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2017-09-09 07:14 pm
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Just one hundred

Sometimes when I feel stuck on a piece of writing, and I haven't touched it in a while, I tell myself to just write one hundred words. That's all. It'll give me some sense of progress, even if it isn't much. So I did it with an original story I haven't worked on in a few months.

And, sometimes, I'll find I want to continue. That's not the case this time, but at least I got in one hundred words, am I right? :)
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2017-09-09 04:35 pm

Penned in

I don't know why I do this to myself on the weekends when I know it's best for me to just stay in until Sunday when I go do my grocery shopping. But I guess I have so little time to do anything else during the week that it's a bit like releasing a dam.

And there will be whining )
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2017-09-08 10:05 pm
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(no subject)

Heh, I found this on my hard drive.

Drawing(s) under the cut )

Pfft, I don't even draw anymore. I wasn't very good at it anyways. ._.

It's not in sequential order, by the way. I think the most recent is the second one in the top row. Not even sure which one's the oldest. I guess you can't really tell because I never drew often enough to improve!
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2017-09-08 08:27 pm
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I have been chosen for the assistantship.

So I cancelled the data specialist interview and withdrew my application for the custodial job. Sure, the stipend is a pittance compared to what I'm getting now, but a tuition waiver more than makes up for it.
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2017-09-04 03:26 pm
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Twin Peaks Season 3

Well, the third season of Twin Peaks was a nope for me. I get that it's been 25 years and that it's not reasonable to expect it to be the same as the old series because TV has long since changed, but the producers sure took advantage of the newfound freedoms provided by their new TV network.

It wasn't because I thought it was terrible. It was because it had become "not my cup of tea," whereas the old series very much was. Too much sex, too much violence, the F-word peppering almost every sentence, and scenes that dragged on for so long that I grew bored and scrolled through Instagram until it ended. There was nothing in it that I had loved about the previous seasons. It was too dark and depressing for me. I didn't even finish the tenth episode.

I hated to drop it, because I normally don't drop what I start, but I wasn't going to drag myself through another six hours of it when I wasn't even enjoying myself. I cared what happened to the characters, but I read a mild spoiler stating nothing is really resolved in the end anyway. Nope, not going to put up with that.

I'm glad I pirated it. I would've cancelled my subscription before the month was out.

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2017-09-03 04:48 pm
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Just one more reason

One thing I'm looking forward to when I get home is our fast internet. The internet here was fine all summer until the fall semester started for the local college. Of course, this means with more people we'll have slower internet. Not surprising. But good grief, I checked our internet speed a few days ago and it was 20mbps. Now it's 3.5mbps. At home we get 120mbps. I didn't expect the same speed of internet here as at home, but still... Yeesh. Is it really because a lot of people are using it, or...? I don't know much about how these things work.
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2017-09-03 12:18 pm
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The search continues

So I have an interview set up for a data specialist position at my school on September 18, but they told me there could be a chance they may hire someone before then because they are hoping to hire sooner. They put me out that far because I can't come in for a physical interview until then. I guess they can only hire local people who can be there for an in-person interview, which sucks for students coming from out of town or out of state. Seems kind of unfair for non-locals since this job is supposed to be for students.

I also got a call about a cleaning job I had applied for, but they also wanted an in-person interview, so they told me to give them a call when I get back in town.

Right now I'm trying to start a cover letter for a custodial position at school. A cover letter. To be a janitor. The listing doesn't state a cover letter is needed but when I click to apply, it says it needs both a resume and a cover letter. Ugh. I don't have any prior custodial experience but I have some transferable skills and experience. It'll be a pretty short letter. :P

 I am willing to shovel manure to keep me from dipping into my savings.
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2017-09-01 08:49 pm
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(no subject)

For all my work hours I have to assign a job code associated with a project or department's budget. This forest I'm on is different from my old one where I pretty much had one job code because our work was always with the same project (timber management). Also, on this forest it's apparently okay for me to use whatever job code has funding available. So, for my last few time sheets, I was instructed by the budget officer to use whatever code was left for the money that was set aside for my position.

Well, my supervisor didn't get the memo. I'm not sure why he didn't see it last time, but he saw it this time, and today he let me know that he had to reject my time sheet because I wasn't using the code associated with fire work. He told me I needed to use those codes, and he could approve it by Monday if need be (Monday is Labor Day, dummy. We're not working!). I have no more days left for that code which is why I didn't use it.

