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I do need to wait a few more weeks before ordering my transcripts. Ugh. They told me it takes a little while for the degree to show up, which makes sense since they need to confirm everything. I just need to keep an eye on my GIS certificate and make sure everything is fine. My degree audit is still showing it as incomplete because I selected some courses that weren't exactly on the list of courses to choose from, but my teacher did approve of it. It took a while for my minor to show up, after all. That and my teacher said the online degree audit isn't always reliable at showing what's really going on.

Today I think I'll go out and buy some walking shoes so I can get outside and exercise. The exercise equipment I would normally use is in the bedroom being used by my sister and her husband, and the best I can do right now is use my yoga mat in my room to exercise.
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I just sent in an application to volunteer at my local museum. I figured as long as I'm not working right now, I might as well do something productive besides write and draw and whatever. Maybe it'll give me some chances to network.

I look at USA Jobs every day, sometimes multiple times a day. The next thing I need to do is update my resume and make sure my CV looks good so I can send it to that cultural resource management firm.

Final grades came in, but I emailed the people who handle transcripts to see if I need to wait longer until my actual degree shows up on my official transcripts. I had a problem with my community college transcripts when I sent them to the university, because I had ordered them too early and my Associate's degree didn't show up on them. They said I needed to wait a week or so before it actually showed up, and I'm suspecting I'll need to do the same thing with the university.
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I should probably post about this.

I  GRADUATED. Magna Cum Laude. ;) But the graduation ceremony was awful. Haha. It was rainy, cold, and windy, and the only people from my family who stayed the whole time were my parents. Everyone else left after my name was called and I walked off the stage. I don't blame them, because even I didn't stay until the end. People were bailing left and right, even though we're supposed to stay the whole time. I was glad to go. When we got home, we had a party with some relatives and by the end of the night I was exhausted. But it was nice to have family over, and my cousin, who's practicing photography, took family pictures in our backyard.

Today we had a Father's Day gathering and had another meal together. As long as my grandparents are in town, there will be a lot of these get-togethers. x_x

At some point I need to go back to the school and get my portfolio and GIS journal back because I actually care about those things. As soon as my final grades come in, I'm going to order my transcripts and start applying for jobs again.

I can't wait to get back into my hobbies, but it'll take me a while to get back to "normal." Since my sister and her husband and baby are living with us temporarily as they look for a new house, my office is being used as the baby's bedroom. There's a lot stuff in there, and the windows are darkened with blankets, so I can't work in that room at all. The next best place is the kitchen, but until things calm down again I probably won't be able to do anything for a while. -_-

Slow going

Jun. 9th, 2014 03:07 pm
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Two new chapters uploaded for The Long Dark. I have decided not to repost my older fics back to I have seriously only had, like, one hit in a whole month on Long Dark, which baffles me and then doesn't really surprise me. It doesn't have that many hits on AO3, either, but that's what happens when you write for an obscure, dead fandom. I told myself Et Cetera: Miscellaneous (now broken up into separately posted stories) would be the last I write for that fandom, but my muse got the better of me. Now I'm saying The Long Dark will be my last one, but it's turning into a much longer story than I anticipated. I wanted to keep it to ten chapters, but hahaha, yeah right. So far I'm not sure I like it all that much, but I'm this far into it and don't want to turn back now. I'm going to finish it.

I've started another chapter, but ended up cutting out a piece of dialogue that halved what I had written so far.

Since I'm done with two classes now, I have two more to finish, but there's not much left to do. With all this free time, I cleaned a bunch on Saturday, because I'm sick of how much I've slacked over the last few months. I almost feel like I'm actually done with school, but I have to remind myself that I still have work to do.

My grandparents are supposed to be here this week for my graduation. Here's hoping my mom doesn't have a meltdown (she doesn't get along well with her parents. Luckily they aren't staying here!).

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Things are starting to wind down. I finished two tests today, which concludes two classes. I didn't study that well for either of them, since I'm so burned out and just don't care anymore. The first one was a lot harder than I anticipated, and it might be my worst grade for that class. The second test was easy and I finished in twenty minutes. I didn't have to study that hard for that one since it was a subject I've learned in several other classes, so it was more like a review.

Now all I have left is my GIS portfolio and my GIS III class. I don't have to attend school next week, but I'll have to be there to turn stuff in.

