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I'll try to get caught up reading everyone's entries.

So I got back from Idaho yesterday evening. We ended up staying an extra day because the place I thought was "it" turned out...not to be "it." Very nice people, I'll say that. But there were a few things they didn't mention in the ad. While I spoke to one of them on the phone, they mentioned there was a dog and a child (I misheard and thought she meant something else and not a child). I thought I could be okay with that, because at that time I felt pretty desperate. Then, when I met them, the house felt smaller than I imagined it would be. Also, it turned out the grandmother lived downstairs with her little dog. And one adult daughter lived downstairs, too. Um.... Plus the room they were renting out was pretty small.

I was crushed, though I didn't show it. They were such kind people, and one of them said I was exactly the kind of person they were hoping to rent to. My dad was present with me and sensed this was not a good choice, and told them we were still considering other options (but at that point, we hadn't called anyone else).

Someone had told me about a woman who was going to rent out two rooms in her house to seasonal BLM and Forest Service employees. I contacted her and met with her to discuss it. She's close to my age and mellow. She has a young dog and a cat. My dad and I had driven by the house earlier that day and the neighborhood looked good. My only reservation is the animals, which I may or may not have allergic reactions to. If I pet a dog or a cat, I have to wash my hands immediately afterwards because if I end up touching my face or another sensitive area, I'll itch like crazy. I'm not deathly allergic to animals, so it might not be an issue. However, minimizing physical discomfort is a must because I will be experiencing a lot of emotional discomfort (new job, new place, no friends, can't just go home on weekends like I used to). Also, I'd have to get an air mattress because I'm not of the mind to haul my bed down there. A good air mattress costs money and even reviews on the best ones indicate there's always a chance of receiving a defective product. I really don't want to spend that kind of dough right now.

We also found out an apartment complex that often rents to college students has a month-to-month rate in what they call "shared living units." These units have six separate rooms, two large bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. We got a tour of the complex and it's actually a really nice place with a pool, laundry facilities, and a club house. It's not a dorm because it's not affiliated with the nearby college, but I'm sure it can act as one since I don't think the college itself has dorms. There are rules for behavior and cleanliness, which I found to be a huge plus. However, the idea of sharing an apartment with possibly five other people puts a damper on things. You just never know what you're going to get. They make you take a personality test to better match you with roommates, but still...

So far I haven't made a decision. Both options seem equally good with equal drawbacks. Both have pretty much the same rent rate and it's extremely good for the money I'll be making. I'd definitely be able to save money in either case. And I'll have have internet--well, for the apartments I might need to buy a wireless router if I want WiFi, because otherwise I'd have to use a cable to access their internet. So what will I spend money on, an air mattress or a router? Hmm. Anyway......
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After an episode of panic yesterday, I decided it was time for me to get down to business finding a place to live for the summer. I emailed the assistant forest archaeologist and asked that he spread the word that I'm looking for a place to live, and--as much as I didn't want to do this--said I would be okay rooming with other Forest Service seasonals who have already secured a place and need a roommate. I forgot to mention that I prefer to live with other women. Oops.

As badly as I want to live alone, I don't think it's reasonable to expect it. Unless some miracle happens, I'm going to have to look for roommates. Luckily this is a college town with what appears to be a high Mormon population, so that means there will be college students needing roommates, and according to what I'm finding on Craigslist, a lot of people don't want anyone who drinks, smokes, or parties. So that works out in my favor. I'd rather room with quiet, boring college students than people who drink or party. I need an alcohol-free environment for the sake of my mental and emotional health.

Yesterday was just awful. I'm not sure if we should expect a repeat today. I won't talk about it here because this isn't a f-locked post.
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I was going to do an update just now but now I'm blanking on what I wanted to say.

Lately I've been trying to keep the panic/anxiety at bay about what I'm going to do about housing this summer. If anyone here has a lot of experience going from apartment to apartment, or rental to rental, do you have any advice on what I could do to find a short-term rental? I know it's really a matter of calling around. I don't know of a month-to-month place as of yet. There are some places that are willing to do a six-month lease, but at this point I'm not sure I can do even that. I saw a few listings for roommates that mentioned month-to-month being okay, and they sounded like nice people, but I really, really would like a place to myself. I'm extremely uncomfortable with the idea of living with someone I don't know and won't even be working with. I was okay with it last season because the couple I lived with were verified by someone I trust. I also don't want to live with a man.