I let him know what I'd been instructed to do, so he told me to just resubmit it and he'd approve it.

I completely forgot.

It's almost 9pm and I just now got around to resubmitting it. I texted him a little while ago to tell him what had happened. I'm not sure how he'll respond. I don't know how supervisors approve time sheets, if they get an email about it (which they can only access on our work computers in the office) or go through the Forest Service's HR website (which they can access through regular internet). I'm hoping it's the latter so he doesn't have to take the time going back into the office.

I'm sort of annoyed with him, but it's more my fault because I had all day to resubmit the darn thing.

Going to be popping another Benadryl tonight. Is it unhealthy to keep taking those every night? I just need to get to sleep and stay asleep because otherwise the people upstairs are going to keep me awake. I'm thinking these apartments are just cheaply made and that my upstairs neighbors aren't being louder than normal. It seems odd that I should be able to hear them opening a desk drawer. But none of this would be a problem if they went to bed at a normal time and weren't up almost all night scuffling around.

I'm starting a new tag called "apartment living". :P
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2017-09-01 06:00 pm
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Ho ho hooooo

I got a VPN out of curiosity and because it might come in handy in the future. I decided to try it out on the word "torrent," since no matter what I did, that word would not allow me to post on here or on AO3 if it was in the text box.

It works. >:)
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2017-08-26 06:03 pm

Trying to get caught up

Took two off-brand Benadryl last night and slept wonderfully. I only woke up once at 1am to go to the bathroom, and I could hear the people upstairs walking around, but I went back to sleep until morning. It's tempting to do this every night so I can get proper sleep, but I'm not sure it's healthy to take pills like that all the time. The melatonin I took the other night didn't do jack for me when normally it does. I would rather take that than Benadryl. However, I need time to sleep this stuff off, which means sleeping in, but I can't do that during the work week, now can I?

Trying to get caught up on things has been a bit of a challenge. I have a bunch of things I've been meaning to do and if something isn't urgent I won't get around to it very quickly. The eclipse weekend really put me off schedule, and when I came back I felt like I'd been gone for a month.

I've done absolutely nothing creative for probably two or three weeks. I've been busy updating my resume, applying for jobs, and working my tail off at work.

I am now registered for the classes I need this fall. The only thing I'm waiting on is information on the GSA appointment. I set up my profile on the website where they announce job opportunities aimed at students and alumni, and I saw a few assistantships there for other departments, but I'm not sure if these are for undergrads or grads.

Trying to find a job for the winter will be a bit tough. I'm "overqualified" for most jobs I apply for, but I apply anyway. I applied for two cleaning positions that involve cleaning offices and other businesses. I'm interested because they are part-time, and one of them said it's a good job for people who just want a little work on the side or are students. And it's weekends. It's funny because I was thinking this summer about how I'm not a paid housekeeper and refuse to clean up after my roommates. But then again I do like cleaning. It's so weird how I look forward to the cleaning inspections.
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2017-08-24 07:48 pm
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Lack of sleep

Long story short, eclipse weekend was exhausting. Since my aunt lives in the path of totality, I got to see a total eclipse, which was pretty cool--both figuratively and literally because it did cool down as the moon moved in front of the sun. It also got dark enough to see a few stars and the horizon looked like either morning or evening. I didn't think I'd be that excited as the time came, but the most excited person I think was my cousin, haha.

But I say it was exhausting because I didn't get very good sleep. I slept on the floor, which was fine because I have an amazing REI sleeping pad, so I was perfectly comfortable. But I slept in the office which was right next to the living room and kitchen area, and I was usually the first person to bed while everyone else would stay up till almost midnight. Add small children into the mix and I had a hard time getting to sleep. I lived on coffee.

Then the new people now living in the apartment above me stay up past midnight, one or two in the morning. I'm not the only one who's noticed, but I may be the only person who's bothered. I get that some people are night owls or have insomnia, but this is ridiculous because apparently it's more than one person. I asked two of my roommates if they've heard noises above their rooms late at night and they said yes.