Yesterday my department had a barbeque. I brought some homemade cupcakes, but there was so much food, and so much dessert, that only a couple of my cupcakes got eaten. I brought them again today to give to people, but people just didn't seem interested. I left a few in the department's library just in case, but brought the rest home. The barbeque was depressing for me, mostly because I'm graduating and I have to say goodbye to a lot of people, but also because I realized--as I have throughout this whole year--how I didn't really connect or talk to my teachers much, except for maybe two. I don't like to talk to them without having a really good reason, because they're busy people, and I always think I'm too busy, but I do think I missed out on a lot of opportunities because I didn't know what I wanted to say to them or I was being too shy. I at least was able to speak briefly with the head of the cultural resource management firm in the school about volunteering or working this summer if they needed workers.
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My sister's family moved in a few days ago since they sold their house and are looking for a new one. It seems every time they go to make an offer on one they like, someone beats them to it and the house sells. They're hoping to find one soon, though.

Over Memorial Day weekend my sister and I, with her baby, went to visit my grandparents and some other relatives. My grandmother is struggling physically, and my grandpa can't always take care of her alone. We stayed at my uncle's house since my cousins were already staying at my grandparents', and my grandparents weren't super keen on having a lot of company, which is understandable. My grandpa was really grumpy the evening we arrived, but he was a lot better the next day. I had a much better time than I anticipated, since I've felt bothered by my sister and I was afraid we'd get into an argument. It's hard to explain, but I'm glad we didn't get on any touchy subjects on the drive.

I'm so ready for school to be done, though. I just want to focus on getting work experience and looking at graduate schools.
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Two more weeks left of instruction and then finals week, so really three weeks left of school. I have to really start getting serious about putting together my GIS portfolio. Bleeecch. I also need to start getting serious about speaking with someone about making myself available for volunteering or temporary work in archaeology. But today I found out something interesting I won't mention here yet until I hear a confirmation.

This weekend I'm going to visit my grandparents with my sister and niece. Part of me doesn't really want to go, but I think I need to because my grandmother has been in and out of the hospital and I don't believe either of my grandparents are going to be around for much longer. I should visit them as often as I can.

No progress on my fanfiction lately. I've been sitting on Chapter 18 for a while, and I'm just too tired mentally and emotionally to care right now.
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My presentation went really well, and the feedback I got was good. Someone said I needed to be more animated, but I was trying to keep my composure, and by speaking slowly and calmly helped me keep from being too nervous. But I'll consider it in the future.

I am so glad to have this done, and I was glad I did it! It was something I think I needed to go to help be grow further and get more used to presenting.

Tomorrow I have a test, so hopefully I'll have time to study for it tonight because I'll be volunteering at the symposium until this afternoon. Then on Friday I have a lab due. And I still need to work on that GIS project.

But I'm not complaining, because I have one big thing behind me and finished now. :)
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Just for randomness, I took this photo last summer while visiting Silver City, Idaho, and then put it through a convenient photo filter app.

Mother's Day went well once my sister and her husband got here. My mom has a tendency to freak out before get-togethers, but I think she was especially on edge because of my upcoming graduation party and the logistics concerning my grandparents who will be flying out here from Kentucky. Yeesh.

The spring symposium is on Wednesday, and I'm presenting at 8:40 in the morning. Ugh. Hopefully this means few people will actually be there, including some of the other anthropology majors. I'm suddenly nervous now about presenting in front of any of my teachers who might be there. o_o

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It's always hard for me to get started on weekends. I usually allow myself the morning hours to relax and do whatever I want, like read. But by noon I have to make myself get up and be productive, usually with homework. I actually don't have much homework this weekend, thankfully. I mainly have to study for a test that's on Monday, and practicing my presentation is another priority--oh, but I do have a little work to do for my GIS class. My group doesn't have a lot to do until we meet with the people we're making this map for, because we need them to see that their idea for what they want just isn't going to be reasonable. Once we get their input, we can really get to work on the project, but the meeting isn't until Tuesday. This project actually kind of sucks and I'm disappointed in the whole affair. I was expecting something different, but I suppose it's my own fault if I didn't take more of an initiative to get something different. But then again it's sort of a good thing there's not much involved (yet) because I'm swamped with other work to do. I absolutely cannot wait until I graduate. e_e

Yesterday I met with my cousin to take pictures of me for graduation. I'm not sending out announcements, but she insisted on taking pictures, and she's a growing photographer whose been doing this on the side and would like to start her own business. Even though she didn't charge me for anything, I plan on compensating her. We spent an hour and a half on campus, mostly in one new building she really liked, but because of all the people around we decided to meet up again next weekend to do more pictures. That way there won't be as many people around. Here's hoping the weather will be decent. :P
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It's just a little over a week until the spring symposium at school. I practiced my presentation "for real" today in front of my parents since they're the only audience I have at the moment. They may have to suffer through a few more practice runs. ;) According to my teacher, I write well, but I know my speaking abilities can be a bit rough because, like anyone else, I get nervous and speak too quickly when I present.

