Jun. 1st, 2017

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Called the apartment people again, after two attempts with no answer. They said I should know if my room is ready within the next few days, and that if I haven't heard by Monday afternoon, then I should call them again. They assured me they'd been working hard cleaning rooms and doing other management stuff, so things are progressing.

I hate bugging people like this, but I'm getting impatient. It's not relevant to them that I have a job I can't start until I have a place to live, because it's not their problem (I did tell them, though). I'll just believe they're working as fast as they can.

Well, there's a local art festival tomorrow, and I had been kind of wanting to go but I didn't think I could because I thought I'd be gone to Idaho by now. Since it seems I'll be here at least for the weekend, maybe I'll go. It's in a neighborhood that's kinda tightly spaced, meaning parking might be a nightmare. I should probably get there early, and since tomorrow is Friday there may not be as many people.  I'm not sure the nearby museum, which puts on the festival, would allow parking in their garage, but usually they're pretty generous about it, so they might.

On a more positive note, I feel pretty today for some reason. LOL
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It looks like I can move into my room on Monday. The apartment manager said they won't be able to shampoo my floor until next Thursday, but I don't care as long as the room is vacuumed, and I can do it myself if need be.

I was tempted to go tomorrow morning, but it's a really bad idea. I don't even have everything together, even though I've been getting stuff together for a few weeks now.

My hand has been bothering me again. I cleaned my shower a few days ago, which is hard work because I'm trying to get the hard water residue off the walls, or maybe it's soap scum, I don't know. It's just a lot of hand movements and my hand didn't like it.

I've noticed a pattern about my American West side blog on Tumblr. I get a lot of male followers sometimes. If I can figure they are male based on their avatar, username, or their blog subject/aesthetic, I'm usually too afraid to look inside to make sure they are legit. Too often they are filled with porn. I block straight-up porn blogs, but some people post a mix of things and sometimes that includes NSFW content. I feel that as long as the user is real and not a bot, I'm not going to block them based on content.

I'm not sure why I police my followers like that. It's none of my business what people post or like. My blog exists for everyone's enjoyment. I've had a few disturbing followers whose blogs came off as racist or bigoted, or even plainly stated they are anti-Islam. Why didn't I block them, too? Again, I question if I should be "policing" any of it. I don't interact with any of these people anyway.

I guess what concerns me is one of these blogs reblogging my content, which then attracts other similar blogs and they want to follow me, too. Ehh. Again, why should it matter if I don't talk to these people?

It's the ones who say they are married with kids that creep me out the most.

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