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I finally bought The Great Silence, after finding out the DVD had gone out of print and now suddenly it's expensive. I managed to get it for $25 on eBay. I was really excited.

The ending was horribly depressing and not what I expected at all. It's another "everyone dies in the end" trope. AWFUL. I don't know if I'll ever watch it again! I hate movies like that!

I need fix-it fic. ;_; Or at least another western where the hero wins in the end.
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First the good stuff:

I'm getting close to finishing the files at work. I was really uncertain I could get it done, but I think I can pull it off. I moved a little slower today because I moved so quickly yesterday, and I need to slow down so I can do quality work. Pay day is Friday again!

Cleaning inspection was today and I passed all my duties, except they told me to scrub the toilet. I'll have to get a pumice stone because that's hard water staining, not mold. The instructions say to use a pumice stone if needed, which is new to me. I didn't know you could do that.

Only one of the girls' rooms failed inspection because the floor needed to be vacuumed. When I tried to use the vacuum in my room, I had to empty the vacuum's dust canister because it was so full. Otherwise it had no suction. Now it is functional.

Aside from not mopping the kitchen floor or vacuuming the hallway, both of which desperately need it (brown tile does well to conceal the dirt), these girls can clean up all right. I just wish they'd do it more than once a month!

Now for the crappy:

I ordered something off of eBay on Sunday, and by Monday night I got an email saying it had been delivered. It was almost 11 at night. I thought, "Delivered where?" The post office doesn't deliver mail at 11 at night. The tracking info said "individual picked up at USPS." Um, I didn't pick up anything.

Uncertain of what this meant, I hoped it just meant it had been delivered to the apartment office or something, but at 11??

I checked my apartment's mailbox today and also checked in the office, no package. I looked at the tracking info again, and it said the package had been delivered in Sacramento! I'm in Idaho! What the heck!!

So I emailed the seller, and the seller said USPS made a mistake, and they didn't know why the tracking said it was delivered. They assured me the package was on its way. I was relieved at the time, but now I'm uncertain again. They have the same tracking info I do, so how do they know the package is still in transit? It's just so weird.

Luckily it's something inexpensive. But I have two more packages coming and now I'm worried. This is the first time I've had something mailed to me at this address, and this happens. I don't need the stress of a new place and people compounded by this.

To add to my worry, I got a letter from Experian telling me that within the last 30 days, a creditor reported a change to my name, address, or social security number (people can do that??). I have a credit freeze with all three credit agencies, but I unfroze them for four days to allow time for a credit check on my apartment application. After that, my accounts froze again. I followed the instructions in the letter and called the number, only for the automated message to pretty much repeat the letter. Their other recommendation was to order a credit report, either online or by phone. I did it online for free, and everything checked out as far as I could see. Nothing seemed amiss. But I only checked my report with Experian, so I might have to check the other agencies. I'm hoping this just means someone tried to use my identity but failed because of my frozen credit.

Before I moved, I found out my insurance had to change my primary care provider because my old one was no longer in their network. The new PCP they assigned me is in another town a half hour from my house back home. WTF, Amerigroup. They just assign random doctors in their network. The first one they gave me was a pediatrician.

I'm not sure what this means for my medication. I was seeing a PA under my old doctor, so I'm hoping he's still at the clinic, but it might depend on if the doctor he's under now is taking new patients. Being out of state for the summer, I can't go in person to see a doctor to renew my prescription. I guess I'll just call the clinic to ask what the heck I need to do.

EDIT: My package is now in Idaho. Well, good.

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So my boss has had me scanning files since I arrived. I don't mind it, really, but I am getting tired of it. Just one more week and I'll be in the field.

I've been pushing myself to finish scanning by the end of the week. I don't know if I'll make it, but I'm going to try. I still have three and a half drawers left in the file cabinet. However, pushing myself like this makes me feel woozy. I need to ease up and take my time. I don't want to make any huge mistakes, which by now I've probably made a few. Some of those files are enormous, and they weren't very well organized, so it takes time for me to sort through them to figure out what order to scan the papers.

