May. 5th, 2017

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I'll try to get caught up reading everyone's entries.

So I got back from Idaho yesterday evening. We ended up staying an extra day because the place I thought was "it" turned out...not to be "it." Very nice people, I'll say that. But there were a few things they didn't mention in the ad. While I spoke to one of them on the phone, they mentioned there was a dog and a child (I misheard and thought she meant something else and not a child). I thought I could be okay with that, because at that time I felt pretty desperate. Then, when I met them, the house felt smaller than I imagined it would be. Also, it turned out the grandmother lived downstairs with her little dog. And one adult daughter lived downstairs, too. Um.... Plus the room they were renting out was pretty small.

I was crushed, though I didn't show it. They were such kind people, and one of them said I was exactly the kind of person they were hoping to rent to. My dad was present with me and sensed this was not a good choice, and told them we were still considering other options (but at that point, we hadn't called anyone else).

Someone had told me about a woman who was going to rent out two rooms in her house to seasonal BLM and Forest Service employees. I contacted her and met with her to discuss it. She's close to my age and mellow. She has a young dog and a cat. My dad and I had driven by the house earlier that day and the neighborhood looked good. My only reservation is the animals, which I may or may not have allergic reactions to. If I pet a dog or a cat, I have to wash my hands immediately afterwards because if I end up touching my face or another sensitive area, I'll itch like crazy. I'm not deathly allergic to animals, so it might not be an issue. However, minimizing physical discomfort is a must because I will be experiencing a lot of emotional discomfort (new job, new place, no friends, can't just go home on weekends like I used to). Also, I'd have to get an air mattress because I'm not of the mind to haul my bed down there. A good air mattress costs money and even reviews on the best ones indicate there's always a chance of receiving a defective product. I really don't want to spend that kind of dough right now.

We also found out an apartment complex that often rents to college students has a month-to-month rate in what they call "shared living units." These units have six separate rooms, two large bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. We got a tour of the complex and it's actually a really nice place with a pool, laundry facilities, and a club house. It's not a dorm because it's not affiliated with the nearby college, but I'm sure it can act as one since I don't think the college itself has dorms. There are rules for behavior and cleanliness, which I found to be a huge plus. However, the idea of sharing an apartment with possibly five other people puts a damper on things. You just never know what you're going to get. They make you take a personality test to better match you with roommates, but still...

So far I haven't made a decision. Both options seem equally good with equal drawbacks. Both have pretty much the same rent rate and it's extremely good for the money I'll be making. I'd definitely be able to save money in either case. And I'll have have internet--well, for the apartments I might need to buy a wireless router if I want WiFi, because otherwise I'd have to use a cable to access their internet. So what will I spend money on, an air mattress or a router? Hmm. Anyway......


May. 5th, 2017 03:24 pm
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I cannot handle the stress of what's happening right now with both national monuments and health care. I have so much rage toward people in power right now, it's frightening.

I wish I could embed the Facebook post here, but it won't show up on my journal (it's fine in the preview), so here's the post about the Department of the Interior's list of monuments under review, and the upcoming comment period.

One of the monuments under review is Craters of the Moon, which I've been to. They've been trying to make it into a National Park but farmers oppose it because they're afraid they won't be able to drive their products through it anymore if it becomes a Park (the road they use apparently belongs to the state).

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