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I tried to make a chocolate tart yesterday and it was a disaster. I think there's a law in science that says if you take a big thing and break it up into smaller pieces, it takes up more space. I was dumb and forgot about this when I bought a small package of sliced almonds with the intent of chopping them into fine pieces. The package said it contained a half-cup of contents, which was exactly what I needed. When I chopped them up, however, I think it created more than half a cup. The dough I was trying to make didn't seem right. That and when I roasted the almonds beforehand, I didn't do it right and the almonds ended up smelling and tasting like burnt popcorn. The dough didn't taste good. To compensate for my mistake in the ingredient increments, I tried to add more stuff, but since I'm so inexperienced in cooking in general, I just gave up and went out and bought a darn pre-made pie crust. The tart itself is still in the fridge, waiting to be glazed. Let's hope it turns out decent. It's a lesson learned, though.

Today I have to send off some packages for some stuff I sold on eBay yesterday. It's all anime and manga. I swear, I'm not going to spend money like that again on any hobby. I had so much invested in that junk and didn't even get back half of what I paid for it. I know stuff depreciates in value over time, but wow. At least some of the stuff I bought was on sale or discount. I think I got my money back on at least one thing. With this money I plan on buying archaeological tools. I see it as trading in an old part of my life for a new part. I still have some anime and manga and don't plan on getting rid of it, mostly because I think it's worth keeping as part of my personal library.

I also need to work on this presentation I'm going to have to do in May. Back in September I decided to take one of my teachers' suggestions and present my linguistics research paper to the student symposium in the spring. It's about language revitalization in American Indian communities and the social benefits it offers. I accidentally gave the symposium people the wrong title for my paper, but I'm sure I can get it corrected.

Preparing the presentation has been difficult, but since I finished the paper a year ago for my linguistics course, and my teacher didn't see much that needed fixing, I've had a long time to do this. Now the time is drawing near and I need to give myself plenty of time to practice. Usually I only practice once or twice for class presentations, but this time I want to do it more. I just need to get my PowerPoint set up properly. The draft I gave my teacher was edited to the point of removing most of the slides. My teacher arranged them in a way that was a bit different from my paper, but I see now what he was trying to do.

After all this, plus my classes, I sort of don't want to do the presentation anymore. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I wanted to do it to challenge myself, but also to be able to put it on my resume and show I actually did something beyond classwork. Apparently stuff like this looks good on graduate school applications. Some of my other classmates are going to have nice looking applications because they've not only done the symposium, but they also did the Northwest Anthropological Conference and are going to be at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research. I wish I had time to do independent research. :(

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