Jun. 14th, 2017

silailo: (cacti)
I found out the Chimp Hoard is leaving tomorrow!!!! YES!!

I went to the apartment office today before they closed and asked the manager what the costs were to move into another unit if one were unhappy with their location. She told me, but asked what the matter was. I asked about the sports team that moved in above my unit, and that's when she said they would be leaving tomorrow. I said I was willing to put up with them one more night. She said everyone was counting down the minutes to their departure as well. She had wanted to bring them all in to the office to lay out the rules of behavior, because apparently I'm not the only one who was really bothered by their obnoxious yelling and screaming last night. I don't know if she was able to. Their coach, wherever he is (is he even staying here?), is doing a piss-poor job of managing them.

They were up past midnight, and although they weren't too loud, they were still stomping around and making thumping noises (are you throwing yourself against the wall? What are you even doing?). I had my fan on and wore earplugs, but I was so upset by their presence that I was too anxious to sleep. I think I got around four hours of sleep and I felt like crap at work today. I left work earlier than I wanted because I just felt awful.

The pool is filled now, but since I didn't see anyone in it for a long time, I thought maybe it the pool area was closed. I had heard the pool wasn't supposed to be open until tomorrow. I secretly hoped the pool area was closed, because although the hot tub is open, I figured maybe the pool wasn't quite ready, and so the whole pool area was closed.

Then the Chimp Hoard came back and I heard someone yell that the pool was open. CRAP. Now the pool is filled with screaming man-boys (why, oh why are you screaming so much? You sound like you're being attacked by something!).

It's not even 8pm yet. There's another two hours before the pool closes. This will be another night of lost sleep. But just one more night. Just one more...

I hope they've been banned from coming here again.

Also, I would like to apologize to all chimps. It's not fair to the chimps that I should compare them to annoying humans.

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