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So far things have been really disappointing at work. Like I said in my last entry, I'm going on three weeks with only two actual days in the field. I don't think this happened when I started my first season with the Forest Service. They were pushing us out within the first week.

I finally got access to my employee account today, after calling the Help Desk about getting access to a computer without a Linc Pass. Linc Passes are used to login into our computers by inserting a card into the computer, but they were only issued to permanent employees, whereas seasonals just used regular login credentials. But now there is a new rule that says everyone, including seasonals, must have a Linc Pass to use a computer. This is a problem because it can take months to get one. The Help Desk person I spoke to was able to grant me a 30-day exception to use a computer without a pass (and only one computer), but it will be longer before I get my own pass. When I told him I was only going to be working for two months, he pretty much said I wasn't likely to get a pass. So what the heck am I supposed to do once my 30-day exception expires?

To make matters worse, I don't have my own computer and probably won't get one. When I arrived, my supervisor had a computer for me, but it was taken away because it had belonged to another employee who had gotten a new computer recently. An old computer can't be used by anyone else, according to The Rules™. I never got to use it.

So not only do I get a limited time to access a computer, I don't even have a computer to do my work on.

What am I even supposed to do in the office????? I can't do what I was hired to do. I can't just shuffle files around when my job description says I'm supposed to be writing reports, filling out site forms, doing GIS, surveying, monitoring... These are the skills I've been cultivating over the last two seasons. I was under the impression that I would expand on my skills and work more independently. I was told this summer would be really fun. This is not fun. At all.

I pretty much spent eight hours deleting emails I'd gotten over the winter (yes, we continue getting emails, even when we can't access our email accounts), scrolling through AgLearn to find something to read about (not a lot there), updating some old account info, playing around on my phone, and reading a book. I didn't want to look through the files again because if I have to look at any more files I'm gonna throw up.

To be fair, my supervisor just came back from two weeks of annual leave to move his family up here from California. He had 300+ emails to sort through, a ton of phone messages, and some other work needed for some upcoming fieldwork this week, which may or may not happen depending on whether or not he can get ahold of someone. So tomorrow might another day in the office.

The assistant forest archaeologist is up north training a tribal crew. Call me jealous, but it makes me fume knowing they are getting more field experience than I am right now. Neither of them are with the Forest Service, and I'm pretty sure one of them has no interest whatsoever in doing archaeology. Can I trade places with him, please??

My short time here is precious and needs to be spent gaining valuable experience. So far a good portion of two weeks has been wasted sitting in the office doing mostly nothing. I feel like I can't do my work properly or use my skills.

My desire to return next year is shrinking fast. I am so bored, and I feel abandoned.
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To compound my annoyances, I also still--STILL--can't upload my fic's latest chapter to AO3. Support finally got back to me and recommended I restart my WiFi network, clear my cache/cookies from my browser, use a different browser, start my browser in safe mode, none of which worked.

The weirdest part is that it seems to be a certain section at the end of my chapter that's causing the problem. If I remove that scene, everything is fine. So I thought to simply divide the chapter into two parts (it's pretty long, so it'll do fine), figuring maybe the size is making things wonky. The first chapter uploads fine, but not the second which contains the problem section.

I tried stripping all the fancy stuff by pasting it into Notepad. No good.

I tried retyping the problem section into AO3's chapter text box. No good.

It's only when I reach a very specific point in the problem section that I get the error message.

The next thing I want to try is using a different WiFi network. Since my apartment complex's clubhouse WiFi never works, I might go to Starbucks at some point this week and try.

I just don't understand how mere text can interfere with my internet network. The person from AO3 support said it has to be something on my end because their side is fine. I believe them, but I don't understand. It's almost like something doesn't want me to post that section.

I'd hate to completely rewrite the chapter from scratch in hopes it might work. I don't have the mental energy to do that, and I want to be done with this fic.


EDIT 2: I narrowed it down to a single paragraph! Then I narrowed it further to a single sentence! Once I removed it, I could post the rest!!!! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN, I DON'T UNDERSTAND??????

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