Apr. 26th, 2017

silailo: (adios)
Well, my planned workout didn't happen tonight due to reasons. I skipped yesterday because I'm lazy and plus we had dinner late last night. I usually like to exercise around 7pm if I use the elliptical. It's been too cold and rainy to go on walks. In fact, it's rainy like crazy right now and there's thunder and lightning.

I'm starting to wonder if this grad school thing won't happen this year. The application still isn't up. And yet they want to start classes this fall? Hmm. Still, I emailed one of my profs that I haven't spoken to in a long time to see if we could meet up. I'd like him to write a letter of recommendation for me. The other two profs I'd been speaking to could be the other two letters I need, one of whom I know already would write one. I'd have to ask the other. I want to be ready as soon as the application goes up.

I don't think I'd be too terribly disappointed if they didn't start classes this fall. That would give me more time on the job and a better chance to find a place that would take a six month lease. But the prof I spoke to about the program--I'll call him RS, was absolutely certain it would start in the fall. He had no doubts about it. The only issue would be that they would be taking applications "well into June." But it's almost May, so...

I started a little fic last night, but I kind of lost direction and it fizzled out. I tend to do that when I don't have an ending in mind. Plus it's mostly dialogue and that can cause things to stretch out when I don't know where a conversation is supposed to go. I'll finish it, though.

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