At one point I called the night manager to make a noise complaint, but it went to his voicemail and I didn't bother leaving a message. Maybe it's not really worth it. The only thing that really bothers me is how sometimes they knock things around. And now that our new beds are higher off the floor, we have to slide off our beds onto the floor, which may account for some of the loud thumps I hear.

Yesterday I bought silicone ear plugs because the regular foam kind hurt my ears anymore. I need something that doesn't hurt as much when I sleep on my side, because I'm really not a back sleeper. The silicone ones feel a little better, but they can bother me a bit after a while, and they don't block out as much noise. But still, a bit more comfortable than the foam ones. I managed to fall asleep before midnight and got somewhat better sleep.

Really, though, I think what really keeps me up is my anger at the noise, not so much the noise itself, so I've been trying to manage that.

It's affected me at work. I can drive as much as four hours a day, and fighting exhaustion while I'm driving is extremely dangerous. I drank an entire 5-Hour Energy yesterday, even though I usually just sip it over a two or three day period (I can't drink a whole one at once). I have zero motivation or desire to do my work because I am too darn tired to care. I need to catch up on my sleep.

Sadly, I have to work tomorrow because I didn't work on Monday. I would've liked a three day weekend to get the rest I need, but I'll have to settle for two days.

I waffle between looking forward to going back home and dreading it. This is one instance where I'm looking forward to it.

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2017-08-12 09:04 pm
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I haven't been on Dreamwidth much because I've just been too tired or mentally/emotionally exhausted to care. In fact, I haven't cared a whole ot about anything, except watching Twin Peaks. I was really bored and wanted to watch something since I've had no interest in reading or writing, and if I'm not careful I'll do nothing but spend money on weekends, all because I'm bored.

Even though I have a Netflix subscription, I don't use it that often because I'm just not into movies or TV shows. I only got it for Bob's Burgers, until Netflix started dropping seasons. I'm not sure it's even still on there anymore. So I tried a few shows but couldn't get into them, didn't like the acting, the story/plot was dumb, etc. So I tried Twin Peaks because I'd heard some good things about it, and the new series seemed like a big deal. Since it's late and I'm thinking of going to bed, I will save the keyboard smashing for tomorrow. I binge-watched a whole bunch of episodes today. I might finish it tomorrow. The new series is through Showtime but I don't have a subscription. :( I'll have to think on it.

Work goes. The eclipse is next Monday and I will be traveling north to visit my aunt, who happens to live in the path of totality. My other two fellow workers will have to camp out at some sensitive historic and archaeological sites to keep an eye on them. One site is a historic building that's listed as a "designated viewing area" on a map put out by our forest. Uh, thanks a lot, guys. Make our jobs harder, why don't you?

Been looking at jobs to apply for, and plan on applying to a bunch tomorrow. My FAFSA came back with an "award", if you can call loans an award--which I don't. Personally I find it offensive. I declined it. I will try to pay for tuition out of pocket for as long as I can. But so much hinges on whether or not I find work this winter.

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2017-08-03 07:06 pm

(no subject)

So, LR is finally gone. I went about the bathroom scrubbing away all evidence she was ever there. I cleaned her side of the counter because she didn't do it before she left, but to her credit she didn't muck it up after our last clean inspection, so she probably didn't think she needed to clean it. But I'm a freak so I thought it needed to be cleaned.

She left a hand print on the wall. She wore a lot of makeup and didn't seem to ever wash her hands after putting it on. I would find smudges and prints on the walls, her door, the light switches...

I also cleaned the bathtub a little, to get her dirty footprints out. It was sooooooo nice to shower without using the mat.

Then I threw those dirty, awful, disgusting shower rugs in the dumpster. I am not spending the money washing crap someone else left behind. I'll just keep using my bathroom slippers. If a new roommate decides she wants to get a shower rug, so be it. I won't use it.

My next plan of action is to mop the floor.

Lately I realized I'm kind of annoyed that I don't have a whole shelf in the pantry to myself. There are now two cleared shelves I can move my stuff to, but when I first moved in I had about half a shelf because I was relegated to the one where previous tenants decided to abandoned their crap. I hate the idea of throwing out perfectly good stuff, so I didn't do anything with it, but I think I need to bitch-up and toss it all. That is my shelf, not a dumping ground for abandoned garbage. Later I'm going to Walmart to get some garbage bags. We need some anyway. One of the girls who moved out apparently owned the Costco-size box of bags, so she took it with her, leaving us this little box from Walgreens that only had a few bags left. She also owned all the cleaning supplies that had been stored in the pantry, and the shelves it sat on. It's all gone now.