I wonder if pushing myself like this has affected my mind in some ways. Sometimes I do weird stuff, do things out of order, forget a step, and so on, and not just at work, but in other activities as well.

Lately I wonder if I'm losing it. The other day I noticed I had a pudding missing from the four-pack I bought a while ago and hadn't used yet. I don't recall if I had removed it from the pack and set it in the pantry, fridge, or if I had removed it at all, but it was missing. Later I found an empty one in the trash. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has those puddings, and I don't remember eating one. So did someone take it and eat it? The way the spoon had scraped the sides was not the way I do it. This bothered me a lot because I began to wonder if there was a food-stealer in this apartment. The last time I encountered food theft was when I was at Bible school and some chick was stealing food from the dorm fridge, and she had eaten from my can of chocolate frosting. I never did know who did it, but someone claimed they knew it who was and threatened to call her out if she did it again (I had suspicions).

I decided to let this pudding theft slide because maybe it wasn't stolen and someone actually thought it was theirs for some reason. But I made sure to tuck them away behind other food so no one would see them, and I've kept an eye on my other supplies as well.

Then today I was shocked to find out I only had on menstrual pad left. I started yesterday, and packed a few into a little pouch I have for pads so I could take some to work. I didn't think I had used that many since yesterday.

However, I have noticed the roommate I share a bathroom with appears to use the same brand because I saw the wrappers in the trash. I think she started last week. But because she was in the pool recently, I thought hers was done. Then, today I noticed there was another wrapper in the trash. I usually crumple mine up, but this one wasn't, so I thought maybe she wasn't quite done (maybe she uses tampons at the pool).

I monitor how many pads I have left. Nothing scarier for me than starting my cycle and only have one pad. :P So if I'm running low, I make a mental note, or a note on my phone, to get more pads. But how in the heck did I not realize I only had one left?!

My first thought was someone was stealing my pads! Who does that? Is work driving me crazy? Am I losing my mind? Frick, now I have to go buy more, and I already went to the store today. I should've known I was low, otherwise I would've bought some.

So I took my pads into my room where they will stay in a box where I've been keeping non-urgent toiletries. That'll put my mind at ease at least.

I'll also be sure to keep my door locked whenever I'm not in the apartment. When I leave for work I usually lock it, but if I'm going to the store or pool or wherever, I don't bother. Maybe I should bother.

I did not eat dinner tonight. I was too busy and now I sort of regret it. It's almost time for bed. -_-

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Oh my gosh, it feels so good to get paid. I could finally go shopping and buy nonessentials without guilt. I got a little more groceries than usual, too.

I bought an Otter Box Commuter for my phone because my phone badly needed a new case. The other one was aging, and I wanted something sturdy and made to protect against impacts. I thought it would come in handy since I use my phone for work. The only color they had was black. I prefer to express myself with other colors, but lately I have wanted to appear "more professional"* (I am working with only men now), so black it was. I have considered buying stickers to put on the back, though. :D

It just feels weird being able to afford nonessentials again. One store was having a BOGO sale on sandals, and there were some very nice ones that are the kind I'd been wanting to get, but they were $70. But really, I could've gotten two pairs of $70 sandals for the price of one. Not a bad deal. .............Actually, I might have to buy them now. They had my size!!

But I spent a lot today already. Tomorrow I want to go see a movie.

I figured after all that walking around in stores today, I could skip out on exercising. A poor excuse, I know. I can do it tomorrow. Instead, I hung out at the pool for the first time. I didn't spend a lot of time out there because there's no shade until later in the day, and I don't like to sit out in the direct sunlight to tan anymore. Heck, I don't tan at all anymore. I have completely eschewed the tanning fashion for the sake my personal health, and I don't care how white I am. Plus, I didn't put on any sunscreen before I went out, and so I only planned to stay out there about fifteen or twenty minutes. However, it was too cold in the shade to sit, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to sit in the sun for a short bit, like maybe five to ten minutes. I wear board shorts over my bottoms, and I somehow managed to get a very slight tan. :( I could see it in the shower. Crap. No more pool time without sunscreen.

