May. 19th, 2017

silailo: (urd)
Got a call from the AFA today and he said they were just now authorizing my paperwork (or something. I'm not sure what to call it), so I should be getting the email at some point now. He told me to ask the apartment people if they would be okay with just calling him or the office to verify my employment, or if they really would prefer a letter. My guess is they'd like a letter to have a hard copy of proof, but whatever. I tried calling the complex four times today and couldn't get anyone to answer, so I left a message. They should be open today, but--like always--I'm running out of time because the weekend is fast approaching. I don't know why this crap always happens on a Friday. I just need that one final piece to complete the application! Why is it so darn hard?!

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