It sounds like we officially have neighbors upstairs. I only thought so because I've been hearing someone walk around up there, above my room and above the kitchen. It was luxurious to have that apartment vacant all summer (with the exception of the Chimp Hoard), but the college across the street will be starting fall classes soon, and more and more people will be moving in.

As for work right now... I spent the day in the office, which I chose to do because frankly I was done roasting outside for the week. I've had plenty of fieldwork to do on my own, so I'm happy for that, but I just needed a change today. On Monday I plan on tackling a project I've been sort of avoiding because it's a two-hour drive away or more, in area I've not been to, on roads I don't know the condition of. I'm sort of gun shy of roads after earlier this week.

I'm really glad the weekend is here. I want to walk down Main Street in town and see what kinds of shops they have. The road is under construction in some parts, but I think the stores are still accessible by foot.

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2017-07-30 04:28 pm
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I did finally make it to the burn scar to survey the dozer line. I took a break at the end and this was my view:

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I did a site assessment while I was there, and I finished up just as a thunderstorm was moving in.

On Monday--assuming I'm not pulled away from any of my projects--I'm going to go up to another burn scar I didn't make it to last week because of the road. I found out from someone else that the road is fine and that I should be able to get through with my truck. The fire engines were able to do it, after all. But I was also told they had to fly people in. o_o

These were some of my views on the way there last time:

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2017-07-30 01:30 pm
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TV and movies

Last night I tried to watch Penny Dreadful and had to turn it off after thirty minutes. Now, when the genre tag said "horror," I had hoped it just meant the subject matter of monsters, not gore. I was wrong. Also, a graphic sex scene within the first fifteen minutes. No thanks. Otherwise, it looks like it'd be a really interesting show. Sadly, it's not my cup of tea.

To "scrub" my mind of that debacle I watched Kung Fu Panda 3. Definitely not as good as the last two. I had trouble taking the villain seriously and he just didn't seem all that scary. Also, the pacing just seemed way too fast, especially in the beginning. There was no emotional reaction for me when Po met his bio dad, and the whole scene just didn't seem normal for the situation. There were several instances of this throughout the film.

I also watched Moana the other day. Slightly disappointed, but I still liked it. I don't know if maybe it was the voice acting, script, characters, or what that bothered me. As with Kung Fu Panda 3, the pacing felt kind of fast in some places. I guess kids these days have such short attention spans that writers can't afford to drag out any scene for more than two minutes. Oh well. I still thought it was way better than Frozen, and I mainly watched it to hear Te Vaka's music. But it's no Lion King. People keep waiting for the next Lion King and I just don't think Disney will hit it again any time soon. I looked at their list of upcoming films, and all I see are sequels, live-action adaptations, book adaptations, and other stuff that sounds uninteresting. Well, I'm not a kid anymore and I haven't been for a long time, so I guess maybe my tastes changed.

My roommate is set to move out this Tuesday. I'm so excited. I mean, I wish her safe travels and hope she finds happiness in life, but I sort of want to clean to bathroom.

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2017-07-28 03:34 pm

Tangled and confused

I just went to move my laundry from the washer to the dryer and my clothes were all tangled up around the agitator! >:( Turns out it was either a bra or pair of underwear. The underwear somehow got wrapped around the agitator. Took forever to untangle everything! I've rarely had an issue like this, and it's sort of the reason I wanted to try out those mesh laundry bags I got on YesStyle. But the bags are way too small to put much in them, so I just put some socks and a few underwear in each. Now I'm going on Amazon to buy bigger ones. My work pants and work shirts were in that load and if any of them are damaged beyond repair, I'd hate to fork over the money to buy more. They're not cheap. :(

I called the department chair earlier today and left a message, but I doubt I'll hear from him. He's extremely difficult to get ahold of. I'll have to keep calling and emailing. Maybe he's has Fridays off?

One "course" is called Thesis and it's one of the requirements for obvious reasons, but there's not really a way to sign up for it. I wonder if it requires some kind of approval by the instructor.