*This is not stopping me from wanting a Hello Kitty license plate frame. So what if I've got one on my Toyota Tercel among the Ford F250s and Dodge Rams in the Forest Service parking lot?

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I found out the Chimp Hoard is leaving tomorrow!!!! YES!!

I went to the apartment office today before they closed and asked the manager what the costs were to move into another unit if one were unhappy with their location. She told me, but asked what the matter was. I asked about the sports team that moved in above my unit, and that's when she said they would be leaving tomorrow. I said I was willing to put up with them one more night. She said everyone was counting down the minutes to their departure as well. She had wanted to bring them all in to the office to lay out the rules of behavior, because apparently I'm not the only one who was really bothered by their obnoxious yelling and screaming last night. I don't know if she was able to. Their coach, wherever he is (is he even staying here?), is doing a piss-poor job of managing them.

They were up past midnight, and although they weren't too loud, they were still stomping around and making thumping noises (are you throwing yourself against the wall? What are you even doing?). I had my fan on and wore earplugs, but I was so upset by their presence that I was too anxious to sleep. I think I got around four hours of sleep and I felt like crap at work today. I left work earlier than I wanted because I just felt awful.

The pool is filled now, but since I didn't see anyone in it for a long time, I thought maybe it the pool area was closed. I had heard the pool wasn't supposed to be open until tomorrow. I secretly hoped the pool area was closed, because although the hot tub is open, I figured maybe the pool wasn't quite ready, and so the whole pool area was closed.

Then the Chimp Hoard came back and I heard someone yell that the pool was open. CRAP. Now the pool is filled with screaming man-boys (why, oh why are you screaming so much? You sound like you're being attacked by something!).

It's not even 8pm yet. There's another two hours before the pool closes. This will be another night of lost sleep. But just one more night. Just one more...

I hope they've been banned from coming here again.

Also, I would like to apologize to all chimps. It's not fair to the chimps that I should compare them to annoying humans.
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More about the Upstairs Chimp Hoard )

Right now I'm trying to fill out my graduate application, but I've stopped again on the statement of purpose. I'm going over it again and....aaaaaarrrrgh!

Today at work I scanned so many files that I actually started feeling woozy. I decided to leave earlier than I intended because I just couldn't do it anymore, and I was afraid of making a huge mistake. I got back to the apartments, exercised, and then went grocery shopping. Now I'm here working on this derned application.

EDIT: I just submitted it. ._. I'm scared now.

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Yyyeeeaaaah, looks like we got new neighbors upstairs. They came back like a raging herd of elephants. Then they went super quiet. Hopefully they won't be staying here for long.

These apartments are supposed to have noise rules, with nothing loud after 10pm, but we'll see what happens.

Did I mention I was really sensitive to sound? I did? For the third time? Well, it's true.

If you really want to piss me off, mess with my sleep.


Jun. 12th, 2017 06:15 pm
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Suddenly I started hearing people in the apartment above me. Since I moved in, I haven't heard anything upstairs at all, making me wonder if the unit was empty. Once I thought I heard something, but I never heard anything again. It's summer, so a lot of students aren't here, and some units are empty right now. It pleased me to think it was empty because I am ridiculously sensitive to sound. If there's too much noise at night, I cannot sleep. Yet, strangely, I can have a fan on at night.

They sounded like young men. They were running and yelling and stomping around. It was really loud. I couldn't understand why they would be creating so much noise. Parties aren't allowed in these apartments, and it's Monday evening.

I thought I kept hearing people outside, too, so I went to look out the front living room window, and a bunch of sports-looking guys came down the stairs dressed in sports clothes and carrying duffle bags. Oh my gods. Please no. Are these people our new upstairs neighbors?! But there are only six rooms to a unit, and there were way more than six guys. Maybe the rest are in the unit next to it? That they'd be here might mean they're staying longer than what they can afford at a hotel, if they are in indeed staying here. I hope they have an adult figure to keep them in check (they looked like teenagers/early twenty-somethings to me).