Then I made the mistake of looking at the sex offender registry. Holy mother of... This place is teeming with sex offenders. A lot of them are registered for offenses against children. One of the places the assistant forest archaeologist recommended, if I have a travel trailer, is a campground next to the SO (Supervisor's Office) that rents out spaces. There are two sex offenders in that location. Maybe I'm just being really paranoid, but when I looked at the map for Summer Town, there were maybe three offenders in the whole town. It makes sense there would be more in New Summer Town since it's bigger, but the density surprised me. You'd think I was on skid row in my home city.

I keep reading about this thing called a lease takeover, which I don't fully understand yet other than it all depends on the policies a landlord lays out.

Haaaaaaah, I'm so inexperienced. x_x

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One of the apartments was already taken by the time I managed to get ahold of the manager--supposedly. The guy didn't sound certain, but I didn't call it to attention so I just left it alone. Besides, I later swung by the place to get an application to have on hand in case something does come up, and the lobby area smelled funky, the floor was dirty, and I noticed the stairs were carpeted in really old, brown shag carpet. Blech. I'll still keep the place in mind, but good grief.

As for the other place... It's above a computer repair shop in an old brick building in the heart of downtown. The shop was really nice and professional looking, and the guy who runs the shop is also one of the landlords. I filled out the application, but when I handed it back to him he said that the only reservation he had was the fact I couldn't sign a year lease. He said it takes time and money for them to select new tenants, and they don't like having high turnover. There are only four apartments, and some of the tenants have lived there for several years. The guy who moved out of the apartment that's up for rent was there for twelve years. I told the landlord that I understood.

He did show me the apartment, though. He was currently renovating each apartment as people moved out, and let me tell you I absolutely loved it. It's very small, a sort of cross between a studio and a one bedroom because the bedroom is separate but it's not closed off. The landlord is putting in new tile, new carpeting, new appliances... It's a secure entrance where if someone who's not a tenant wants in, they have to use a sort of doorbell-intercom system to call. I love how small the place is. I wouldn't need any furniture besides my bed, kitchen table with chairs, and another chair for the living area. The windows look down on main street. A window A/C unit can be placed in the window. There's only one washer and dryer for everyone, but that's okay with me.

When we stepped outside, he told me he would wait for more applications to come in before making a decision. This is a huge red flag for me. I felt like he was basically saying he would wait for someone who could sign a year lease. I think my chances are pretty slim.

I was pretty upset all the way back home. On the phone the landlord had made it sound like first-come, first-serve (actually, I spoke to his wife, who then relayed the details to her husband). I wish he had just told me that I absolutely had to sign a year lease if I wanted the place, which would've saved me the trouble of driving all the way up there to fill out an application, and getting my hopes up.

Right now I'm trying to figure out who else I could network with to perhaps find a place in town, but you can't get any better than the rent this apartment has, or otherwise I'd have to room with someone, which was something I was hoping to avoid this time around.

I still have a month before work starts, but I fully expect at this point to be living in the bunkhouse. :(
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Ohhhhh!! So two apartments were just listed for Summer Town (code name for the place I'll be living this summer). One has really reasonable rent and is in the heart of the business area, possibly on the second floor of a building where there's a computer repair shop on the ground level. It's one of those older brick buildings, so I don't know what the quality might look like. Nothing was mentioned in the ad about a lease. My main concern about second level apartments is being hot in the summer. Most of these places don't have A/C despite temperatures often breaking 100+ degrees in the height of summer. I would rather be cold than hot. But I get that A/C takes a lot of electricity.

The other apartment is at the month-to-month place I've called before. The rent is higher but it's still in town and close to where I work (anywhere in town will be close to where I work, but this place is pretty darn close). Since I know most of the specifics about the place, and I've driven around it to get a good look at it's quality at least on the outside, I wouldn't mind living there.

The bunkhouse is still way, way cheaper, but I dread the idea of going back there. Not even the lure of cheap rent puts my mind at ease. I'm still open to it, and I would do it if I have no other options, and I can resign myself to it, but if I do live out there I'll be going home on the weekends often, which is what I don't want to do this summer. Having a place in town will make me want to stay in town on weekends. I'd like to volunteer at the local historical society to keep me busy.

As for getting internet in a place if I get one (which isn't an option at the bunkhouse), I'm still debating with myself about it. I could get a card at the local library or something and use their internet--if they have any. I don't want to have to use the WiFi at the ghetto grocery store, which is what one of my coworkers did the first season. He said he saw a few drug deals go down while he was there. I'm not sure where else I could get WiFi. I think it's sad how desperately I feel like I need to be connected to the internet when it's probably better for me to not always be constantly plugged in.

EDIT: Oh crap. I just forgot. I've been having trouble with my phone where I'll call someone and they can't hear me, even though I can hear them. I've been leaving messages. Oh my gosh, I hope they can hear me on those messages. I might end up calling these places again tomorrow if I don't hear back today.

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