May. 15th, 2017

Baby steps

May. 15th, 2017 04:21 pm
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I'm annoyed I paid and took the GRE, only to not need it for the program I want to get into (and will likely get into). In some ways I do wish I could apply to other grad schools, but I wouldn't hear from them until next year. I just hate that my two really good scores are going to waste.

I had to run up to the university again so I could catch one of my instructors during his office hours. He answered some of my desperate questions and assured me everything would be fine. Unfortunately, next year will be his last year teaching, and since he's the only fully-fledged archaeologist left in the department, he's the only one who can be my advisor. But this means the next archaeologist they're bringing in to replace him will have to take over whatever he'd been advising. Although I'm uneasy about this unknown factor (and it's something one of my other profs warned me about, saying it might not be a good idea to switch advisors like that halfway through a grad program), he assured me I'd be really pleased with new person. He didn't want to name names, though, and didn't say it was anyone I knew.

So now I have two letters of recommendation secured. Now I just need one more. I know who I want it from, but he hasn't answered my email yet, and I'm wondering if I should just make an appointment with him through the main office, which is what people have to do now because he's so busy juggling three different responsibilities. It's the same person I sat down with to discuss all the details of this program, and I didn't think at the time to ask him for a letter. I said in my email that we could meet again in person if that's more appropriate.

There's a lot I need to get done before I leave for the summer, and I'm running out of time. x_x

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