I notified maintenance about a problem I believe might be electrical. I use a fan at night and noticed the airflow would weaken, and then grow strong again. It sort of annoyed me because of how quickly the flow and sound would drop, even keeping me awake (did I mention I was ridiculously sensitive to sound?). I've never seen this happen before, but I thought maybe something was wrong with my fan. I bought a new one, but the same thing happened. It didn't matter which outlet I used. I also noticed my desk lamp would grow brighter and then dim, almost like it was flickering. Everyone I told this story to said I should tell maintenance because it would be a serious issue. I bought a surge protector to be on the safe side.

Maintenance called in an electrician to see about it. Today I came back from work and noticed bits of what looked like dry wall on my floor, against the wall and right by my door. I looked around and couldn't figure out where it could've come from. The best clue is I have is the light switch just above the debris, but it doesn't look like it was removed and replaced.

hen I got an email saying the electrician checked the circuit panel but found nothing wrong. He said it may be normal usage since there are other rooms who use that same panel. Um, then how come I've never had it happen in hotels or even when I was at Bible school in a dorm?? What in the heck would make that happen? I mean, I guess there are a lot of refrigerators and dishwashers in this building, but really? Is it the A/C? Is this normal for apartments? I wouldn't know because this is my first time living in one!

I still don't know how the bits of drywall happened. I don't recall it being there when I moved in.

The grad school application is up.o_o I don't know if I'm ready for this.
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I really should be going to bed right now. But I'm listening to music.

I don't know where my mind has been. I haven't really been listening to much music and I'm rediscovering some of my favorite artists or albums I haven't heard in a long time.

It's like I forgot how to breathe.

Bad church

Jun. 11th, 2017 12:03 pm
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The weekend goes. I went around town yesterday to thrift stores because that's my idea of fun and I'm trying not to spend a lot of money on things. I also watched some movies and did some cleaning.

I wanted to go to church this weekend and looked around at what churches might interest me. There's a First Church of the Nazarene just down the road from where I live, and it looked pretty sizeable so I considered it. But then my dad mentioned he thought there was supposed to be a Calvary Chapel in town, and the preacher is one he's listened to on the radio. I went to a Calvary Chapel for a good portion of my life when I was younger before we moved to a Foursquare church (I love the fact the Foursquare church was founded by a female preacher). I looked up Calvary Chapel affiliated churches in the area and found at least one, but my dad found another, so I decided to go there first.

It was terrible.

My first red flag was when I entered the parking lot. Though it was a relatively large parking lot, there were maybe four cars in it, and the sermon was supposed to start in fifteen minutes. I checked the website to see if I got the time right, and mentally double checked that it was actually Sunday. I considered leaving and going to another church, but decided to stick to my guns. Maybe it would be okay.

The building itself is designed to accommodate a lot of people, but where were they? The doors were propped open but there were no greeters like you'd usually see at a church. There was a guy in the lobby looking at his phone, standing next to the doors leading to the sanctuary, but he didn't look up and greet me. Flag two.

The sanctuary was dead. I was probably the third person in there. Again, fairly large sanctuary with a lot of seating, but no people. I did another mental check to see if this was a holiday weekend I didn't remember. Nope. It's a regular weekend.

A little while later the guy from the lobby approached me and handed me a church pamphlet and said he's glad I'm here. Well, okay, took you long enough. A few more people filtered in.

During worship, more people came in, but not even enough to fill half of one half of the sanctuary. Still really weird to me. Aside from the sanctuary, there is another very large room with some tables and chairs, I guess a sort of gathering place for after service. There's a bookstore, too.

I didn't care much for the preacher. His tone was harsh in my ears. It's hard for me to describe it here. It left me a bit unsettled. But, then, toward the end of the sermon, he completely lost me. He went on about "this video on Facebook" about Bernie Sanders railing on one of the recently appointed officials (no name given), supposedly because said official was a Christian. The preacher then proceeded to mock Bernie in voice and gesture. He said, "And I know some Christians who voted for this guy!" Umm...... I'm one of those people. Thanks for alienating me. I haven't seen this video yet, but I doubt it's what he says it is. More likely Bernie said this official didn't reflect Christian values, but I won't know unless I watch it.

