Jun. 19th, 2017

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So my boss has had me scanning files since I arrived. I don't mind it, really, but I am getting tired of it. Just one more week and I'll be in the field.

I've been pushing myself to finish scanning by the end of the week. I don't know if I'll make it, but I'm going to try. I still have three and a half drawers left in the file cabinet. However, pushing myself like this makes me feel woozy. I need to ease up and take my time. I don't want to make any huge mistakes, which by now I've probably made a few. Some of those files are enormous, and they weren't very well organized, so it takes time for me to sort through them to figure out what order to scan the papers.

I wonder if pushing myself like this has affected my mind in some ways. Sometimes I do weird stuff, do things out of order, forget a step, and so on, and not just at work, but in other activities as well.

Lately I wonder if I'm losing it. The other day I noticed I had a pudding missing from the four-pack I bought a while ago and hadn't used yet. I don't recall if I had removed it from the pack and set it in the pantry, fridge, or if I had removed it at all, but it was missing. Later I found an empty one in the trash. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has those puddings, and I don't remember eating one. So did someone take it and eat it? The way the spoon had scraped the sides was not the way I do it. This bothered me a lot because I began to wonder if there was a food-stealer in this apartment. The last time I encountered food theft was when I was at Bible school and some chick was stealing food from the dorm fridge, and she had eaten from my can of chocolate frosting. I never did know who did it, but someone claimed they knew it who was and threatened to call her out if she did it again (I had suspicions).

I decided to let this pudding theft slide because maybe it wasn't stolen and someone actually thought it was theirs for some reason. But I made sure to tuck them away behind other food so no one would see them, and I've kept an eye on my other supplies as well.

Then today I was shocked to find out I only had on menstrual pad left. I started yesterday, and packed a few into a little pouch I have for pads so I could take some to work. I didn't think I had used that many since yesterday.

However, I have noticed the roommate I share a bathroom with appears to use the same brand because I saw the wrappers in the trash. I think she started last week. But because she was in the pool recently, I thought hers was done. Then, today I noticed there was another wrapper in the trash. I usually crumple mine up, but this one wasn't, so I thought maybe she wasn't quite done (maybe she uses tampons at the pool).

I monitor how many pads I have left. Nothing scarier for me than starting my cycle and only have one pad. :P So if I'm running low, I make a mental note, or a note on my phone, to get more pads. But how in the heck did I not realize I only had one left?!

My first thought was someone was stealing my pads! Who does that? Is work driving me crazy? Am I losing my mind? Frick, now I have to go buy more, and I already went to the store today. I should've known I was low, otherwise I would've bought some.

So I took my pads into my room where they will stay in a box where I've been keeping non-urgent toiletries. That'll put my mind at ease at least.

I'll also be sure to keep my door locked whenever I'm not in the apartment. When I leave for work I usually lock it, but if I'm going to the store or pool or wherever, I don't bother. Maybe I should bother.

I did not eat dinner tonight. I was too busy and now I sort of regret it. It's almost time for bed. -_-

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