Lately I've been watching The Big Valley because I'm a dork like that and I like to watch hunky cowboys on TV. I've also been watching Bonanza and Gunsmoke, and on the weekend I'm trying to catch The Virginian on a different channel. TV shows from the 1960s can be dorky and cheesy and yet I still like them somehow. Sometimes the stories are actually interesting.

Been plowing through People of the Thunder, but I haven't touched The Mammoth Book of Westerns because the size of the book is a little too inconvenient to put in my backpack to read on the way to school, and I haven't been able to take the time to read at home lately. And speaking of books, I bought some books from the book sale shelf at my school library, which made me happy because there was this huge book about the American West that was worth the whole dollar I spent on it because it's so detailed and What a find.

I haven't heard anything yet about the job I applied to. Makes me think I wasn't selected and they aren't able to tell me yet.

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It's hard to do homework when it's getting so nice out, but the temperature is going to drop a little the rest of the week. Spring around here is like a car that won't start, haha.

Nothing much going on except homework. I just emailed a lady about attending a GRE prep seminar that begins next week. I opted out of the one they did in the fall because of idea of going to graduate school terrified me and just made me more stressed out. I'm still stressed out, but I know I don't have to do grad school right now. I think the GRE is the biggest obstacle, and I've heard it's pretty terrible. I know not all schools want GRE scores, but my number one school does. I'm also worried about letters of recommendation, since I didn't really connect that well with most of my teachers (introvert problems), and I can only think of two whom I could ask. I'd better keep in contact with them after graduation, although one is in his mid-70s and who knows how much longer he'll be around? :\ I hope to find work this summer, so maybe then I can connect with someone and they'd be willing to write one for me.

I've finished the seventeenth chapter of my fanfiction The Long Dark, and also posted the first chapter to AO3 after much consideration. I deleted it a while back because I made some dumb mistakes in it and wanted to develop the plot more. I wanted to finish the story first before posting it, but I feel like posting it gives me more motivation to write it, even if there's probably no one reading it. I would say the fandom is 99% dead anyway, so I doubt readers are waiting on the edge of their seats for the next chapter. :P

Catching up

Apr. 6th, 2014 08:40 am
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I'm already behind on my reading for school. It doesn't help that I read the wrong chapter for my human geography class, and my sister came over with her baby because she's showing her house to sell. I get so easily distracted. But I managed to read the next chapter in my physical geography book and get about halfway on the chapter I should've read for my other class. I still need to write notes for each one and make flash cards. I want to do well in these classes because I already took a class on geomorphology and another on map/air photo analysis and I really ought to know things by now!

My GIS class hasn't really taken off yet. We're supposed to choose an "internship" and commit to it by some point in the next few weeks. Being an anthropology major among geography majors, there really wasn't much related to social sciences (even though geography has aspects of it that are social science). I talked to my teacher about anything else there could be and she mentioned something about historical archaeology, but she can't find a GIS professional to take up the project. I'm not even sure there even is a project. The only other option I feel would be good for me is one about making a map for the university having to do with demographics and such. I'm thinking that's where I'll end up because my teacher isn't even going to be here this week, and really I can't wait around for something to happen, and end up waiting until the last minute to submit a proposal about what project I've committed to.

In other news, I got a few Barnes and Noble gift cards for my birthday. I've already used up one, but I have another $50 on another I think I'll spend online since books are a little cheaper there. There's a B&N in my hometown, and as much as I like going to look at their books, as soon as I see the pricetag I feel a little sick. ^^; A librarian I once knew used to work for Waldenbooks, and the price of books was what prompted her to become a librarian. That and she was unhappy with her current career path (it was something like organic chemistry). It always made her sad when she would suggest a book to someone but they couldn't buy it or didn't want to buy it because it was too expensive. I just don't know how brick-and-mortar bookstores stay in business without a website that offers cheaper prices. But then you have to pay shipping and sometimes tax and by then you might as well have just gone to the store and paid full retail.

So far I've bought The Mammoth Book of Westerns, Wagon West: Washington!, and Heart of the West (by O. Henry). Seems I'm on a western binge.