What's bothering me right now are the GIS classes. I thought I heard that these were supposed to be "graduate level" GIS classes, but their titles and descriptions are exactly the same as the introductory courses. I do not want to retake classes I've already had. That's a total waste of money. I know I won't have to take Geomorphology or go to a field school again, so maybe I can get out of the GIS stuff. That'd be awesome because that would knock out 10 credits from the required 45 I need to do.

I've tried registering for one course but it won't let me because of a "prerequisite and test score error." I have no idea what classes have prereqs because the program's not even in the university catalog yet.
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2017-07-27 06:53 pm

Acceptance of school and package

I found out today from my mom that I did get an acceptance letter. It was dated July 14 and has been sitting on my dad's desk. My dad is out of town visiting his father. I'm not sure exactly when the letter arrived, but I at least found out not long after. I called the admissions office today and they said I am ready to register for classes. I see some of them already have some people signed up, so I can't wait until the last minute.

SO, the plan for the weekend:

1) Friday, call department chair to talk about some of the classes I'll have to take. There's one I have a question about. Besides, he seems to be the only one who knows about the whole program, since he's the one who pushed for it. I don't think my advisor is available right now because he said he had some kind of TV show thing he had to work on this summer. It's going to be a new show about bringing old wartime airplanes up from the ocean. I'm not sure what channel it will be on, but it sounds like a History Channel thing. He'll be one of the experts they talk to.

2) Complete the FAFSA. I was very blessed to get grants during my undergrad. I won't be so fortunate this time. But I'm hoping I might score something besides loans, like work study or an assistantship (as much as the idea of being a TA makes me want to puke). I absolutely do not want to go into debt, and much of that depends on whether or not I get a job this winter. If I can't move away from my parents, I can at least prevent myself from drawing money out of my savings. If I can leave my savings untouched, I'll be able to pay for most of my degree, if not all of it.

2a) To complete my FAFSA I need my dad's help, because I need him to go into my files at home and get my tax return papers. I'm stuck on that part because I don't know these things off the top of my head. Unless I can get the info through TaxAct, which is usually how I file my taxes, without paying, then I might try them

In other news, I got my stuff from YesStyle, finally. Only two items disappointed me. The wall suction hooks don't work that well, though that's what I would expect for only three dollars. One of them has a weird shape and will only half-stick to the mirror I tested it on. The other one seems fine. When I took them out of the the package, their cups were stuck to the cardboard backing and took some of it off. Doesn't help them stick to anything.

The sun protectant sleeves are also a disappointment. They don't fit my upper arms very well because the band is almost too tight. I might still be able to wear them, but I'm thinking they're destined for the trash--or a thrift store. Oh well. Again, only three dollars. I'll find a different brand that will fit me, one that actually comes in sizes.

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2017-07-24 06:29 pm
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She's leaving--and some work stuff

Good news, everyone!

LOUD ROOMMATE is moving out at the end of the month!! I might for a while have a bathroom all to myself! And if she leaves those bath mats, I'm throwing them in the dumpster. They are not worth my money to wash and dry them. I'll either get my own or keep using my bathroom slippers. Oh, I might actually mop the floor!!!

I'm not even sure they did clean inspections today because they didn't leave the pass-fail checklist like last time. Maybe no one failed so they didn't leave one? I don't understand how LR didn't fail because the stove top is kind of gross. I also found out one of my other roommates swept the hallway for her because she was "feeling nice today." WHAT. NO. See, that used to be me. Now I'm a bitch who lets people choose not to pull their own weight and lets them pay the consequences for it.

Okay, the bad news--well, it's not really bad news. Today I was supposed to go survey a dozer line in a burn scar. Problem was...


I had to get waaaaaay over there, where you see a sort of shelf just before the blackened hill on the left. I think that's where the dozer line is supposed to be, even though I didn't have a topo map to go by.

The biggest problem was figuring out how the heck to get over there. I needed to cross a creek, but there were stretches of private land I couldn't enter, until a little window of Forest Service land opened up.

