It doesn't hurt for people to try and help, but I'd rather meet someone in a more "natural" environment like work or church or school. Even online dating feels too artificial and I don't want a relationship to feel forced, like last time.

Oh, I forgot to mention the couple again. They have the same last name as the guy. I'm pretty darn sure they're his parents. No, NO, AND NO AGAIN. Not doing that again!

Apparently, when my nearly nonexistent dating life isn't stagnating, it's on repeat.

I just don't know how to respond to my aunt and the requests. x_x

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