If we believe someone to be "lost," we don't mock them or paint them as villains. We weep for them and have compassion. This preacher didn't do either.

It's ironic because I had been thinking just a few minutes earlier about how churches really shouldn't talk politics and leave it to the secular realm. I've become more of a proponent of the separation of church and state because I'm tired of these fake Christian politicians who throw the name of God and Jesus around to sucker people into voting for them despite the absolute contrast of their actions and attitudes. I don't want my God's name coming out of their mouths. Their god is money. Even says so right on the bills and coins (I'm all for removing it. I don't want my God's name on that stuff, either).

I walked out before the end. I still don't know why the place was so dead, but maybe it had something to do with the preacher. The last Calvary Chapel my family went to, a lot of people left and wound up at the Fourquare Church. Even the pastor at the Fourquare noticed a lot of hurting people were arriving from that church.

I'm not going back to another Calvary Chapel, that's for sure. I'll try the Nazarene church next.

I hope I can find a church where I feel like I belong. It's becoming harder for me to feel like I fit in with Christian communities because my values have changed to much and have become far less conservative. I need some meaningful connections while I'm here because I won't be getting that from my roommates. I may be introverted, but I still need people in my life.

At last!

Jun. 7th, 2017 06:36 pm
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I moved into my room in the apartment on Monday. No one was home. My parents helped me get my stuff in and then we later went to the grocery store so I could get some food. We drove around for a bit to see some sights. We swung by the headquarters for the Forest Service so I could meet the assistant forest archaeologist I've been talking to this whole time, but my actual supervisor is on vacation and won't be back for a while.

So far I'm not super impressed with the new work environment. Of course, it's only been two days. People here just seem weird for some reason. I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's just because everything is so new, or maybe when my official start date comes around things will improve. I keep forgetting they have me on a contract until my start date, which means I don't have to do the orientation sort of stuff like getting my federal driver's license, renewing my CPR cert, stuff like that. I also set my own schedule and can pretty much come in when I want and leave when I want.

Even though this forest is twice the size of the one I came from, it feels like they have fewer personnel. I think this might be because my old forest had a lot of logging, whereas this one is more focused on recreation.

I miss having an actual crew. Having other seasonals around makes things more fun in my opinion. I'm a bit uncomfortable working with just a man, especially someone who appears only a little older than me, and who's also single. I'm looking forward to my supervisor coming back from vacation.

All these new people I've been meeting have been shaking my sore hand really hard and it hurts. ;_;

Aside from all that, my room is nice. Management is supposed to come shampoo my carpet tomorrow, so I need to make sure everything is up off the floor before I leave for work in the morning. I'm also supposed to get a new bed at some point.

My room is on ground level and I have a view of the swimming pool. They haven't filled the pool yet even though it's been anywhere between 80 to 100 degrees over the last week. It was something about the chemicals not being mixed right, I don't know. I'm a bit shy about pools these days, so I like that I can just look out the window to see if anyone's there. If no one's out there, then I might go.

When it comes to my roommates, it feels like I'm back at the bunkhouse again. The kitchen was--well, is a total wreck. There is no counter space. The sink is filled with dirty dishes, even though there's a dish washer that's completely empty. Those dishes have been in the sink for a while because something is really starting to stink, and nothing has changed or moved around since I got here. Someone had washed a bunch of dishes and left them on drying mats all over the counter. There's a Kitchen Aid, two blenders, two toasters, a toaster oven, and a myriad of other appliances, all in various levels of yuck. I have one cupboard for myself and one drawer, which is all I need, but I had to make room in the pantry for my food, and I hardly have space in the fridge. There are two fridges, and three rooms are assigned to each. There should only be me and one girl sharing a fridge since there are only five of us here and we are assigned to that fridge. Well, another girl is using that fridge as well. Maybe we're not actually assigned fridges, but I thought we were. If we are, then that girl shouldn't be in our fridge taking up all that space.