The creek is located where the light green trees are in the center of the picture. In the spring it's probably more of a marsh, but right now the marshy part mostly dry. I get really nervous in places like this because it's difficult to see what sort of ground I'm putting my feet on. Is it soft and wet to where my feet will sink? Is it riddled with hummocks that will make me trip and break my ankle? Are there critters hiding in the grass? It freaks me out, but I was determined to get something done today, so I began to traverse the expanse until I could hear the creek. The creek was either narrow and windy, or it had several branches all over the place, because I could see it everywhere, but the grass and vegetation obscured the banks. I couldn't tell what was dry land and what was water underneath. I didn't know where to put my feet, so I turned back. There was absolutely not way around it. All the accessible routes were on private land.

The other option was a road where the creek crossed over. Guess no one could be bothered to build a crude bridge at least, but it's shallow enough for my truck. On the other side of that is public land, and I would be able to hike parallel to the creek to get to the dozer line. But now it's about a mile away in some very hilly country. It would be so much faster if I could just cross the creek from where I was earlier, or on the much easier sections of private land, but nooooooooo.

By the time I figured out my access point, it was already past 2pm. It was hot. I was frustrated, embarrassed, and very reluctant to make the trek alone. Just getting out there was annoying because I had to drive over tens of miles of gravel road in varying states of disrepair. I didn't know how long it would take me to hike that stretch. Plus the weather started getting a little sketchy and I thought I heard thunder.

So I left. It rained a bit on my way back, and seeing all the angry clouds in the sky, I realized I made the right choice.

I saw the assistant forest archaeologist for the first time in probably two or three weeks. He was in the office today to get some work done, and will be in the office again tomorrow due to some unforeseen circumstances. He said he wished he could go to the field with me tomorrow, but would most likely have to stay in the office. I wish he could come with me, too. Something about the idea of hiking out there makes me nervous and I'm not sure why. At least it's not out in the thick woods. Or several miles away. One mile is not a bad hike.

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2017-07-23 04:51 pm
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The rommate saga continues

Clean inspections are tomorrow. For some reason I had the same cleaning duties as last month, but I didn't mind because they're easy.

Thing is, though, my LOUD ROOMMATE (LR) and I have to share responsibility for our bathroom, since the person who would normally handle it isn't here this summer (she still pays rent on her room because she wants to keep it for when she comes back to school).

Of course, to LR this just means cleaning her side of the bathroom counter and nothing else. Granted, nothing else gets seriously dirty, so she probably figures it's okay. (I'm disappointed because she somehow erased or blended the somewhat-obvious line of grime between my side of the counter and hers. My side had been scrubbed clean whereas hers was not.)

Being me, I have to clean. The toilet is a lost cause because of the hard water stains. This town has some furiously hard water. Last time, management thought we didn't clean the toilet. There's really nothing we can do about it aside from replacing the toilet. I tried borax paste, and even a pumice stone. No good.

That only leaves the floors and bathtub. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I cleaned LR's dirty footprints out of the tub a few days ago. Then she got back and started mucking it up again. Since I knew she'd never clean the tub, I did it again today. Well, she just got out of the shower. So much for that. I'm not doing it again.

I'm also not bothering with the floors. Luckily they're brown, so you can't really tell how dirty they are (I wear slippers everywhere I go for a reason). I've mopped them once already since I moved in, but it would've needed two or three passes to get completely clean. I've tried our crappy vacuum to get rid of all the hair, but it only seems to push it around. Sweeping does nothing because there's really nothing to sweep up and the broom just grabs the hair and keeps it.

So far LR has not cleaned the stove top or the hallway. She's probably just waiting till the last minute, but I'll be surprised if she cleans the hall. I'll be even more surprised if she doesn't fail it. There are balls of hair floating along the edges along with other debris. She passed that inspection last time, even though I'm pretty sure she didn't clean it. It wasn't bad, though.

Man, good thing I'm not doing the inspections, because I'd fail people like a boss. Or a bitch. A really anal cleaning bitch.
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2017-07-22 03:27 pm
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Would anyone here be willing to beta read a one-shot fic for me? It's almost 1800 words. No fandom knowledge is required. I'm just looking for quick feedback.

It's one I'd been working on for a while, but it stalled because I couldn't figure out where it was going and how to end it. I'm just afraid it's boring, and at this point I'm not even sure I'm going to post it.

Normally I don't get beta readers, but in case it would be really helpful.