I've been trying to read instead of write lately, because I feel like my writing has suffered for some reason. Maybe it's lack of practice or I'm just not into it. I'm determined to finish a fanfiction, but when I go back and read some of my older fanfiction, I feel like I wrote better than I do now. It's not entirely true, though. One of the biggest problems I had was head-hopping, and as much as I tried to fix all of it later, there are still some areas I missed, and a reader might not know whose perspective I'm writing from. A while back I was determined to go through and edit a second or third time, but never got around to it because of college. Then I decided to let it set while I learned as much about writing as possible and practice in other ways.

Today I don't know what's going to happen. I was supposed to go shopping with my mom, but now we're not sure we really want to. All the places we want to go to open late on Sundays, and my mom seems intent on cleaning the house. Might as well put our Sunday to better use than spending money.
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Well, it's back to school for me. My last quarter, too.

I'm taking two geography classes, both introductory courses so I can get my geography minor. I already have another class done to fulfill the rest. Tomorrow I go to my GIS class (last one! Whoo!) and apparently we're supposed to start listening to employers speak about internships they offer, and then we get to pick which ones we want. I've never had an internship before, so we'll see what happens.

The quarters always start out really well and then I start slacking. Right now I'm trying really hard to get as much done on my research presentation because there are only about six weeks left until the symposium. Later I'll need to hit the books and start studying for my geography classes.

I also got my cap and gown today, and a red and white tassel since the only other option for undergrads was black. But our school colors are red and white anyway. The black ones were just cheaper. The graduate students got more colors because they're indicative of different areas of study. Not fair.

Yesterday my sister and her family came over for an early birthday celebration (mine). We ate some of my tart, and it actually turned out pretty good, but it was so rich I couldn't have cake. My actual birthday isn't until Thursday, though. My sister got me a gift card to Barnes and Noble, since that's what I asked for. I went there and got The Mammoth Book of Westerns. I saw a lot of other things I wanted, but buying books directly from a brick-and-mortar bookstore is so expensive. I was looking at nonfiction mostly, but thought it would be a good idea to get some fiction.

Here's hoping for another good quarter and that I don't get senioritis.

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I tried to make a chocolate tart yesterday and it was a disaster. I think there's a law in science that says if you take a big thing and break it up into smaller pieces, it takes up more space. I was dumb and forgot about this when I bought a small package of sliced almonds with the intent of chopping them into fine pieces. The package said it contained a half-cup of contents, which was exactly what I needed. When I chopped them up, however, I think it created more than half a cup. The dough I was trying to make didn't seem right. That and when I roasted the almonds beforehand, I didn't do it right and the almonds ended up smelling and tasting like burnt popcorn. The dough didn't taste good. To compensate for my mistake in the ingredient increments, I tried to add more stuff, but since I'm so inexperienced in cooking in general, I just gave up and went out and bought a darn pre-made pie crust. The tart itself is still in the fridge, waiting to be glazed. Let's hope it turns out decent. It's a lesson learned, though.

Today I have to send off some packages for some stuff I sold on eBay yesterday. It's all anime and manga. I swear, I'm not going to spend money like that again on any hobby. I had so much invested in that junk and didn't even get back half of what I paid for it. I know stuff depreciates in value over time, but wow. At least some of the stuff I bought was on sale or discount. I think I got my money back on at least one thing. With this money I plan on buying archaeological tools. I see it as trading in an old part of my life for a new part. I still have some anime and manga and don't plan on getting rid of it, mostly because I think it's worth keeping as part of my personal library.

I also need to work on this presentation I'm going to have to do in May. Back in September I decided to take one of my teachers' suggestions and present my linguistics research paper to the student symposium in the spring. It's about language revitalization in American Indian communities and the social benefits it offers. I accidentally gave the symposium people the wrong title for my paper, but I'm sure I can get it corrected.

Preparing the presentation has been difficult, but since I finished the paper a year ago for my linguistics course, and my teacher didn't see much that needed fixing, I've had a long time to do this. Now the time is drawing near and I need to give myself plenty of time to practice. Usually I only practice once or twice for class presentations, but this time I want to do it more. I just need to get my PowerPoint set up properly. The draft I gave my teacher was edited to the point of removing most of the slides. My teacher arranged them in a way that was a bit different from my paper, but I see now what he was trying to do.

After all this, plus my classes, I sort of don't want to do the presentation anymore. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I wanted to do it to challenge myself, but also to be able to put it on my resume and show I actually did something beyond classwork. Apparently stuff like this looks good on graduate school applications. Some of my other classmates are going to have nice looking applications because they've not only done the symposium, but they also did the Northwest Anthropological Conference and are going to be at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research. I wish I had time to do independent research. :(

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