I have only seen two other girls here. Apparently a third one is hardly ever here, and I don't know about the fourth. They must come and go when I'm not around because there was mail for them on the table when I moved in and it has since disappeared.

The bathroom isn't terrible, and I only have to share it with one other girl. The shower rug is horrific and I don't know how my roommate can stand on it. I plan on washing it at some point, but until then I just carefully dry my feet before stepping out of the tub to put on my bathroom slippers.

The roommate I see the most is in her room right now next to mine. I don't know what show she watches but I always hear a bunch of people screaming and it's sort of stressful.

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It looks like I can move into my room on Monday. The apartment manager said they won't be able to shampoo my floor until next Thursday, but I don't care as long as the room is vacuumed, and I can do it myself if need be.

I was tempted to go tomorrow morning, but it's a really bad idea. I don't even have everything together, even though I've been getting stuff together for a few weeks now.

My hand has been bothering me again. I cleaned my shower a few days ago, which is hard work because I'm trying to get the hard water residue off the walls, or maybe it's soap scum, I don't know. It's just a lot of hand movements and my hand didn't like it.

I've noticed a pattern about my American West side blog on Tumblr. I get a lot of male followers sometimes. If I can figure they are male based on their avatar, username, or their blog subject/aesthetic, I'm usually too afraid to look inside to make sure they are legit. Too often they are filled with porn. I block straight-up porn blogs, but some people post a mix of things and sometimes that includes NSFW content. I feel that as long as the user is real and not a bot, I'm not going to block them based on content.

I'm not sure why I police my followers like that. It's none of my business what people post or like. My blog exists for everyone's enjoyment. I've had a few disturbing followers whose blogs came off as racist or bigoted, or even plainly stated they are anti-Islam. Why didn't I block them, too? Again, I question if I should be "policing" any of it. I don't interact with any of these people anyway.

I guess what concerns me is one of these blogs reblogging my content, which then attracts other similar blogs and they want to follow me, too. Ehh. Again, why should it matter if I don't talk to these people?

It's the ones who say they are married with kids that creep me out the most.
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Called the apartment people again, after two attempts with no answer. They said I should know if my room is ready within the next few days, and that if I haven't heard by Monday afternoon, then I should call them again. They assured me they'd been working hard cleaning rooms and doing other management stuff, so things are progressing.

I hate bugging people like this, but I'm getting impatient. It's not relevant to them that I have a job I can't start until I have a place to live, because it's not their problem (I did tell them, though). I'll just believe they're working as fast as they can.

Well, there's a local art festival tomorrow, and I had been kind of wanting to go but I didn't think I could because I thought I'd be gone to Idaho by now. Since it seems I'll be here at least for the weekend, maybe I'll go. It's in a neighborhood that's kinda tightly spaced, meaning parking might be a nightmare. I should probably get there early, and since tomorrow is Friday there may not be as many people.  I'm not sure the nearby museum, which puts on the festival, would allow parking in their garage, but usually they're pretty generous about it, so they might.

On a more positive note, I feel pretty today for some reason. LOL
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Second draft--or rather third draft, sent to prof for critique. At this point I'm not sure I even know what I'm doing. I'm afraid he'll come back and say it's still not right. I only hope he says I'm getting closer to a more complete draft.

Not much to report right now. I got a text Monday night from the apartment people to confirm my intent to move in and when I plan to arrive. I just sent them another text a little while ago asking for an update on things. My dream is they tell me today that my room is ready, and then I can move in on Friday. Uuuuugh, I wanna go. I'm so tired of waiting.

Some good news: Rinkya set up my new email for me. And I won the auction.


May. 29th, 2017 05:10 pm
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I've worked on rewriting my statement of purpose for about three or four hours and all I've been able to churn out is 350 words. This is down from 1200 on my old one. That's after cutting out all the stuff about what I did in the past. I'm not sure what more I can do to increase the word count. I don't even know how long the statement needs to be. I won't know until I open the application, once it goes up.

And seriously, one of the examples I found online is provided by an actual university, so the person who wrote it was doing something right at least. Then there's a second one that's longer and they talk a lot about their past experiences, so why can't I? >:(

I don't want to walk away from this until I feel more satisfied about my progress. But I probably should. Ugh.
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Out of boredom and procrastination I decided to take a look at Rinkya for anything by Tow Nakazaki. I don't know why I bother, but I guess maybe I'm just curious.

I found his 2001 All Characters Calendar. I'm dying. I first discovered its existence in a little advertisement tucked away in one of the Japanese volumes. I thought to myself that if I ever found it, I would buy it (if I could), but I thought my chances were pretty much zero.

The calendar is under $10, which means I don't have to pay any additional fees, just the base fee. Costs for the best shipping option are a bit hefty, but worth it. I don't even care if I won't be at my parents' place when the package arrives. I can have them mail it to me in Idaho, or I can just wait till I get home.

But I have my old Yahoo email address attached to my Rinkya account. F***. And I can't change it. It won't let me. There's simply no option to do it. So I sent a message to customer service about how in the heck I can change it. Who the heck knows if they'll even get back to me. This calendar is on auction with no bids, and it's supposed to end tomorrow, though I think it's set to relist if it doesn't sell.

I bid on it anyway. Since I can't create a new account with the same mailing address, I'm hoping Rinkya can go in and change my email for me or something.


May. 28th, 2017 10:22 pm
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I found these on my external hard drive. I miss making dolls. The two on the right are customs, whereas the one on the far left is the original.

Sadly, I had to remove the lipstick and eyebrows of the pink Megara because the paint was bleeding into the vinyl. I don't know what it is about paint with red pigments in it, because it always bleeds into the vinyl. I've tried different methods to prevent it and have never been successful. Luckily, the staining will eventually fade once the paint is removed. I don't know how long it's been, but the staining has pretty much vanished on my pink Megara. Now she needs new eyebrows and lips.

Two more pics under the cut )
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I finally read the seven volumes of Gangsta. from my local library. Despite some of the violent/sexual content*, I actually really like it and I'm glad I picked it up. It's been a long time since I read a manga I couldn't put down, or even a manga I was interested in starting because most manga titles don't interest me anymore. It's sad because although I like books, I'm also a visual person, so manga appeals to me in that I can read a good story that also has great art. I think Gangsta. checks both boxes for me.

Wonderfully sympathetic characters with developed stories and interesting lives. I've read many stories where characters have tragic backgrounds and/or upbringings, but somehow the way Kohske (Kosuke?) executes it makes me actually care about the characters and feel sorry for them. I want to gather them all together and protect them. (づ◡﹏◡)づ And the relationships between characters are just beautiful and tender, even between the men. I'm a huge sucker for strong male friendships and bromance.

I can't tell if the author is insinuating romance between Alex and Worick or Alex and Nic. Or if there isn't any at all. It's too ambiguous. I'm not big on shipping most of the time, but I'm drawn to Nic/Alex.

I'm not sure who my favorite character is. The characters I find most interesting are: Nic (you sweet, precious child), Marco (please have babies with Connie), Delico, and Alex.

* The sexual content isn't worse than anything else I've seen since it's not graphic. Boobs with nipples aren't going to bother me much. Penises, maybe. Graphic sex, yes. Violence I can stand to a point, and this isn't much worse than, say, Baccano!, which I consider my threshold.

More UGH

May. 23rd, 2017 12:26 pm
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Apartment application is sent. I got an email back from the AFA with letter confirming my employment. But he said he couldn't legally state my wages in the letter, and didn't elaborate on why. Maybe it's a privacy issue, I don't know. When I had asked him several weeks ago, he wouldn't say what I would be paid and referred me to a website where the wages are listed. So I went back to that same website, printed the pay scale chart, and circled my wages. I then scanned that page again and sent it as an attachment in my application. I don't even know if they'll go for it.

Then I had to go around and temporarily unfreeze my credit so the apartment people can do a background/credit check, costing me around $30. They'd better get it done by Friday because that's the last day my credit will be thawed.

Why is this so complicated? Is it normally this complicated to apply for an apartment?
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I am so excited to finally see the end of this series.
Spoilers )

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